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The Clans of the North

Hai's loyalty is revealed to be good. He then invites them to come hide out in his home.


Mian had given him the signal, and Zura began looking for ways to attack a guard. He noticed Jeong had his back towards him, and proceeded to blast him. He didn't have time to check if he had died for another Protector was already engaging him. One more was coming from behind but Mian stopped him, with some ice spikes. The attacker was about to blast him, when Zura grabbed his wrist and flipped him over. Then he swung him around and threw him where Jeong lied. He then turned to check on Mian, who was adjacent to a Protector pinned up against the wall. The duo then faced Hai, who had his back against the wall. Zura was about to strike when Hai said

"I see... you were a rebel."

"Yeah, this is only going to hurt...a lot" replied Zura

"No, I am on your side. I am part of one of the Northern Clans," said Hai.

"A...what?" asked Mian?

"A group of clans, who are autonomous of the Government, and wish to overthrow them," said Hai.

"How do we know you aren't making this up?" asked a suspicious Zura.

"I will help you attack Zhen, for I know that is what you are going to do," said Hai.

"Fine..blast down the door and we will stand on each side," said Mian.

Hai proceeded to blast the door away, the trio then ran into the room to find a snoring Zhen. They were surprised he slept through that entire ruckus. Mian then brought out some rope and grinned.

Alarm bells were everywhere, supposedly three Protectors had attacked Admiral Zhen in his sleep, and they also defeated the guards.

Just as the trio of boys burst in the girls were done packing, after some quick introductions they all ran out of city. Team Strike couldn't stop panting, they all than sat down under the shade of a large oak. Hai then began to formally introduce himself.

"Like I said, my family are the clans. I was sent down here, to do some spying. And I know who you guys are.."

"Really?" asked Tia

", would you tell me?" asked Hai

"Yeah...maybe later, sorry. We just don't trust you yet." Replied Ami

"Yeah...that's fair, anyway...where are we heading" asked Hai

"Not sure" asked Tia

"What about my place, you will be safe there," said Hai.

"Er...sure, why not?" said Mian.

"Anyway, what are we having for lunch?" asked Tia.

"I am a good cook, let me try," said Hai.

"Okay, why not?"

"Okay, let me just get some water," replied Hai.

Hai then brought out two pots and put water and vegetables in both. He then closed his eyes and focus for a moment. As Team Strike was watching, they were amazed to see the water evaporate leaving steamed vegetables.

"A trick from the North," grinned Hai.

As the Team was eating a furball came out of Hai's backpack and cuddled up next to him.

"Oh, this is my puppy: Moto," explained Hai.

"Oh, isn't he cute!" said Tia trying to cuddle him.

Soon everyone was sleeping in their sleeping bags, however there was always someone one on guard.

Tia grumbled, she was used to comfy mattresses and pillows. She found everyone ready to go, and got up to pack. As they were leaving, they were suddenly ambushed by a squad of Protectors. They immediately began to blast them with fire.

Ami was about to defend herself with an air shield when she noticed Hai and just jumped away. Zura and Hai, the only firebenders, moved to attack. Hai absorbed a blast and shot it back. Zura then redirected a Protector's fire, spun around, then proceeded to blast him away. Mian then took out his sword and attacked a Protector, by suddenly stabbing him in the stomach. Tia then used her staff to repeatedly hit a Protector over and over again. Ami helped her by punching him in the gut. Even Mojo and Moto helped by biting and scratching. Eventually, Team Strike fled leaving several defeated Protectors on the ground.

As the Team was traveling Ami began to talk. "You know all of you guys got a weapon other than bending, what about me?"

"You don't seem like a person with a weapon," said Hai.

"Yeah..." agreed Zura.

"Hmmph..." said Ami and ran ahead.

Team Strike finally stopped at a huge waterfall, and looked below.

"Wow...that is far! Anyway, what are we doing here, Hai?" asked Tia.

"Welcome to Leaf valley, home of my clan." Replied Hai.

" do we get down there?" asked Mian.

"Don't tell me we jump, because I won't," said Tia.

"No, there is a staircase carved into the rock over there" said Hai as he went off to the left.

After climbing down a huge staircase, they were all glad to know that the town was right there. As they approached the entrance, five middle-aged men came out. Hai bowed causing everyone to bow.

"Our elders, bow," said Hai.

The man in the middle said.

"Welcome back, son and all of his friends!"


  • Jeong's death is still not confirmed.
  • Hai's loyalty is finally revealed.
  • Mojo and Moto's similar names was not intentional.
  • The leaf valley is more or less based on the Hidden leaf village from Naruto.

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