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Fire Nation

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Ember Island


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65 AG

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Military general


Fire Nation, Fire Nation Rebel Army

General Tizou is a military adviser to Zuko and a leader of the Fire Nation Rebel Army. After losing his position in the Capture of the Fire Nation, he is currently working with Generals Bujing and Azai to over throw Fire Lord Zorro.


Early life

Tizou was born on Ember Island in 65 AG, discovering his Firebending abilities at age six, and working to master them over the next several years.

Like most young, capable Fire Nation men were, Tizou was called to military service at the age of 18, in 83 AG. He had struggles throughout his time in the War, unsure if he should help ravage the nations the way Azulon was. Regardless, he served onward.

Adult years

Tizou mostly saw time as a lieutenant within some of the colonies and at home. He helped to stop the Invasion of the Fire Nation in 100 AG. He took flight into one of the war balloons and helped destroy the invasion force.

Nevertheless, Tizou truly did not want a part of the Fire Nation savagery, and was actually thrilled to see the War come to end. He gladly accepted the new reign of Fire Lord Zuko, and for the first time in his life, was proud to serve his country.

In 101 AG, an internal riot threatened to end the reign of Zuko. Tizou led an internal army brigade quite well, and was able to use this brigade to quell a solid portion of the rioting forces. For his efforts, Zuko promoted Tizou to general status, and made him his closest adviser.

Loss of power

In 102 AG, Tizou was appointed acting Fire Lord after Zuko left with Team Avatar to set out on the journey to learn Weatherbending and stop the Meteorologists. On 19 August, Team Avatar was attacked and defeated by them.

The next day, the Meteorologists, led by Zorro, laid siege to the Fire Nation Capital via Weatherbending, starting the Capture of the Fire Nation. On the 21st, the four attacked the Capital, easily defeating the domestic forces, and cornering Tizou. The general was forced to surrender the Capital and the throne to Zorro.


After working to escape Zorro's capturing forces, Tizou met up with General Bujing and Azai to help form a rebellion against Zorro's reign. They collected a series of men, forming the Fire Nation Rebel Army. This army launched the Rebellion Against the New Reign. They tried to attack the Capital directly at first, but it failed.

Tizou and Bujing clashed over strategy, but eventually agreed to a new strategy: Taking small towns and gathering up more forces through it. They captured several towns over the time span of a few days, increasing their manpower greatly. Finally, on 14 September, they attacked the Capital again, joined by Zuko and Avatar Aang.


Tizou is a man who does not believe in harsh actions against one another, especially what the Fire Nation did during the War. For the most part, Tizou strives to be a caring man, but can lose his temper easily in debates, however, he has worked on this for several years and has less of such a temper.

He gets along with his allies very well, and can be a man who is easy to befriend.


Tizou is an experienced, well-versed Firebender. He is capable of several master-level moves, including the wall of fire, fire discs and fire augmentation. He is a great match for any soldier he fights. Because of skills, which he has been praised for, Tizou has considered becoming an instructor when he retires from military service.

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