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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Spirit War Trilogy.

This page is a comprehensive timeline of all major events that are featured in or heavily related to the Spirit War Trilogy.


- 10,000 BG: Izanagi drives chaos via a fierce struggle with spirits and humans in the crossfire, severely wounding the Spirit of Order. Shi (the Spirit of Death) and Seikatsu (the Spirit of Life) bring him down at great personal cost, and Usha is the first merger of human and spirit, becoming the Spirit of Dawn.

- 9,950 BG: Raava and the Mother of Faces are formed from the remains of the Spirit of Order, and Vaatu forms as a result of Izanagi's absence. Both Raava and Vaatu are led to believe that they have existed for millennia, while the Mother of Faces retains much of the former Spirit of Order's memories and power.

- 9,850 BG: Koh, Otokami, and Susanowo are formed; Usha takes them under her wing. They identify as her "children." On the physical world, Wan and Raava merge to make the first Avatar of balance come into being.

- 9,500 BG: With bending becoming more common among humans, Tui and La take physical forms and forsake the Spirit World in order to help the growing Waterbending population, becoming their patron spirits. Otokami follows suit and chooses to help the Airbenders, realizing that their art can carry his power. An enraged Susanowo is convinced by Koh to add his own touch to the Waterbending style, in the form of Bloodbending, after the Spirit of Tempests was passed over in favor of Tui and La.

- 7,000 BG: Susanowo recruits five lesser spirits to eventually aid him in his endeavor to take over the Water Tribe. Wan Shi Tong's spirit library is placed on the physical plane to encourage human advancement. Koh is made the Spirit of Chaos due to Vaatu's absence and relative ineffectiveness, and Hikara is formed from a portion of the Spirit of Order's power to become the new Spirit of Light.

- 5,000 BG: Lin Quei is made Judge of Spirit World affairs.

- 82 BG: Avatar Roku is born, the same day as his best friend and future enemy, Fire Lord Sozin.

- 50 BG: Guru Pathik is born.

- 12 BG: Avatar Roku dies, and Avatar Aang is born.

- 11 BG: Bumi is born.

- 0 BG: Sozin's Comet arrives, allowing the Fire Nation to wipe out the Air Nomads in one strike, barring a few scattered survivors.

- 20 AG: Pakku is born.

- 21 AG: Malu, the "Ghost Witch of the Mountain," moves to Gaoling to start a new life in secret, marrying a butcher name Ling.

- 30 AG: Bumi is crowned King of Omashu.

- 31 AG: Yuan Chong is born.

- 36 AG: Iroh is born.

- 39 AG: Jeong Jeong is born.

- 45 AG: Piandao is born.

- 49 AG: Yuan Chong is crowned the 51st Earth King

- 51 AG: Piandao is left at an orphanage due to his status as a nonbender. Long Feng is born.

- 52 AG: Yun Zhen's father is born. Ozai is born.

- 70 AG: Lu Ten is born.

- 75 AG: Kuei is born.

- 83 AG: Zuko and Haru are born.

- 84 AG: Yun Zhen, Sokka, Suki, Yue, and Mai are born.

- 85 AG: Katara, Azula, and Ty Lee are born.

- 86 AG: Teo is born.

- 87 AG: Toph Bei Fong is born.

- 95 AG: Lu Ten is killed during the siege of Ba Sing Se by Ri Wu, and Yuan Chong goes underground to plot his ultimate revenge against the Fire Nation. Kuei takes up the mantle of 52nd Earth King, though Long Feng maintains ultimate control over Ba Sing Se. At the same time, Yun Zhen is found out to be an Earthbender, and his parents are killed for treason. He begins to wander, looking for an Earthbending master his mother knew.

- 100 AG: The events of Avatar: The Last Airbender occur. Yun Zhen meets and trains under Bumi, discovering a crippling weakness. After Ba Sing Se falls, he travels and learns from the badgermoles and Guru Pathik. He also meets Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee in Ba Sing Se, a meeting he barely escapes. After Fire Lord Ozai's defeat, Yuan Chong puts his plan to attack the Fire Nation into motion, and he is led to believe that the spirit, Koh, will help him. A war is fought between the three nations and Yuan Chong's army, and Fire Lord Zuko kills the Earth King in a duel. Plans for Republic City are drawn up.

- 101 AG: Zuko and Mai are married, and Yun Zhen is made a captain in the Fire Nation Royal Navy. Construction on Republic City begins.

- 104 AG: Aang and Katara marry young; Zheng is born.

- 105 AG: Sora and Tenzin are born. Sokka and Suki are married.

- 106 AG: Yun Zhen and Ty Lee are married.

- 107 AG: Kyani is born to Sokka and Suki. Sanaki is born to Yun Zhen and Ty Lee. Lu Ten is born to Zuko and Mai.

- 110 AG: Toph marries. Fiora is born.

- 111 AG: Lin Bei Fong (aka Chikyuu) is born.

- 113 AG: Sanaki is unexpectedly revealed to be a Firebender.

- 123 AG: The children of Team Avatar go on vacation in Republic City, where they take part in Pro-Bending, make enemies, and face tragedy. The spirits move against Aang, attempting to put him on trial for killing Koh. Bloodbending resurfaces, but is made illegal. Sora is killed by the Equalists.

- 128 AG: The Yakone Incident occurs.

- 129 AG: Lin Bei Fong officially becomes a member of the Metalbending Police Force in Republic City.

- 132 AG: Zheng earns the position of general in the United Republic forces and earns the nickname "The Mad Genius." Sanaki and Kyani are married.

- 135 AG: Sanaki gives birth to Shinji, hers and Kyani's son.

- 150 AG: After a long courtship, Tenzin and Pema are married.

- 153 AG: Avatar Aang dies; Avatar Korra is born.

- 157 AG: Sokka, Tenzin, Zuko, and Tonraq defeat a group of criminals who attempt to kidnap Korra. The Order of the White Lotus is given the job of protecting the young Avatar and training her.

- 160 AG: Jinora is born.

- 163 AG: Ikki is born.

- 165 AG: Meelo is born. Shinji marries a woman named Lian.

- 170 AG: The events of The Legend of Korra: Book One – Air take place.

- 171 AG: The events of The Legend of Korra: Book Two – Spirits take place, with exceptions. Unalaq is killed by Kyani, and Vaatu is destroyed. Yun Zhen also passes away. Izanagi, rather than let Vaatu reform, takes most of the spirit's power into himself and bides his time. Meanwhile, a new Spirit of Darkness is formed from what Izanagi leaves behind.

- 268 AG: Kyrie Kenshi is born.

- 270 AG: Shen is born into the Air Nation. Moro is born to Kenshin, the Spirit of Ice, and his wife.

- 283 AG: Moro flees Susanowo and her father and is given shelter by some extended family members. She is trained as a Waterbender by Sora, who is acting as a protector spirit for the Shinigami.

- 289 AG: Avatar Argho, along with his team, is forced to deal with the intrusions of multiple spirits, including Susanowo, Otokami, and Koh. The Shinigami's existence is revealed, and Usha relinquishes the mantle of the Spirit of Dawn, which is taken up by Lu Ten. Lin Quei becomes the new Spirit of Chaos after Koh's true death, and Argho disbands and subsequently reforms the Order of the White Lotus, in order to combat any threats from the Spirit World.

- 290 AG: Shen and Moro have their first child, an Airbender they name Nana. Shen asked Otokami not to interfere with the abilities of his children and let things fall where they may.

- 291 AG: A year later, Shen and Moro have a second daughter, Lyre. She is a Waterbender;

- 299 AG: Kenshin returns to Republic City in order to mend his relationship with Moro, and Nana and Lyre become friends with a boy named Jing.

- 305 AG: Izanagi returns with the intent to kill Avatar Argho, which he does when Argho and several White Lotus members attempt to stop him. Avatar Yoriko is born as a Firebender.

- 310 AG: Jing, who was looking to become a researcher for the order, gets overwhelmed by a suit of armor filled with spiritual energy while on his first assignment. From this point on, he believes himself to be the spirit that the armor originally belonged to, Karuta.

- 311 AG: The events of The White Lotus occur.

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