To Ba Sing Se
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Long Feng



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November 4, 2009

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Long Feng's Castle

To Ba Sing Se is the first chapter of Long Feng. It tells of Aang's first days in Ba Sing Se.


Aang was making his first trip abroad. He was a young Air Nomad lawyer, on his way to meet a new client, the mysterious Count Long Feng. He had travelled for days to reach Ba Sing Se, Long Feng's wild, remote homeland in the Earth Kingdom.

Far away from Ember Island, Aang felt uneasy. He did not sleep well.

Aang reached a gloomy old inn, where he asked for news of Long Feng. The innkeepers shuddered and insisted on giving him a cross! Why?

They handed Aang sealed instructions sent by Long Feng. He had to ride by coach to the Omashu Pass, on Kuruk's Eve, when the local people believed that evil spirits wandered. His fellow travellers tried to warn Aang of the dangers, but he didn't understand them.

It was dark when they reached the pass. A carriage appeared at breackneck speed, driven by a tall man with glowing eyes. Aang climbed aboard.

As they drove off, wolves snarled around them and eerie green flames flickered in the darkness.

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