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Timeline in the world of The Phoenix Chronicles


70 years BSS-50 years BSS

  • Final Agni Kai, Liberation of Ba Sing Se, Battle of Wulong forest- 70 years BSS

The world is saved by Team Avatar and the Order of the White Lotus. An era of Peace begins.

  • Phoenix Islands declared a nation-65 years BSS

An indigenous group of islanders in between the Fire Nation and the Southern Water Tribe, is declared a country. It is recognized by Fire Lord Zuko, who approved the act.

They are led by a Phoenix King.

  • Sokka is made a Southern Water Tribe Chief, the youngest yet.- 62 years BSS
  • 60 Years BSS

  1. Fire Lord Zuko marries Mai
  2. Avatar Aang marries Katara
  3. Chief Sokka marries Suki-
  4. Haru marries ????-

  • Soutern Water Tribe rebuilt-59 years BSS

The Southern Water Tribe is rebuilt with the help of Team Avatar.

  • South Eagle Island split-55 years BSS

On the statement that the Southern part of S. Eagle island are Waterbenders not Firebenders, The southern half has been transferred into the power of the Southern Water Tribe.

  • Water Tribe settlements established-54 years BSS

The Southern Water Tribe has established towns in their half of S. Eagle Island.

  • Air Nomads are beginning to recuperate= 69BSS-50BSS

Avatar Aang began looking for survivors immediately after the war end. He found several along with some descendants who could be taught. He began Mass training sessions, and established a new settlement near the Southern Air Temple. The Nomads are growing more and more each day.

  • 53 BSS

  1. Mian's dad is born to Chief Sokka and Suki
  2. Air Guard established-50 BSS- An army is established for the Air Nomads, and act as police official as well
  3. Earth Kingdom Heir Crisis-

50 years BSS-Current time

  • 50 Years BSS

  1. Grand Master Iroh of the Order of the White Lotus passes away-50 years BSS -Many Mourn the passing, especially Fire Lord Zuko
  2. The Air Nomads elect their first council of four-50 years BSS
  3. Second Phoenix King takes power-50 years BSS
  4. Avatar Aang and Katara have a baby boy-50 years BSS -Ami's father

  • 48 Years BSS

  1. Haru is declared Earth King and has a baby boy- 48 years BSS -Tia's Father
  2. Fire Lord Zuko and Mai have a baby boy- 48 years BSS -Zura's Father
  • 45 Years BSS

  1. Avatar Aang and Katara have a baby girl-45 years BSS
  2. Chief Hakoda passes away-45 years BSS
  3. Former Fire Lord Ozai passes away in prison-45 years BSS
  • 15-10 years BSS

  1. Avatar Aang passes away- 15 years BSS
  2. Remaining Team Avatar members pass away 15-10 years BSS
  3. Mian born-15 years BSS
  4. Ami born-15 years BSS
  5. Tia born-15 years BSS
  6. Zura born-15 years BSS
  7. Current Phoenix King takes power- 12 years BSS


  • Phoenix Island declare war on Southern Water Tribe.

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