By Vaznock and Waterkai Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.

The World of Avatar has an extensive history relating to thousand of years. This is the same in Kyoshi Revolts, but there are some differences.


This timeline starts from 100 AG. For the history of the world before this date, look here.

100 AG
Zuko and his allies plan an escape plan from the Boiling Rock prison, but the plan fails and Sokka, Suki, Chit Sang and Hakoda are all murdered.
Avatar Aang accidentally murders Toph Bei Fong before taking his own life.
Zuko and Azula fight out an Agni Kai, but Zuko loses and gets killed.
Katara fights Mai and Ty Lee while Zuko battles Azula, but loses her will after Zuko dies and gets murdered.
The Order of the White Lotus tries to free Ba Sing Se from the Fire Nation, but the plan fails and all members, except Iroh, are killed.
Kambi of the Spartan Islands is born to Marisolla.
105 AG
Azula recaptures Omashu, after Bumi freed it.
Onsungi of the Earth Kingdom dies.
Kishi of the Water Tribe is killed by Phoenix King Ozai during the Destruction of the Water Tribes.
Phoenix King Ozai leads an invasion force to the Water Tribes and destroys them.
107 AG
Kyoshi Island, the last free Earth Kingdom island on earth, eventually falls after a long siege.
110 AG
Giu of the Earth Kingdom is born to Lan Gee.
111 AG
Ray of the Fire Nation (Water Tribe heritage) is born.
112 AG
Fire Lord Azula marries Yin Lee.
113 AG
Chen of the Fire Nation is born to Fire Lord Azula and Yin Lee.
114 AG
Kaila of the Fire Nation is born.
Quanlee of the Fire Nation is born to Queen Mai and a nobleman.
115 AG
Mina of the Earth Kingdom is born.
116 AG
Mitsuki of the Fire Nation is born to Fire Lord Azula and Yin Lee.
Tam Mee of the Fire Nation is born to Regional Queen Ty Lee and Chong.
117 AG
Yin Lee dies of cancer.
125 AG
Phoenix King Ozai dies, Fire Lord Azula ascends the throne.
127 AG
Kambi founds the Kein Forest Rebellion.
The Rebel City is constructed.
130 AG
Mina, a slave from Zula Island, escapes and starts a small rebellion.
Prince Chen runs away from the Royal Palace and joins Team Rebel
Kein Forest is besieged by Princess Mitsuki, but the rebels win the battle.
Prince Chen is discovered to be the current Avatar after going into the Avatar State.
Princess Mitsuki and her allies infiltrate and conquer the Rebel City through a conspiracy.
Kambi and his administration are taken captive.
Avatar Chen is severely injured by Princess Mitsuki, though he is healed by New Ozai medics.

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