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To the Boiling Rock
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Around the World (Again)



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April 23, 2011

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Trouble awaits the gang as they travel to the Boiling Rock to pick up Mai.

Previously On Around the World (Again).....

On their way to the Western Air Temple, Aang had two nightmares. One took place in Ba Sing Se.

Sokka's messenger bird, Hawky delivered a message to Toph from her parents. Toph can choose whether she wants to go home or stay with the gang.

There is an old villain on the gang's trail.

To the Boiling Rock

"Aang.... Aang! Wake up! Hurry, it's important!" Katara said to Aang who was lying down on the ground inside an ice hut at the Southern Water Tribe.

"Huh.. What? Katara, what it is?" Aang asked, rubbing his eyes. It felt very early in the morning. The sun had barely risen.

"Aang, it's the- the- um..the Air Nomads. They have been taken to Ba Sing Se! They are going to be executed!" Katara said.

"Wait, what? The Air Nomads? But, I thought they were all dead except for me." Aang said, feeling so confused.

"Come on, Aang!" Katara pulled him to his feet, ignoring what he just said. "We have to help them. Now!"

She grabbed his arm and pulled him outside the hut, and onto Appa. Soon they were up in the sky, both sitting on Appa's furry head. The cold weather of the South Pole left them as they moved closer to the Earth Kingdom.

"Katara, wait! What's going on? How could the Air Nomads be sentenced to death when they already are?" said Aang.

"What are you taking about, Aang? The Air Nomads aren't dead. But they will be soon if we don't hurry up. Come on, Appa! Yip, Yip!" Katara said.

"What? But, they are dead. The Fire Nation killed them. Fire Lord Sozin ambushed them, but I managed to escape. I'm the last Airbender! Katara, listen to me!" Aang said.

"Aang, you need to calm down. We'll be within Ba Sing Se soon."

Since Aang knew that arguing with her wouldn't solve anything, he decided to move onto a different subject.

"But, Katara, where's Sokka? And Toph? Zuko? Suki? Mai?" Aang said, but Katara just stared at him, looking as confused as he was. "Who?"

"Sokka, your brother! Toph, a member of Team Avatar-"

"What's Team Avatar?"

"Huh?" Aang said. "How do you not know Team Avatar? We traveled the world together. You, Sokka, and I. We met the others along the way. Sokka is your brother, how do you not know him?" Aang was starting to feel really angry.

"There it is! The walls of Ba Sing Se!" Katara pointed. She ignored everything Aang had said.

"Katara, will you stop ignoring-"

"Look out!" she yelled as a giant rock went flying towards them. She bended a huge water whip at it and it crumbled.

Aang had just noticed that they had appeared in the Earth King's Palace. The rock had come from the Earth King's Throne Room.

"Lets go, Aang!"

They ran into the throne room which was filled with Air Nomads, all in chains, a sad look on their faces. The Earth King's Throne was facing the walls, so its back was to Aang and Katara.

"Let them go! What did they ever do to you!" Katara yelled at them.

"Silly girl... This isn't some little playground. No this is war! Or at least it will be!" A deep voice said from the throne.

"We won't let you kill them!" Katara thundered.

"Try all you want. But you wasting your own time." The voice said, then it laughed in the most cruel way. "I'm wasting my own time as well. Why don't I save you the time of trying to save these Air Nomads; AHHHHHHHH!"

Something appeared from the ground and smashed against Aang's face, knocking him down. Aang looked to his right and saw that all the Air Nomads were also on the ground, but unlike Aang, they weren't moving or, it seemed like to Aang, breathing. He came to a conclusion, they were dead.

"Katara!" Aang said and then looked to his left to where Katara was standing a few moments ago and saw that she had disappeared. "Katara?"

"Now it's time to finish you off so that there will be no Air Nomads left and no Avatar to stop me!" The voice came from the throne. The next second, a boulder appeared before Aang and was ready to squash him. Aang's eyes widening. The boulder was now falling to the ground where Aang was.



"Aang! Wake up!" Aang opened his eyes. He was shaking. "Are you okay?" Katara asked. "Why were you screaming?"

The whole gang was around him, looking very concerned.

"I don't know. I'm fine, I just had a bad dream," said Aang.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Katara asked.

"Yep! It was just a nightmare, Katara, that's all," Aang said.

"What was it about?" Katara said.

"Huh? Oh... um... I don't remember actually," Aang lied. He didn't want to worry them about anything.

"Well, okay. You need to eat. I'll make some breakfast for all of us." Sokka's eyes widened, a smile appeared on his face. "Get ready, we'll be leaving for the Boiling Rock after we eat," said Katara, smiling. Aang nodded, stood up, and got ready.

"Yip, Yip, Appa!" Aang said as the bison flew into the air, leaving the temple behind.

"I still think we should have helped the temple," said Katara.

"What good what it do? No one lives here anymore," Toph said. A ang didn't feel too sad about this, for he remembered what Kala said yesterday. But he couldn't help but feel a little sad. He pushed it away the feeling though.

"You're right, Toph," Katara said.

"So," Sokka began and took out a map, "let's go over our plans one more time...."

While Sokka was talking to the others, Aang was thinking about his dreams. Not the Air Nomads one, but the other two that took place in Ba Sing Se.

Maybe there's trouble in Ba Sing Se, that's why they both took place there. Something bad is going to happen there, I just know it. I've only had nightmares before something bad happened. Like, when we were at that fisherman's village. I had nightmares about Gyasto and Ozai, and then there was a terrible storm. I also remember having nightmares right before the Day of Black Sun. They were bothering me for three days, and then tragedy struck, the Fire Lord knew about the invasion all along. Something bad is going to happen at Ba Sing Se, but I don't think its a good idea to go there. But what if people are in trouble. I can't just abandon them. I need to tell the others about my dreams.

"Hey, guys, I need to tell you something," Aang said. The others stopped talking about the plans and looked at him.

"What is it, Aang?" Katara asked.

"I've been having nightmares," said Aang. "Two of them took place in Ba Sing Se. I never have nightmares unless there's something wrong. I think that something bad is going to happen there. I think that we need to go there."

They all stared at him, then Katara said, "I don't know, Aang. Going back to Ba Sing Se just because of your nightmares. Though, you do have a point about bad things happening when you have nightmares."

They all discussed the subject as Appa flew closer to the Boiling Rock.

After a while, they knew what they had to do.

"Okay, so let me get this straight; we will be going to Ba Sing Se to see if there is any trouble going on there. Am I right?" said Aang.

"Yep!" Sokka said.

"Okay, I'm glad that's settled," said Aang, smiling. "So we should be at the Boiling-"

"SURFACE-TO-AIR ROCKS!" Sokka yelled.

The Boiling Rock was in view when the rocks came flying towards them. They were coming from inside the volcano.

"Yip, Yip, Appa!!" Aang told Appa. As Appa dogged the rocks and while Aang was protecting him, Katara asked,

"Why are they attacking us? There must be Earthbenders there, because no one else can launch these rocks, not even catapults."

"I think they knew we were coming. There is something going on down there," Zuko said as he saw several Earthbenders, through the smoke from the volcano. Then, suddenly the rocks stopped launching. Appa flew down to the Boiling Rock.

Aang said, "Be careful guys, they could sneak up on us at anytime."

Appa landed on the hard, metal floor. The gang jumped off Appa and stood in a circle next to him, looking around for any Earthbenders.

"Zuko, there you are," Mai said as she walked towards the fluffy animal.

"Mai!" Zuko said.

Mai ready to attack


When Mai reached the group, Sokka asked, "Why were you launching giant rocks at us?"

"What rocks?" Mai asked.

"The giant Surface-to-Air Rocks that came flying towards us," Katara said.

"We didn't launch any rocks. We can't, only Earthbenders can do that," Mai said truthfully.

"But I saw Earthbenders here," Zuko said.

"We don't have any Earthbenders here," Mai replied.

"Come on guys, lets just forget about. Mai is telling the truth," Toph said.

"So, are we going to leave now?" Mai asked.

"Wait! Do you have any food around here? I'm starving," Sokka said, holding his stomach.

"Sokka, we just ate," Katara said.

"We need snacks for the trip. Come on, please," Sokka pleaded to Mai.

"Fine, come on, I'll walk you to the lunch room," Mai said.

"I'll wait here with Appa," Aang said.

As they walked to the lunch room, Zuko remembered the two keys Aang had given him before they left Ba Sing Se. One of the keys were for Mai. He gave her one of the keys and Mai hugged him while Zuko smiled.

When they got to the lunch room, Sokka's mouth flew open at all the snacks and drinks. The room had red walls with five red tables.

"Help yourself," Mai said, but Sokka had already ran to the snack bar. He got dozens of snacks, with Momo helping him carry a few.

"Come on, help me get some snacks. Katara, you get the Fire Gummies. Suki, get the-"

"Sokka! Calm down," Katara said. "We don't need that many snacks."

"But, Katara," Sokka whined.

"We have to get moving, Sokka. Get your snacks and lets go," Zuko said.

"Are you okay, buddy?" Aang asked Appa, as he petted him. Appa groaned. "Good job with the flying, Appa." Another

groan followed from Appa. Then Aang pulled out the map.

"Our next stop is my old Fire Nation school. I can't wait to see my old friends like On Ji and Shoji. You know, they kind of remind of Katara and Sokka."

"Lets go," Zuko said, as he walked past Aang and onto Appa. The rest of the gang was walking towards Appa.

"What happened to Sokka?" Aang asked. Zuko pointed at a moving figure, carrying dozens of food.

"Sokka, Appa won't be able to carry us and all that food." Aang said.

After he convinced Sokka to leave behind more than three quarters of the food, they jumped onto Appa's saddle. Just as Aang was about to say 'Yip, Yip', a pair of rock gloves came flying towards and pulled his hands together.

"The Dai Li!" Aang yelled as more than twenty Dai Li agents jumped out of the gondola that was next to Appa. Toph jumped off of Appa and made a metal suit. She started to towards the Dai Li agents, while the rest of the gang (Aang Earthbended the rock gloves off) joined the fight.

Dai Li agents

"The Dai Li!"

"There's too many of them! We can't fight them all!" Sokka shouted to the others.

"You're right, we have to leave!" Aang said and then he Airbended the Dai Li agents back into the gondola

"Yip Yip, Appa, Yip Yip!" Aang said after everyone got onto Appa's saddle. Appa lifted his tail, moved his feet and flew into the sky. The gang was breathless.

"What were the Dai Li agents do there?" Katara asked.

"And why did they want to attack us?" Toph said.

"I think someone sent them here, but who?" Aang said.

"Azula, I think Azula busted herself out of the mental hospital," Zuko said.

"I think it was Ozai. H-" Katara started but was interrupted by Sokka.

"I think it was Combustion Man. He was secretly alive all this time." Then everyone started saying names and yelling at each other.

"Stop! Guys, calm down. We'll find out soon, but we have to be careful when we land. Someone wants to cause trouble," Aang said, thinking about his dream.

"Aang, don't worry," Katara said. She knew that Aang was thinking about his dreams. "We think about the dreams when we get to Ba Sing Se. In the meantime, lets just enjoy our trip, okay?"

Aang nodded and smiled. And so he did forgot about them...for now.

Back at the Boiling Rock, the Dai Li agents were being punished by their leader.

"You failed! I'll let it slide by this time, but we need to get rid of them of all. I know, we'll set a trap for the Avatar and his friends at Ba Sing Se, and you better not fail or else."

"Or else what?" A Dai Li agent asked, he was shaking with fear, thinking that he shouldn't have said anything.

"Or there will be CONSEQUENCES!"

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