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To Walk Among the Dead
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Chapter 3- To Walk Among the Dead

Rage and terrifying amounts of power pulsed through Aang's body as he entered the Avatar State. His soul intertwined with those of his previous incarnations; thousands of years' worth of life. All their power was being called upon, until a more dominant soul sensed something out of place. The air around Aang's body was changing, crackling and splitting to be used in a different type of bending style. It was then Roku recognized the strangeness in the way the oxygen changed as a Firebending technique. To be hit by such a disturbance now would be fatal, and it would break the reincarnation cycle of the Avatar. The attack was quickly approaching, leaving little time to think. He was left with no choice. At that moment, Roku stopped the transfer of power into the boy's body. Just as Aang was about to fall out of the Avatar State, he too was pulled along with the other Avatars. Roku's hasty mathematical calculations were slightly off, and he hadn't been able to retrieve Aang's entire soul before lightning struck his physical form. But if he reverted the transfer now...

It was too late to make a decision, and Aang was pushed into consciousness. Completely surrounded by blackness, the only sounds were those made by the Avatar. He found himself falling, plummeting to an end not in sight. Roku's voice spoke to him, though the words no longer made any sense. Something wasn't quite right and yet Aang didn't seem to be concerned. He had no idea.

The days following Aang's death went by in a haze for the remaining members of Team Avatar. They flew mindlessly in a grief-stricken state until someone came to their senses. That someone was Sokka. Because Aang had been his best friend, he felt it was now his responsibility to take care of the group. They were headed to meet up with his father. Sokka was confident that he could help them. With the Fire Nation controlling most the world, it would be imperative that they get to safety as soon as possible.

As they gazed down at burning cities, everyone was rather somber. Reminders of their defeat and loss were everywhere. Hope was now a distant memory, something only fools put their trust in. For what had come of hope? Nothing but death and destruction. What was left to put such faith in? A lifeless body, or an ember-coated globe? No, there were no reasons to push on and continue their journey. Yet they kept moving. Every day they got up and pushed harder. But what did they push for? Why senselessly lead yourself on an in-completable mission? Katara, Toph and even Sokka all asked themselves this, but never each other. They hadn't spoken since the night everything came crashing down.

Their silence was for Aang, the crumpled package fastened to the back of Appa's saddle. Neither Sokka nor Toph dare be the first one to break the silence. Both were too afraid to break Katara as well. Every night she had been swept up in a clearly horrible nightmare of Aang's death. Only she dare scream out, but just to be shaken awake. Though Toph couldn't see her condition, the screams at night and prolonged silence were visible enough to keep quiet. Now she sat cradling her legs, head down among them. Flying for this long had made her uneasy, but she was in no place to complain.

For all of them, this journey was painstakingly slow.

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