Ozai painting By Vanja1995 Part of the Dynasty continuity.

This is a timeline of events in the historical fan fiction Dynasty, written by Vanja1995. The dates are not BG/AG, but rather set 0 as the year transitioning from the Era Before the Avatar to the Era of the Avatar, Aang being born in the year 9001, most of the events of A:TLA occurring in 9113 and of LoK occurring in 9183. As more information is revealed, this timeline will be updated.

Long Dynasty

Bending is discovered, the shaman and his seven brothers' bloodlines become royal, forming the Council of Sages.
The first Avatar is born.
c. 55
The first migrations to the archipelago occur, and the feudal skirmishes for land begin.
c. 150
Virtually all firebenders move to the archipelago, among the last are the Council of Sages.
c. 200
The Head Sage, an only child, is found to be impotent, and the second sub-dynasty of the Long dynasty begins.
The feudalistic structure of government is ended, unified under the Head Sage by the guidance of the Fire Avatar at the time.

Ma Wang Dynasty

c. 1800
The Constitutional Civil War occurs, and the Ma Wang dynasty is created as a result.
c. 1870
The Ma Wang dynasty is remerged with the old Long dynasty.
c. 4140
The Fire Nation and Hu Xin engage in war.
c. 4148
The war ends with all but the southern mainland of the Fire Nation conquered by Hu Xin. Death tolls range in the hundreds of thousands.
c. 4150
The hardly recovering Fire Nation remnants lapse into an economic crash, and the Council of Sages are exiled by the people who quickly fall back into a feudal state. Over time, the royal bloodlines become greatly diluted.

Yang Dynasty

What is left of the Council of Sages is led by revolutionary leader Yang Sen to regain control of the islands, which sets the stage for reunification of the Fire Nation. Yang Sen is found to have enough royal heritage to become Head Sage, reinstituting the old government under the Yang dynasty. From this point on, there is no longer a Council of Sages, as selection by blood would no longer function as it was once intended, and instead, there is simply one royal bloodline lead by a Fire Lord (although the families found to be the most pureblood were quickly reincorporated). The Yang Dynasty remains in power to this day.
c. 4375
A new form of the old bloodlines is reinstituted as the Fire Sages, a new religious authority for the Fire Nation. Under the joint rule between the two, the Fire Nation lives in relative peace and prosperity for thousands of years.
Fire Lord Hoku is born.

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