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Air Nomads; Northern Air Temple


20 at Full Avatar
250 at dead (In Avatar: Legend of Toba)


789 AG





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Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, Metalbending


Air Nomads, Mazo, Mazo's wife, Luko, Lee Bei Fong, Apira, Nikira past and future Avatars


Sea pirates

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Fully Realized Avatar, Airbending Master

First appearance

The New Avatar

Avatar Toba is unnamed Avatars immediate as the Avatar. He is an teenage boy native to the Northern Air Temple.



Toba was born in Northern Water Tribe but he was raised in Northern Air Temple with his one Air Nomads parent and one Northern Water Tribe parent sometime after unnamed Avatar's death. He and his father are descendants of them several Air Nomads who escaped from the Southern Air Temple and fled to the Earth Kingdom.

Revealed as new Avatar

Airbender Elders told Toba when he was six years old he was the nex Avatar, but first Toba did not accept his fate as Avatar. He would to be a normal boy like the other Airbender boys, his parents tried to talk to him about his fate and his former Avatar life he did not listen to them. But an evening when Toba was sleeping in his bed he woke up to someone whispering his name and he woke up and saw an older Airbender stand in the middle of the room. The man told Toba that his is Avatar Aang who had come to talk with Toba about his future. Aang told Toba about his story when he learned to be next Avatar. That he was at Toba thaht he did not want to be Avatar but he accepted his fate nad become the next Avatar. Avatar Aang disappeared from the room and left the Toba thinking about what he told him. Toba accepted his fate and began with traning to become an Avatar.

Avatar traning

Toba started his Avatar traning in Northern Air Temple and his father was traning him Airbending and his mother was traning him Waterbending. At age 13 so he was sent to Earth Kingdom to learn Earthbending teacher Lee Bei Fong descendant to Toph Beifong who would tech him Earthbending. It took him all over a year to learn Earthbending, and the first time it was hard but he began to Earthbending. Lee also teach him Metalbending. During the time of Ba Sing Se so he began to visited by the Avatar Korra who spoke about her time as Avatar and when she defeated the Anti-Bender.

He then traveld through the Earth Kingdom to the Fire Nation and on the trip so he helped people and saved a few villages from fires and landslides. And well in the Fire Nation as he met Mazo descendant of Fire Lord Zuko who became his best friend and teacher of Firebending.

He stayed in the nation for years and to learn how get full control of the Avatar State, and after two years of traning so he succeeded and became a Fully Realized Avatar and mastering the four elements.

Time in Fire Nation

Meantime Toba and Mazo was with many adventures together around the nation. But after sometime he would go back to Eastern Air Temple but he met a young girl named Apira that he fell in love with it and told Mazo. Mazo told Toba that Apira belonged to a rice and noble family. He helped Toba to ask Apira out on a date and they spent their evening in one of the nations most beautifal parks the garden park. And where told Toba for Apira that he loved her and she became flattered and she told him she loved him. They continued to walk on more dates for all year and one day asked Toba Aira if she wanted to marry him and she said yes.

Marrige with Apira

The wedding between Apira and Toba was at the Royal palace in the Fire Nation and Mazo was Tobas best man. Toba invited Lee Beifong and his parents to the wedding and some friends from the Eastern Air Temple and Apira invited her parents and two sister and three brothers.

After the wedding and at the wedding receotion to did Mazo bring a toast to the bride and groom for happy years together. During the wedding reception so enterained Toba the guests with some Avatar tricks he has learned and so he danced with Apira.

Life in Fire Nation

Toba settled down in Fire Natin's capital with his wife Apira and they two opened a spa and had many guests including Mazo and his wife.

After five years they have of their first child a daughter named to Nikira. He spent some time traveling aroung the Fire Nation and Earth Kigdom has started to have problems with sea pirates. He managed to stop more of their attacks.

One day he learn that his father has died in an accident at Eastern Air Temple. He went home to be at the funeral and stayed there for a few days to comfort his mother and the rest of Air Nomads. He took over his fathers Airbending traning for a short time until another techaer hade appointed. He spent several years to defend the Fire Nation from the pirates and in meantime had Apira a son named to Luko.

And he watched as his children grew up and get married and had children of their own. At age 89, Apira passed away after having been ill for some time, and she was buried at the Eastern Air Temple at the funeral were his children and grandchildren and Mazo. Toba mounred Apira for some time and he sold the spa and moved in with Mazo in the palace. His children and grandchildren visited him so often they could and he was always happy in theirs visits. He leared that his mother had also passed away, he were at the funeral with his chidlren and grandchildren.

Move back to Eastern Air Temple

He lived in the capital with Mazo for several years until his best friend passed away. So Toba went back to Eastern Air Temple and began techaing Airbending to the Air Nomads children. Sometimes Toba spend his time alone in the woods near the temple to meditate and talk to past Avatars as Aang and Korra.

Last battle

At age 89 one day, Toba ge a message from his son Luko the pirates thought invade Fire Nations capital and asked him to come and protect the city. Luko also wrote that he and his family had fled from the city for safety. Toba travel back to Fire Nation and meanwhile Tobas son and daughter decided to return to the city and there they saw their father rushing through the city to the harbor.

Toba arrived in town and town found it almost completely the people had fled but some stayed behind. He went to the harbor and saw two dozen pirate ship approaching, and he saw that it began ti fire against the city.

Toba used his waterbending to extinguish the fireballs after the bombing. But it was too much, and so he went into the Avatar State and he managed to knock out the entire pirate fleet execpt a small pirate boat. Toba destroyed the last boat.

Later years

After the invasion attack on Fire Nation capital failed so Toba returned to the Northern Air Temple and continued with his Airbending traning. His children visited him so soon they could. And after so many years Tobas children had passed away and his grandchildren had children of their own. One day when he was taken a walk in a woods near Air Temple was he attack by some rouge Firebenders soldiers. Toba managed to stop them but one of the soldiers draw a fireball in Tobas back and Toba used his Airbending and the solider run away.

Toba managed to walk back to Northern Air Temple but not the whole back, on the way some Airbenders saw him and that he was injured. They run to him and he fall to the ground and the Airbenders ran up to him and one of them held him in his arms. Toba said he was glad to see them again before he dies from the injury.

The Airbenders asked him to hold out but it was to late for his injuries were deadly. Toba closed his eyes and died in their arms, and Toba was taken to the Northern Air Temple where he was buried.

Toba was twohundredfifty years old and became the oldest Avatar in history. Toba was reincarnated in the Northern Water Tribe.

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539-629 AG
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