To the Streets
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July 27th, 2012

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To the Streets is the second chapter of Parentless. A note from the author says that this chapter is not as depressing as the first.


I woke up and yawned and stretched like usual. "Ahhhh. That was a good night's sleep." I looked around and began to get curious. "Mako?" He wasn't in his bed across the room.

Oh well. Maybe he's up already. I hope they didn't start breakfast already. I thought. Hmmmm. What to wear, what to wear. I opened up a dresser drawer. These will work. I pulled out a shirt and some pants, then changed into them.

"Mako?" I said as I walked in to the front room. I saw Mako stand up and look at me with innocent eyes. I looked below him and let out long and loud gasp. Suddenly, I lost consciousness and fell backwards. I had fainted. The last thing I saw was Mako rushing forward.

I opened my eyes. I was in my bed. Next to me was Mako, dressed with Dad's scarf and holding a bag of ice to my head. The orange glow from coming from outside the window suggested that it was about the time for evening sunset. Luckily, it was still the same day as when I passed out.

"Mako," I said. "What happened in the front room last night?" Mako was just sat there, without saying anything. "Mako. Tell me."

He began to tear up as he started to speak. "Umm. Well...there was this firebender robber-guy....." His voice began to drift off and turned into only crying.


"He broke in through a window...and started to rob us," Mako said slowly to me. He could barely muster any words over his crying. "And then, Mom and Dad went and told him to drop everything...or else they would attack." That is so Mom, I thought. "Then, he attacked. But he wasn't just a firebender, he could use lightning generation...but Dad redirected it." At this point he began to break down and stutter. "Th-then the mugger burned their hands and shot them with lightning..." Now he was wailing. "...and it killed them."

At first I couldn't believe it. Then it all processed in my head. Soon enough, I was hysterical.


We laid there, crying our hearts out until hunger took over. It occurred to me that I hadn't eaten for a while since I was unconscious.

"I'm hungry," I said to Mako as my stomach backed me up and made noises.

"Okay...I'll see what I can do," he said. He then got up and left. A little while later he came back with the saddest dinner ever. On two plates were small portions of random foods from our pantry and kitchen. He handed me a plate.

"Flaming fire flakes, several leechi nuts, half a moon peach, and some Flamey-O Instant Noodles?!" I said, partially angry that my own brother can't make better food.

"What?! They're the noodliest noodles in United Republic! You can't argue with that," he said. "Just eat it. This is all I could make."

"Fine, Mr. Chef," I said as I began to ate. I started with the Flamey-O Noodles so that they wouldn't get cold. Mako started eating too.

"Dad said we had to leave the borough," he said through a mouthful of flaming fire flakes.

"What?! There is no way I'm leaving our home."

"We have to! It isn't safe. We need to pack up and leave this place," Mako said to me, taking charge.

"Leave to where, Mako! There isn't anywhere to go," I said while picking up my moon peach portion.

"I don't know yet, but Republic City is huge. There's got to be somewhere safe and comfortable."

"Fine. But I'm to young to die. What if we meet a murderer, or some nasty dude that will take us away?!" I said, taking in the possibilities.

"I wouldn't let that happen. We're benders too though. We're not helpless."

"Okay. So since you're the new leader, do you give me permission to knock some heads? I could go all crazy earthbender on some bad guys!" I said, having a change of heart.

"I guess so. Here's the plan: we finish our dinner, pack up tomorrow, and leave the borough. Got it, Bolin?"

"Got it," I said, except I disagreed to this food being 'dinner'.


I woke up the next morning. Packing day. "Ugh!" I groaned.

"Morning, Bolin," Mako said from his bed. "It's packing day. Let's get something to eat from the kitchen and then we'll pack up."

"Okay," I said as I followed him to the kitchen. "But this better be some real breakfast."

"Here, start with this," Mako said as he tossed me an apple as he put some bread on a grill. I ate the last bite of apple just as the bread was done. "Here." He handed be some grilled bread on a plate. He then put some banana slices on the side. "I know it's not great, but honestly, I can't cook."

We finished our 'breakfast' and then went back to our room to pack.

"Mako, we don't have suitcases or big bags!" I said, looking in the closet.

"Then make some, earthbender!"

"Okay." I took my earthbending stance and from the ground I brought up two long, rectangular blocks. "Hiya!" I said as I kicked some earth off of the blocks, making them smaller. I then split the blocks so that they could open. Then I made handles at the top, and latches on the side.

"Nice, Bolin!" Mako said as he hi-fived me. I handed him an earth suitcase and opened up my own.

"What do we bring, Mako?" I asked.

"Clothes, a blanket, anything that you will need to survive on the streets."

We went over to the dresser and started pulling out our clothes and neatly packing them into the earth-cases. Next, we put a blanket into each of our suitcases. We each also put in a small pillow and a canteen of water. We then took a medium-sized bag and filled it with as much food as we could.

"I think that's it, Mako."

"Then it's time to leave."

We grabbed our things and headed for the door.

"I'll miss this place," I said as I looked at the small home one last time. "And I'll miss you too, Mommy and Daddy," I said as I looked down. "I love you," I muttered as I teared up.

"I love you, too," Mako said to our parents. "Let's go." And we shut the door and began to walk away.

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