By French Froglegs Part of the Sozin's Blood continuity.

This timeline is meant to help the readers to comprehend the events that happen in Sozin's Blood. It lists all events from my established chronology.

Note : some dates might change over time.

The events listed in this chronology are dated en fonction of the number of years between the event and the coming of Sozin's Comet and the Air Nomad Genocide. All years after are listed as "AG" (After Sozin's Comet) ; all of those before are known as "BG" (should I really need to say what it stands for ?)


  • 82 BG : Prince Sozin is born to Fire Lord Hokuzai and his spouse.
    • Avatar Kyoshi dies at age 230 ; the Avatar Spirit is reincarnated in a baby born to two Fire Nation nobles on the same day of Sozin's birth, named Roku.
  • 66 BG : Roku is revealed to be the Avatar on his 16th birthday ; he departs to the Southern Air Temple to learn Airbending.
  • 63 BG : Roku becomes an Airbending Master and leaves the Southern Air Temple ; he journeys to the Northern Water Tribe where he begins to study Waterbending with an unnamed Waterbender.
  • 58 BG : Hokuzai dies of unknown circumstances; Sozin is crowned Fire Lord at age 24.
    • Roku finally masters Waterbending and leaves the North Pole ; he starts to study Earthbending with Master Sud.
  • 55 BG :
    • At some time in the 2nd month : Roku masters Earthbending and leaves Master Sud's tutelage ; he heads to the Fire Temple on Crescent Island, where he tries to master the Avatar State under the head of the Fire Sages' guidance, Great Sage Kaja.
    • 21st day of the 6th month, Summer Solstice : Roku, fed up with his inability to master the Avatar State, uses the spiritual power of the sun of the summer solstice to trigger the Avatar State. It worked ; however, he was unable to leave it or control his actions, and thus unwillingly started to destroy the Fire Temple. He was, fortunately, freed by Kaja.
      • From this moment, Roku, having learned the hard way the value of patience, learns the Avatar State the normal way. He also rebuilds the Fire Temple, to which he adds secret passages and a sanctuary dedicated to him to teach the following Avatars the values of patience.
  • 54 BG : Roku masters the Avatar State and becomes a fully-realized Avatar ; he leaves the Fire Temple on Crescent Island and visits his good friend, now-Fire Lord Sozin.
    • Some time in the 8th month, when Fire Lilies bloom : Avatar Roku marries Ta Min, a Fire Nation noblewoman ; Sozin, his best man, announces Roku his plans to expand Fire Nation prosperity on the rest of the world, by means of war ; Roku orders him to abandon this idea.
  • 47 BG : Kajaro is born to Avatar Roku and Ta Min.
  • 41 BG : Seyenra is born to two Fire Nation nobles.
  • 23 BG : Hirohitaba is born to two Fire Nation nobles.
  • 22 BG : Kajaro and Seyenra marry. He is 25 ; she is 19.
  • 17 BG : Hayao, a midget, is born to two Fire Nation citizens from Ember Island.
  • 12 BG : Avatar Roku dies at age 70 of the explosion of his home island; the Avatar Spirit is reincarnated in a baby born to two unnamed Airbenders named Aang.
  • Sozin watches
    0 AG :
    • At the beginning of the year : Sozin marries Hirohitaba ; he's 81 ; she's 22.
    • 1st day of the 9th month : Sozin and his armies harness the power of the Great Comet of Power to eradicate all Air Nomads - but one.
      • At the exact moment the Comet enters the atmosphere, Prince Azulon is born to Fire Lord Sozin and Fire Lady Hirohitaba.
  • 10 AG : on the anniversary of the Genocide of the Air Nomads, "The Howl" begins.
  • 13 AG : Hayao is named Colonel at age 30 by Fire Lord Sozin himself.
  • 15 AG : Sozin attempts to invade the Northern Water Tribe ; however, his plan fails
  • 17 AG : Ilah, eventual Fire Lady of the Fire Nation, is born to an unknown pair of Fire Nation nobles.
  • 18 AG : Azulon begins his military career ; in a single year, he becomes a legend by conquering the entirety of the Hu Xin Provinces, save from its capital, Taku.
  • 19 AG :
    • The Battle of Taku ; the proud city falls to the Fire Nation troops led by Sozin and Azulon; Azulon's leg is burnt by Sozin.
      • Hayao decides to leave the military as he is about to be named General; however, he remains on the Front as Head Doctor.
  • 20 AG :
    • Azulon starts the conquest of the Qi Wan Dhi Provinces, which culminates with the apocalyptic Battle of Garsai ; on his 20th birthday, Azulon is master of the city.
    • Sozin dies at age 102 ; Azulon is crowned Fire Lord at age 20.
    • Fire Lady Hirohitaba starts looking for the perfect wife for her son ; one of the criteria is love of tea.
      • Ilah's father, hearing of the tea fanaticism of the Fire Lady, allows only tea to his daughter as a drink.
  • 22 AG : Mr Luong is born.
  • 30 AG : Fire Lord Azulon finally allows Hayao to retire completely.
  • 32 AG : Ilah is allowed water for the first time in her life, at age 15 ; she is surprised by the taste.
  • 35 AG :
    • 21st day of the 3rd month, on the Spring Equinox : Ilah passes all the challenges and tests set by Fire Lady Hirohitaba and is engaged to Fire Lord Azulon ; the same year, they marry ; he is 35, she is 18.
    • 9th day of the 6th month : Chan, the eventual admiral, is born to one navy officer and his spouse.
  • 36 AG :
    • 10th day of the 4th month : Cixi is born to two Fire Nation nobles.
    • 21st day of the 8th month : Prince Iroh is born to Fire Lord Azulon and Fire Lady Ilah ; being the first born male child, he subsequently becomes Crown Prince of the Fire Nation.
    • Winter : Jiuan is born to two Fire Nation nobles.
  • 40 AG : Azulon creates and starts "Plan Polar Buzzard Wasp" : from this moment, the Southern Fire Nation Navy's unique goal is to abduct all Southern Waterbenders. Tragically, they succeed.
  • 42 AG : Hama, the last Southern Waterbender left fighting, is abducted.
  • 45 AG : Hayao becomes the royal Strategy and Foreign Culture tutor of Crown Prince Iroh.
  • 47 AG : Jiuan meets Iroh on their first day at the Royal Academy for Boys ; a lifelong friendship begins.
  • 52 AG :
  • 54 AG :
    • Spring :
      • C'ian is born to Lord Zozin and his wife.
      • Ursa is born to Lord Kajaro and Lady Seyenra ; however, Seyenra dies at age 95 while giving birth ; her husband, Kajaro, dies heartbroken at age 101 ; Ursa is given to her mother's much younger brother, Krozon, who raises her as his own daughter.
    • 1st day of the 8th month : Prince Ozai turns 2.
    • 2nd day of the 8th month : at dawn, Azulon finally meets Cixi.
    • 21st day of the 8th month : Prince Iroh turns 18
      • Most of the events of "Chapter 7 : Inconsistencies" occur.
      • At twilight, Iroh kills for the first time; he's deeply moved by it ; he is ordered to investigate on rumors on remaining Waterbenders in the South Pole, and to exterminate anyone he could find with the power to bend water.
    • 22nd day of the 8th month : Iroh frees Jiuan from prison and asks him to accompany him in his mission to the South Pole ; Jiuan accepts.
      • At night, after a few years of quiet, "The Howl" starts again.
    • 13th day of the 11th month : The events of "Interlude : Cixi Alone" occur.
  • 62 AG : the finale of Book 1
  • 72 AG :
    • 29th day of the 5th month : Prince Ozai marries Ursa ; he's 19 ; she's 18.
    • 4th day of the 7th month : Prince Lu Ten is born to Crown Prince Iroh
  • circa 75 AG : Fong enlists in the Earth Kingdom Military
  • 83 AG :
    • 14th day of the 7th month : Prince Zuko is born to Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa.
  • 85 AG :
    • 21st day of the 6th month, on the Summer Solstice : Princess Azula is born to Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa.
  • 95 AG : "Sozin's Blood" ends

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