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Finding Ursa



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October 21, 2012

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Where Is Yue?

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Battle With the Dai Li pt 1: Earth King's Kidnapping

To The Impenetrable City is the eighth chapter of Finding Ursa.

"Hey guys, how long till Ba Sing Se?" Toph asked.

"We still have about 2 hours left until we reach it. I just hope right now to find Zuko's mom before the wedding day." Iroh replied back.

"When is the wedding day?" Katara asks.

"We still got about 3 full weeks until the wedding day." Aang answered back. "We should look for 2 and a half weeks. If we still can't find her, then we'll travel back to the Capitol and just buy Zuko a present."

"I still can't believe my little girl is a waterbender." Suki continuously screaming in excitement.

"Wait a minute, if she's a waterbender and Katara is too, how was I not one?"

"Maybe the genes weren't passed on to you?"

" Dang it, I was so close to being a waterbender. I was off by one gene." Sokka sadly said.

"I'm sorry Sokka. Look on the bright side. At least you're still strong and smart."

"You really think that?" Sokka said with a little smile on his face.

"I'll always think that." Suki replied back.

"Thanks Suki, you always make me feel better." Sokka said, as he kissed Suki for a couple of seconds.

"Look we're here." Katara exclaimed. The city of Ba Sing Se grew a lot bigger. There was more equality between sharing land and money. There were more walls surrounding the city for protection.

"Avatar Aang, welcome back to our beloved city. I will escort you and your friends personally to the Earth King."

" Thank you, General How."

"So general, the city sure looks like it changed in the last 5 years."

"Yes Katara it did. The Earth King, while fleeing from the Fire Nation, traveled across his beloved country. He saw all of his people and got a better understanding of not just Ba Sing Se, but the Earth Kingdom as a whole. He is currently helping lower class citizens by finding them better jobs for more money. He is also sending a lot more students to Ba Sing Se University. For powerful earthbenders or earthbending master that are young, he trains them hard and either sends them to war, or makes them his Royal Guards."

"Wow, he has really helped out a lot." Katara said, in both surprise and excitement.

"Ah, once you've seen something once, you've seen it a thousand times." Toph said, in boredom.

"Come on Toph, show a little respect to the Earth King for doing all of this to Ba Sing Se."

The group finally arrived to the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace to discover a horrifying truth.

"General How, we have horrible news."

" What is it, General Sung?" How said, his smile quickly turning into a frown.

"Earth King Kuei... has been kidnapped." The entire group gasped and was starting to get frightened.

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