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This is the full, long-scale Timeline of the Avatar World within Vanja1995's fanfiction continuity Elements: Saga of the Avatar.


In Canon Continuity, the time is divided into the Era Before the Avatar and the Era of the Avatar. In E:SA Continuity, there is also the Era of the Spirit World, before the other two.

Simple Timeline

The Era of the Spirit World

The Age of Darkness ∞ BG - 130 000 BG

The Age of Expansion 130 000 BG - 80 000 BG

The Age of Creation 80 000 BG - 30 000 BG

The Era Before the Avatar

The Age of Unity 30 000 BG - 25 000 BG

The New Age of Expansion 25 000 BG - 20 000 BG

The Age of Trouble 20 000 BG - 10 000 BG

The Era of the Avatar

The Age of Elements 10 000 BG - 104 AG

The New Age of Unity 104 AG -

The Era of the Spirit World

∞ BG - 30 000 BG

The Age of Darkness

∞ BG - 130 000 BG

At the beginning of time there was only nothing. It stayed like this for trillions of years, having no reason for anything else. Then from the then useless forces floating in the aether, realm manifested itself. The Spirit World.

The Age of Expansion

130 000 BG - 80 000 BG

The Spirits having been created by their own will, quickly evolved into powerful beings, living in a majestic realm known as the Spirit World. First they started as a small council at one landmark, but expanded through the apparently infinite dimension.

130 000 BG: The Spirits form a small elite council. All Spirits live on the Spirit Crags, at the center of the Spirit World.

120 000 BG: Spirit Population expands greatly. Leave the Spirit Crags to venture.

115 000 BG: Due to less control over the Spirit World, first malevolent Spirit, Koh the Face Stealer, is born. Rules over Koh's Realm.

100 000 BG: First Spirit War

A Civil War in the Spirit World breaks out between three Factions, over whether to create another universe over which all the spirits can reign over. The Ceuph don't want it, the Doman want to create it, but have minimal control, and the Xanthura want to create slaves and worshipers for their bidding. After hundreds of constant war, the Ceuph are conquered by the Xanthura. With this event, the war subsides, the Xanthura ruling the east, while the Doman have control over a bigger eastern section. For thousands of years it stayed like this, the creation of the new Universe still in dispute, and the Doman and Xanthura still enemies. In 90 000 BG the war was refueled, and in 88 700 BG, the final battle took place, where the Doman won.

88 680 BG: Preparation for creating the Universe begin.

87 800 BG: Spirits against the creation take their last stand, to no avail.

85 000 BG: Search through the Spirit World for powerful Shamans takes place.

84 000 BG: Shaman Council assembles for creation of the Universe.

The Age of Creation

80 000 BG - 30 000 BG

The Doman have become the main Faction in the Spirit World, and create the Universe for a new race that they can rule justly.

80 000 BG: Using powerful magic, the Shaman Council begins to fabricate a new plane of existence parallel to the Spirit World, called the Universe. They create it piece by piece for 10 000 years.

75 000 BG: Being alerted that the creation of the Universe is going very well, the Doman Leaders begin creation themselves of a new species to populate the Universe, humans.

70 000 BG: The Universe is finished creation, filled with stars, and space. The Shamans are told to create a beautiful, safe haven similar to the Spirit World for the humans to live on.

68 000 BG: Earth, a planet, is created to be the home of the humans.

67 000 BG: The structure of humans is complete. However, the Spirits want something more for them.

60 000 BG: The Spirits give the Humans a final touch, Energybending.

59 000 BG: The Human Test Run

The Humans have been completed, and are ready to be transported to the Universe. However, before this takes place, they are to be tested. The Clear Zone is created. It is a region in the Spirit World much more similar to Earth, with blue skies. The Humans are left here to fend for themselves for one thousand years.

For 200 years everything went according to plan, and the humans flourished in the Clear Zone. However, in 58 800 BG, one clan of the humans' gained a new attribute. They were able to find out how to transform Energybending into a new art. Through their twisted efforts, the clan created Blackfirebending, where they could make an evil, dark substance. This clan became Blackshock. They used this weapon to terrorize the other clans. The Human Test Run was swiftly aborted.

The Blackshock clan was punished by the Spirits, forced to live a life of hardship, to be trapped in the Spirit World forever. The other humans were literally paused, and left for a few thousand years.

40 000 BG: The human project is restarted, as the Universe still waits.

35 000 BG: The Spirits attempt to make sure the humans create elemental bending like in the test run, or at least not as quickly.

31 000 BG: A portal is created between the Spirit World and the Earth. The Humans are sent through it.

The Era Before the Avatar

30 000 BG - 10 000 BG


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