Northern Water Tribe Royal Palace
To the Southern Water Tribe
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Azula and Ozai's Plot


Book 1:Water



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August 23, 2010

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Word Gets Out

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Assault on the Southern Water Tribe, Part 1

"To the Southern Water Tribe" is the third chapter in Azula and Ozai's Plot.


The Group leaves the Fire Nation Royal Palace for the Southern Water Tribe, but when they get there they find something shocking.


Saying Goodbye

"Let's get a move on!" Toph said

"Yeah, we really should." Sokka agreed

"Sorry, Appa's not used to carrying all these people." Aang reminded them

In a few minutes Appa was ready to back to the Fire Nation. Once they got there it as almost sunset, everybody said hello to everyone else. Once they were done the kids all went to play in the arena, while the adults had a meeting in the throne room.

"Well, welcome back, I uh, guess." Zuko began "So where should we start our search?"

"The Earth Kingdom?" Suki suggested

"I don't think so, Azula would probably hide somewhere, closer to the Phoenix Raiders, which are stationed on an island right by the Southern Water Tribe!." Katara

"To the Southern Water Tribe!" Sokka said excitedly

"We'll start at the Southern Water Tribe." Zuko said

"We should leave tonight if we want to make it before sunrise." Ty Lee reminded

"Okay, we'll go say goodbye to the kids." Katara said sadly

The group went to the arena to say goodbye.

"So, your leaving Mommy and Daddy?" said Kua Mai

"Oh, we'll be back don't worry." Aang said

"Yes, but you'll have all your friends here to keep you company, and Fire Lady Mai, Princess Ursa, and Iroh will watch you, they are all kind and caring people." Katara explained

"Bye Mom and Dad." Wu Lee began sadly

"Bye Wu Lee." they said

"I'm really gonna miss you." Kya said tearfully

"You have all your best friends." Aang reminded

"Kahn, be nice to your brother and sisters." Katara instructed

"Okay, bye Mom and Dad." Kahn said sadly

"Now Quan, be nice to Min Lee." Suki said

"Min Lee?" Sokka and Suki said

"Be careful and don't hurt yourself while were gone." Sokka said

"Keep training to be a Kyoshi Warrior, because someday you'll be the leader." Suki instructed

"Lu Ten?" said Zuko

"Yes?" Lu Ten said annoyed, he was still in trouble for the messages he sent

"I'm sorry, your not in trouble anymore." Zuko said softly

"I'm gonna miss you." Lu Ten said sadly

"You have your mother, grandmother, Uncle Iroh, and your friends." Zuko reminded him

"Oh, bye Ty Ming." Ty Lee said

"Bye, Ty Lee. When you get home will you teach me some moves?" Ty Ming asked

"Of course. Now your father wants to say something to you." Ty Lee said

"Ty Ming, keep your brother out of trouble."

"Okay Dad, bye, be careful." Ty Ming said

"Now it's my turn." Mai said

"Bye, Mai." Zuko said sadly

"Don't do anything crazy out there." Mai said

By nightfall the Aang, Zuko, Sokka, Katara, Suki, Ty Lee, Appa, and Momo left the palace. Zuko watched as the lights faded away.

At the Southern Water Tribe

Appa flew as quickly as he could. Team Avatar arrived at the Southern Water Tribe just as the sun rose over the horizon. Chief Hakoda greeted the group.

"Hello everybody. Back so soon?" Hakoda asked. "We are beginning our search for Azula and Ozai here." Zuko explained. "Well I haven't seen them here." Hakoda said. "They still may be hiding." Aang suggested.

The group checked the perimeters of the Southern Water Tribe, but found no sign of a secret enrty into the Tribe.

"We've checked everywhere! No Azula and no Ozai!" Ty Lee said in frustrastion. "Maybe I made a mistake suggesting this place." Sokka admitted. "No you didn't." Aang said. "What makes you say that?" Suki asked. "Look." Aang said. "Oh, no!" Katara yelled.

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