Tiny Furniture
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Tiny Furniture

"I don't know. You think she talks to me about anything?"

"Yes, I do."

"...So fucking depressed that she's been hurting herself for spirits only know how long!"

"Yeah... She- she told me some things..."

"She slit her wrists..."

"...Slit her wrists..."


Sokka hadn't made it far after escaping the claustrophobic confines of the hospital. Stumbling away from Toph's room, he hadn't been able to make eye contact with Aang—he hadn't been able to look at him at all. The antiseptic building numbed him enough to make it out the doors in one piece, although the guise had fallen as soon as he slid into his car.

The tears didn't start falling until the sobs turned guttural and he was fighting for breath between each one. He couldn't explain the feeling in his chest, only that it hurt. It hurt and he wanted it to stop, but he also wanted it to never go away because he deserved the pain after everything he had done. His head was resting on the steering wheel, arms wrapped around his middle in a desperate attempt to hold himself together.

Toph... his best friend, Toph, hurt herself. She hurt herself and had been hurting herself for a long time and he hadn't seen it. And he hadn't been able to help her. He... he broke his promise.

"You really think I'm going to betray her trust like that?"

What was he supposed to do now? Now that he had completely ruined his friendship with her; how could he come back from that? He was the proof that the world was just as shitty as she always believed it to be, and he was never going to get a chance to redeem himself, or show her the other side. His own words echoed in his ears;

"...I thought that you of all people wouldn't be into whoring around. Guess I was wrong. For fuck's sake, Toph. You're a kid! A child. What the hell?!"

Oh God, why did he have to say that? She wasn't a child! She was his friend, and when she finally opened up to him he rejected who she was.

"I think she needs to know she has friends—a sister—just like you."

Katara was always the better person. Better than him. She would help and listen to Toph; be the friend the younger girl needed. He would only hurt her more.

Wiping his eyes, Sokka turned the ignition on once more, and made his slow way home.

Kyoshi was only out of the room for a few minutes. Katara tried not to listen, but how could she blot out the phrases like antidepressants and psychiatrist, and just in time? How could she forget what she saw? The door creaked open as the older woman slipped inside. Kyoshi's gaze landed on her young ward, falling the barest hint.

"Can you stay here tonight?" she asked. "I have to go to the State Department to organise some-..." She trailed off with a small sigh, eyes never leaving Toph. "I think it's better if you're here for her rather than me."

Katara opened her mouth, a small noise escaping from her throat. It died as Kyoshi finally looked at her, eyes bloodshot. The older woman took another steadying breath. "I'll be back when I'm done. She should wake up soon..." Katara nodded, looking away.

"I'll be here..."

Kyoshi gave a small nod in thanks, and slipped from the room. Katara didn't watch as she left, instead turning her gaze back to Toph. The small girl had a small frown on her face, eyebrows furrowed the barest hint. Katara slipped her hand over Toph's face, wiping away the emotion splayed there. The action proved somewhat therapeutic for her, too, and she continued it, becoming lost in the sensations of Toph's smooth skin underneath her fingertips. Her mind wandered, trying not to land on the small girl lying in bed in front of her, but ultimately failing. The door opened as Aang slipped inside, holding two take-away cups of coffee. He handed one to her silently, sitting on Kyoshi's recently-vacated chair. He seemed unable to look at his friend, instead staring at his coffee as though expecting it to do more than just sit in his hand. Time seemed to freeze, and yet when Katara happened to glance up at the clock on the wall, an hour seemed to have passed without her even realising it. The coffee had gone cold, and Aang was crossing and uncrossing his legs in an attempt to get the blood moving again.

In all that time, Katara didn't hear the heart monitor speed up, her attention focused on Toph's face. The blind girl's eyes didn't move beneath the lids, even as the lashes began fluttering open and her fingers started to twitch.

Katara's breath caught in her throat when she noticed it, though; she had expected it to take longer for the blind girl to wake up. Honestly, she had hoped that Kyoshi would return, but at least she had Aang. Putting the untouched coffee on Toph's bedside table, Katara threaded her hand in the small girl's, holding it lightly. Standing up, she moved closer, but not so close as to freak Toph out when she finally gained complete consciousness. Aang hadn't moved from his seat, instead preferring to watch Katara handle it. He would only get in the way, and Katara's presence would likely be the more calming one.

"Toph?" Katara whispered quietly, smoothly. "Sweetie, can you open your eyes?"

Aang held his breath, eyes flickering between his friend and his girlfriend. Toph's eyes flickered, opening for a second before closing again. She let out a low groan, and Katara squeezed her hand again, waiting for a response.

Toph couldn't see anyone (obviously), and she had no way of knowing Katara was sitting next to her save for the warm hand in hers. Her breathing, once shallow, came faster and faster, and she was finally able to open her eyes. There was a soft voice next to her that could only belong to one person.

"K-Katara?" she managed weakly, trembles running from her fingers up her arms and then travelling the length of her body. Toph grit her teeth, clenching her eyes as Katara helped her to sit up. Suddenly, she leant forwards, arms coming to wind around her stomach. Her frame shook violently, and as her eyes pinched further, she couldn't stop the wetness that began to leak out.

"Katara!" she forced, although she didn't have to bother as the older girl was already moving. Aang stood up, but with no direction from Katara and absolutely no idea what to do on his own anyway, he remained in the same place, fidgeting. Katara slid a small bucket onto Toph's lap, rubbing her back slowly and moving her hair out of the way.

"Toph, it's okay, Honey," she murmured. "I got you."

Toph's hands shot out and, holding the bucket in place, she couldn't hold back what her stomach wanted to expel. Her hair stayed out of the way thanks to Katara, but Toph couldn't focus on that as her body settled. Her throat burned, causing her eyes to water; when the bile crept up again, she pushed it down, this time successful. Aang moved closer, a tissue suddenly in his outstretched hand. He shot Katara a look that she didn't see as she took it of him and began wiping around Toph's mouth. The younger girl sat complacently until Katara had finished, small shivers still travelling over her body. She didn't say anything as Katara finished and moved the bucket out of the way. Her hands were shaking slightly, and she was tapping her pinkies against her leg. Katara saw her eyes widen slightly and watched as Toph gulped several times.

"Do you want a drink?" she asked quietly, as though anything above a whisper would scare Toph away. The blind girl gave a small nod, and Katara turned to the pitcher only to find Aang already pouring a glass. She gave him an appreciative smile, turning back to Toph. She had stopped trembling so violently, and Katara gently placed the cup in Toph's hands. The blind girl began to lift it to her mouth when the whole thing suddenly fell from her hand and into her lap, spilling water everywhere. Katara and Aang looked at her for a moment; Toph's eyes had widened slightly and after a few seconds of staring toward her lap in shock, she turned her face towards Katara.

"Katara, I-" She choked, and Katara couldn't find the shock she thought should be there as Toph turned her face up, a trickle of a tear making its way down her face. "-I can't move my fingers properly. I can't feel anything."

A/N: Ugh, basically hate myself for taking so long to release this D: and it's short. Also, have to thank Minnichi for her valuable info into the human and just what would happen if you cut your wrists deep enough. I hope this is accurate :)

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