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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for future episodes of A:TLAR.

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Obviously, this was one of the key events in had earthshattering repercussions.

The following is a timeline of events within the A:TLAR (Avatar: The Last Airbender Revised) universe. * [this denotes that it is still undetermined exactly how long the time frame of this episode is]

Before the events of ATLAR:

91 BSF - Both Avatar Host Roku and future Firelord Sozin are born.

82 BSF - Future Grand Monk Gyansi is born.

17 BSF - Future Firelord Ozul is born.

16 BSF - Avatar host Roku mysteriously disappears at the age of 75. The new host of the Avatar, Ain, is born.

0 BSF/ASF - Ain turns 16, is revealed to be the new Avatar host, accidentally kills Gyansi, and freezes himself in self-exile.

15 ASF- Firelord Sozin has completed his conquest to eliminate all of the Air Nomads and Monks, and begins an invasion, setting off the war with the Earth Kingdom.

19 ASF - Azulon, aged 36 years, assassinates his father and becomes Firelord.

37 ASF - Indo is born into the Kanto noble family.

39 ASF - Future Chieftess Hara of the Windswept tribe is born.

42 ASF - Piandao, a future officer of the Fire Nation military who would serve alongside Jeong Jeong and Jiao Tajik, is born in the easternmost FN region.

45 ASF - Jeong Jeong, a future commanding officer of Jiao Tajik, is born in an impoverished town in the southernmost of the three eastern Fire Nation regions.

50 ASF - Aizo, Azulon's youngest child, is born.

54 ASF - Indo is married into the Fire Nation royal family. Hakido Jai is born on a southwestern island, off the coast of the Earth Kingdom.

58 ASF - Jiao Tajik, the Lion of the Fire Nation, is born in the capital city of Ember. Piandao enlists in the Fire Nation military.

59 ASF - The Windswept tribe is attacked by a FN military platoon, resulting in the deaths of the majority of the tribe and the imprisonment of the rest, including Hara. Soon after, Hara escaped from imprisonment.

65 ASF - Jeong Jeong enlists in the Fire Nation military, after being released from his imprisonment of three years.

68 ASF - The FN Colonial city of Triil is established.

70 ASF - Hakido Jai becomes chieftain of the Southern Peak tribe.

72 ASF - General Indo loses his son Lu Ten during the Siege of Ba Sing Se. Indo attempts to forge a peaceful resolution with the Earth Kingdom's military, but his soldiers, on orders from Firelord Azulon, begin an assault on the city after being taken in for negotiations. To defend the city of Ba Sing Se, Indo fights and kills his own soldiers, and is charged with treason for this.

74 ASF - Firelord Azulon forcibly passes several interconnecting laws that effectively ban the practice of the Avatar's philosophies within the Fire Nation and the colonized EK eastern region. Jiao Tajik enlists into the FN mlitary.

75 ASF - Jun, a future bounty hunter, is born in the western Fire Nation.

78 ASF - The Fire Nation's Eastern Earth Kingdom Occupation Campaign is completed, with full success. The Western OC is launched immediately.

79 ASF - August: With his title as heir to the throne renounced, Indo flees from his prison on the Day of Black Sun. He proceeds to evade capture at the hands of zealous Fire Nation soldiers for the next 20 years. Sazia, Azulon's eldest son, takes the throne after his father dies at 96. December: Zotu of the Fire Nation royal family is born.

80 ASF - July, Kyasin Jai of the Southern Peak tribe is born. December, Azul of the Fire Nation royal family is born. Jeong Jeong defects from the Fire Nation military.

82 ASF- May, Sakodi of the Southern Peak tribe is born. August, Sai Bei Fong is born.

83 ASF- Jiao is officially recognized for, "an outstanding performance that went above and beyond the call of duty," in the Second (and final) Assault on the Earth Kingdom city of Bhaurey. For this, he is promoted to sergeant. He would reach the position of commander within the next ten years.

89 ASF - Firelord Sazia mysteriously dies, and the throne is taken by his brother Aizo.

92 ASF - Zotu is mutilated and disowned by Firelord Aizo. Piandao retires from the Fire Nation military almost immediately after his fiftieth birthday.

94 ASF - December, Zotu is banished from entering the borders of the Fire Nation.

96 ASF- Kyasin Jai becomes chieftess of the Southern Peak tribe.

A:TLAR Book One:

99 ASF October 16th (The Undesirable Destiny) Ain is freed from his self-exile by Sakodi and Kyasin. The trio agree to head north so that Ain and Kyasin can train under the waterbending masters at the Ice Citadel. Ain is captured and imprisoned by Zotu.

99 ASF October 17th (The Journey Begins) Ain escapes from Zotu's warship and finds his sky bison, Appa, alive and well in the Southern Avatar Temple. He, Sakodi and Kyasin set out for the north, but are pulled into a conflict between Fire Nation colonists and the Fire Nation military. Zotu is forced into killing a mutinous lieutenant.

99 ASF October 18th - November 8th (Hell Hath No Fury) Appa recovers from his burns on Kyoshi Island. Sakodi trains under Suki, undergoes Kyoshi's Rite, and becomes a Kyoshi Warrior. The trio depart from the island with a group of powerful allies to their names.

99 ASF November 15th - November 17th (Revolution 1) Kyasin intentionally has herself and a local earthbending fugitive arrested so that she can bring down a Fire Nation prison from the inside. After a confrontation and interrogation with the prison rig's warden, she overthrows the guards and inspires the earthbenders to join the revolution that she and Sakodi seek to instigate. Zotu meets the legendary exile the Dragon of the West, his estranged uncle Indi, and asks him to travel on Zotu's warship while serving as his advisor.

99 ASF November 27th - 29th (The Mad Genius) In the city of Omashu, political tensions begin to boil over and Ain, Kyasin and Sakodi are caught in the middle of the chaos.

99 ASF December 7th - December 10th (The Runaway) While traveling through the Earth Kingdom via the Fialbi river, Zotu obtains valuable information from an informant that he meets in a river/docking village. Ain, Sakodi and Kyasin successfully recruit the earthbender that Bol suggested they search for. Shortly after the group flees the ghost town in which Sai resided, it is razed by Fire Nation soldiers, who had been alerted to the presence of the Avatar.

99 ASF December 20th - December 22nd (The Winter Solstice) The group experiences their first encounter with the ruthless Commander Jiao. Sakodi experiences a journey through the Spirit Realm, as he hunts down the guardian of the forest in an attempt to appease it and prevent its rage from further harming the people of the Wulong Forest.

100 ASF December 27th (The Freedom Fighter) As they near the northern edge of the Wulong Forest, the group comes into contact with Hook and Longshot, two young men that claim to be scouts for the guerilla group known as the Freedom Fighters. After overhearing them discuss the group, Kyasin sends Sakodi to hunt with Hook and follows them, seeking to determine what their ulterior motivations are. Upon witnessing him savagely attack a Fire Nation citizen, Sakodi attempts to reason with Hook, but he is sedated and imprisoned, along with Kyasin and Sai. He seals Sakodi and Kyasin in a system of tunnels, which they eventually realize is the 'final resting place' of the Ghoul's victims. Longshot carefully slips away and contacts the actual Freedom Fighters, from which they were excised years ago. With their aid, Longshot talks his friend down from killing Ain and the two depart peacefully.

100 ASF January 3rd (The Brimstone Privateers) After reuniting with Zotu and Indo on the shores of Lake Ozin, the group comes into conflict with a crew of privateers that have been raiding the ruins of destroyed tribal villages, eventually leading to Sai murdering the crew's captain on Kyasin's order. While they are occupied by their final conflict with the brigands, Ain is kidnapped by Jiao and taken to the Hi Jang facility.

100 ASF January 6th - 7th (The Blue Spirit) Having obtained a mask that was based on the Blue Spirit of Justice, a staple of FN culture, Zotu infiltrates the Hi Jang prison in disguise, seeking to rescue Ain. In the process, he successfully destroys a cache of firearms and is forced to duel Jiao.

100 ASF January 16th - 20th (The Burning Curse) The group encounters Jiao's former war comrade, Jeong Jeong, whom Kyasin forces to tutor Ain on firebending techniques. After fleeing the ruins of the Hi Jang facility, Jiao sends a message to Aizo, informing him of his son's treacherous acts, and then pursues the group.

100 ASF January 23rd - 28th (The Gathering Storm) Jun, a bounty hunter, is sent to hunt down Zotu. The group arrives at the gates of Taku, an EK city that has been reduced to its last legs by repeated Fire Nation assaults; they resolve to aid the city's own militia in repelling the imminent next attack.

100 ASF February 3rd (The Swamp) After crashing within the Memory Swamp, a site in which the realm of spirits and the realm of man overlap, the group encounters the only mainland Water Tribe that is still thriving.

100 ASF February 7th - 12th (The events of: The Harvest)

100 ASF February 14th - 16th (The events of: Bato of the Wolf Tribe)

100 ASF February 17th - 19th (The Inventor)

100 ASF February 23rd - March 14th (The events of: Chapters 17/18, 19/20)

A:TLAR Book Two:

100 ASF March 15th - 18th (The events of: Recovery)

100 ASF March 20th - 22nd *(The events of: The Forgotten)

100 ASF March 23rd - 26th * (Reunions)

100 ASF - March 26th - ?* (The Cave of Love)

100 ASF - * (Bitter Work)

100 ASF (The Hunt)

100 ASF (Zuko's Departure)

100 ASF (Liberation)

100 ASF (Survival)

100 ASF (The Archives)

100 ASF (The Wasteland)

100 ASF (The Impenetrable Walls)

100 ASF (City of Conspiracy and Secrecy)

100 ASF (Justice)

100 ASF (The Lake)

100 ASF (Tales of Ba Sing Se)

100 ASF (The Emerald Cobra)

100 ASF (Transcendence)

100 ASF (The Coup)

100 ASF (Destiny)

A:TLAR Book Three:

100 ASF (Homecoming)

100 ASF (The Youth Movement)

100 ASF (The Veterans)

100 ASF

100 ASF (Secrets of the Fire Nation)

100 ASF (Assassin)

100 ASF (The Boiling Rock)

100 ASF (The Lady of the Shadows)

100 ASF (The Eclipse Part One: A Haunted Mind)

100 ASF (The Eclipse Part Two: The Invasion)

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