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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Emblem of the Outlaw.

By MibuWolf Part of the Emblem of the Outlaw continuity.

Timeline of Emblem of the Outlaw

193 AG

194 AG

  • Avatar Korra dies
  • Meelo leaves the Temple to take care of his wife and child; August leaves as well
  • Ishio, Haneul, and Frost are born

197 AG

  • A powerful bender accidentally opens several portals into the Spirit World
  • After leadership in United Republic rejects making bending illegal, Sumi murders all of the country's major leader and takes power
  • Later that year, United Republic deems bending illegal
  • At some point either this year or the next, Tang arrests his fiance

199 AG

  • Liwei and Ai Shi both occupy themselves at the library

201 AG

  • Frost helps her mother with healing pro-bending fighters
  • Frost's grandfather dies

205 AG

  • Liwei is forced to leave the library
  • Meelo is arrested

206 AG

207 AG

  • Ai Shi leaves to become Master Geming's assistant

208 AG

  • Liwei leaves to become a police officer

210 AG

Late Summer

  • Ishio leaves to enter the pro-bending rings
  • Ishio, Frost and Liwei set off to master the elements
  • New New Team Avatar meets August in a quest to find the Corsair
  • New New Team Avatar discover Liwei is a Firebender
  • New New Team Avatar meet Master Geming, Ai Shi joins the team as Ishio's Firebending teacher


  • Ishio has learned Firebending
  • Liwei and Frost are captured by Anying Jiaoben, delivered to the police
  • Ishio and Ai Shi get themselves arrested to save their friends
  • Ai Shi loses her bending, Team Avatar barely escapes and destroys the Energybending machines
  • Haneul's mother is killed in a car accident created by Ishio to escape the police
  • After a duel, Haneul leaves to teach Ishio Airbending
  • Liwei, Frost, and Ai Shi journey to the Fire Nation Capital and discover that Liwei is the crown prince of the Fire Nation
  • Liwei is imprisoned by his crazy twin brother, Junjie
  • Frost and Ai Shi are "saved" from Anying Jiaoben by Meelo, who leaves to train with August
  • The Fire Lord is executed by Junjie
  • Massive and deadly revolts against the United Republic anti-bending laws break out in the Fire Nation


  • Second Air Nomad Genocide wipes out all Airbenders except Haneul and his father
  • Team Avatar is reunited, only to be captured once more by the police and sent off to the bender holding camps

211 AG


  • Liwei saves Ishio from the grasps of the police, is sent to the Southern Water Tribe to learn Waterbending
  • Tuzo, Haneul, and Kiri begin planning for an uprising within the prison camps
  • Liwei confronts Miwa
  • Somewhere in here, Junjie gives the revolutionaries in the Fire Nation what they want and he remains the Fire Lord
  • Hiraoka successfully teaches Ishio Waterbending, and Ishio is sent to Republic City to close the portals
  • The Order of the White Lotus attacks a van transporting Frost to a new prison camp, accompanied by vehicles carrying several members of the police and Anying Jiaoben alike
  • Tuzo, Meelo, and August discover Sumi's true agenda
  • August and Sumi's dragon kill each other
  • Tuzo and Meelo defeat and kill Sumi
  • Donghai leaves Anying Jiaoben
  • An uprise begins in the camps, Haneul defeats the crazed bloodbender, who is shot by another
  • In a fit of paranoia, Tang shoots at Junjie, but Liwei takes the bullet instead
  • Liwei dies
  • Tang reunites with Miwa, gives up his vendetta against benders
  • At the top of the police building, Ishio is shot by a young police officer
  • The spiritual energy of Ishio being reborn in front of the portal is able to close every portal in the world


  • Haneul dies of his disease
  • Shortly after, the bending uprising brings itself to the Republic City to demand change, which they receive
  • With no other clear purpose, Kiri kills herself

214 AG

  • After dating for three years, Donghai and Frost marry

216 AG

  • Frost gives birth to she and Donghai's son

223 AG

  • Frost confronts Ai Shi for the final time

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