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Time to Leave is the fifth episode of The Life of Team Avatar.


The monks now know that Aang is the Avatar and that he is to be sent to the Southern Air Temple. The monks already leave but left the nuns to take Aang to the Southern Air Temple.


Aang was playing with the relics and then his mother came and put him to a nap and went to meet the other nuns to talk about the trip.

Talk about the trip

"The monks have left the Western Air Temple and are going back to the Jongmu," said Aang's mother.

"I know but it's our responsibility and now that the Fire Nation are looking for the Avatar, we have to be careful or you know what gonna happen," said the Sister Kio.

"I know, we must mediate for us to have a good time and to be safe from the Fire Nation," responded Aang's mother.

Then another nun came in with a map of the Earth Kingdom and some bases that they may took over.

"Let's see, there, we're gonna have to be careful there because a lot of Fire Nation have spread to take control of the Earth Kingdom," said Sister Una.

"So should we leave by dawn," said Aang's mother.

"Yes, apparently so because the Fire Nation, if they spotted us, we'll get problems," said Sister Una.

"But we use sky bison, they can't get us," said Sister K.

"Actually, they can, so Una is right, we will leave at dawn," said Aang's mother.

"So, it's official, we will leave by dawn, Imia, please put warm clothing on Aang, it would be better for him because it's gonna be cold tomorrow," said Sister Una.

"Sure," said Aang's mother.

It's time to go

Aang's mother goes to Aang and wake him up because it's the day of the travel. She puts warm clothing on him and go down with Aang to the bison shed because the nuns were there packing up and getting the bison ready to go.

"Did you get what is needed all for Aang," said Sister Una.

"Yes, clothes, milk, food, gear, and the all supplies along with his toys for the trip and to take to the Southern Air Temple," said Aang's mother.

"Good." replied Sister Una.

"Okay, I'm ready, when do we leave?" said Sister Kio.

"Now, let's go," said Sister Una.

As the bison fly and goes, the nuns keep talking and talking.

The Trouble

"Oh no, the Fire Nation ships have found us, we need to hide the bison," said Sister Una.

"Okay, we should go to a higher latitude," said Sister Kio.

"I think they are gonna fire," said Aang's mother looking down.

"Hope not," said Sister Kio looking at Aang's mother.

As they look down, it seems that they are gonna fire, but the nuns decide to go higher to the cloud, hoping they wouldn't caught them but they fired a lot and they almost shot them in the bison but were able to still fly and got away from the Fire Nation ships.

"Great, we escape from their area," said Aang's mother.

"Yea but we're almost there," said Sister Kio looking at the map.

"Great!" said Sister Una.

Aang was playing with the relics and was feeling sleepy so his mother put him to sleep till they arrive.

Arrival at Southern Air Temple

"So any danger?" said Monk Gyatso

"Kind of but we hopefully made it out," said Sister Kio.

"Good, now Sister Imia, please talk or do anything with your son before we take him away and you depart of the Southern Air Temple," said Monk Tashi.

"Okay," said Aang's mother.

So Aang's mother talk with Aang privately and then gave Aang to Monk Gyatso. The nuns left and the monks took Aang to the council.

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