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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Energy Saga.

This is the timeline of the events of the Avatar Universe in the continuity of Avatar: Energy Saga by AvatarRokusGhost


  • 34,000 BG : The Dawn of energybending – powerful spirits from the Spirit World cross over, bending spiritual energy from around the North Pole into one spot, creating the Spirit Oasis. They use the spiritual power to teach the surrounding humans how to do it, making these humans the first energybenders.
Human Civilization advances quickly with wisdom and power of spirits as its guide.
  • 20,000 BG : Around this time the Five Great Sages exist. They are powerful benders who worked with the spirits to keep balance before the Era of the Avatar. Many future social structures are inspired by them (Council of Five, Fire Sages, Air Nomad Council of Elders, etc.)
  • 17,000 BG : The Dawn of Elemental Bending – through mysterious and unknown events, humans stop bending their own energy and start bending the four elements. It is also around this time that the Avatar Cycle begins.
The krakens, badgermoles, dragons and sky bison are selected to teach humans how to use the elements. However, the krakens go extinct before they can teach anything, so the moon and ocean spirits teach humans to Waterbend instead.
  • 5,000 BG : The Knowledge Spirit Wan Shi Tong brings his Spirit Library into the physical world.
  • 2,500 BG : Around this time Avatar Doru Kun lived.
  • 1,000 BG : The Sun Warriors (supposedly) go extinct. However, rumors still persist about their survival. Most of these are dismissed as speculation and legend.
  • 481 BG: The Avatar from the Fire Nation dies. Avatar Yangchen is born into the Air Nomads.
  • 388 BG: Avatar Yangchen dies. Avatar Kuruk is born into the Water Tribe.
  • 312 BG: Avatar Kuruk dies. Avatar Kyoshi is born into the Earth Kingdom.
  • 111 BG: Khomin is born.
  • 82 BG: Avatar Kyoshi dies. Avatar Roku is born into the Fire Nation. Sozin is born.
  • 58 BG: Fire Lord Khomin is assassinated during the Day of Black Sun when firebending is blocked and is subsequently succeeded by his son Sozin.
  • 50 BG: Pathik is born.
  • 12 BG: Avatar Roku dies. Avatar Aang is born into the Air Nomads.
  • 11 BG: Bumi is born.
  • 0 BG: The Great Comet arrives, endowing firebenders with tremendous power which they use to eliminate the Air Nomads and begin the Hundred Year War. The comet is renamed Sozin's Comet for the Fire Lord who planned the invasion.
  • 20 AG: Fire Lord Sozin dies. Crown Prince Azulon succeeds him. Pakku is born.
  • 30 AG: Bumi is crowned King of Omashu.
  • 34 AG: Tyro is born.
  • 36 AG: Iroh is born.
  • 39 AG: Jeong Jeong is born.
  • 41 AG: Rensa is born.
  • 45 AG: Piandao is born.
  • 48 AG: Feng Qu is born.
  • 51 AG: Long Feng is born.
  • 52 AG: Ozai is born.
  • 58 AG: Brawki is born.
  • 60 AG: Hakoda is born.
  • 63 AG: Ratana is born.
  • 67 AG: Lu Ten is born.
  • 75 AG: Kuei is born.
  • 77 AG: Icarus is born.
  • 79 AG: The Earth King dies. His four-year-old son, Prince Kuei, succeeds him. Zhao Jr. is born.
  • 80 AG: Gitsu is born.
  • 83 AG: Zuko is born. Haru is born. Chan is born.
  • 84 AG: Yue is born. Sokka is born. Suki is born. Mai is born.
  • 85 AG: Katara is born. Azula is born. Ty Lee is born.
  • 86 AG: Teo is born.
  • 87 AG: Toph Beifong is born.
  • 90 AG: Trinley is born. Nola is born.
  • 92 AG: Shao is born.
  • 95 AG: Migo is born. Ratana dies.
  • 100 AG: Avatar Aang defeats Ozai, the grandson of Fire Lord Sozin and ends the Fire Nation's war for world domination. He uses energybending to take away Ozai's firebending instead of killing him. This is one of the few times energybending has been used since the First Avatar was born. Aang and his friends subsequently celebrate at the Jasmine Dragon in Ba Sing Se.
On the advice of Iroh, Aang asks Jeong Jeong what he knows about Energybending. Jeong Jeong, however, refuses to tell him anything.
Aang is attacked by a mysterious figure while in the Avatar State.
  • 104 AG: Team Avatar puts down a plot to assassinate Fire Lord Zuko and the perpetrator of the plot, Zhao Jr.., is sent to prison at the Boiling Rock.
Aang proposes to Katara and she accepts. Aang then journeys with Sokka to the North Pole to learn Energybending from Yue, the Moon Spirit and former Princess of the Northern Water Tribe.
  • 105 AG: Aang marries Katara and begins to use energybending to rebuild Air Nomad civilization by giving people airbending.
  • 106 AG: Azula is released from a mental institution and goes into exile on Ember Island. Zuko and Aang corner and interrogate a member of the organization which followed Aang and tried to kill him in the Avatar State. As they attempt to interrogate the man for information about his motives, he commits suicide by drinking a vial of poison.
Sokka marries Suki. Zuko marries Mai.
  • 107 AG: King Bumi of Omashu dies. As stated by his will, he is succeeded by Toph Beifong. Tenzin is born. Neinei is born.
  • 108 AG: Kaddo is born.
  • 109 AG: Vameira is born.
  • 112 AG: Qin retires as War Minister of the Fire Nation. Chan succeeds him.
  • 114 AG: Zuko and Mai take Neinei to learn the true meaning of firebending from Ran and Shaw.
  • 115 AG: Sokka becomes Chief of the Southern Water Tribe.
  • 116 AG: Pakku dies.
  • 118 AG: The Fire Nation famines begin.
  • 120 AG: A riot breaks out in the Fire Nation town of Hukow.
Aang, Katara, Tenzin, Kaddo, Vameira, Sokka and Piandao visit The Vault. At the end of their tour, Aang discovers a statue of one of his past lives and decides to go to his shrine in the Cave of the Ancients to learn more about him.

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