Time to Keep on Truckin'
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The Airbenders' Ship

Chapter 4-Time to Keep on Truckin'


Did I forget to mention I hate mornings? Especially mornings that don't make sense. Leori had been laying on the ground with a fly in his mouth. Kajie was in a tree, actually we both were but that's not the point. Lee looked like he turned himself into a pile of rocks.(he Earthbends in his sleep). Lilian slept like a normal person. I jumped down and woke everyone up.

"WHAT! WHO! WHAT! WHERE!!!" Leori exclaimed.

"Time to keep on truckin," I told him.


After eating some food we decided to keep moving as for the Airbenders knew where our campsite is.

"I say we move as far away from trees as possible. If Leori's gonna Firebend that is," Kajie reprimanded. Leori looked at her as if he was gonna kill her.

"Well it is better to Firebend in a controlled area so you don't hurt anyone." I attempted to cheer him up. It didn't work.

Then Korata butted in. "Guys, there's a spring right up here. That'd be a perfect spot to practice."

I owe her one. We moved on through the trees to the spring. We finally got there, but just our luck.

Drato and his men were there. And none of us were happy to see him.


I expected Korata to charge me, but all I got was, "What do you want?" with a pang of disgust in her tone.

Shibumi, one of my men, stepped forward. "Give us the Avatar and we'll leave peacefully."

"And why should we trust you???" Kajie retorted. When a vine hit me I knew it was time to attack. Unlucky Korata knew that too. I actually admired that girl sometimes. But when her foot got in my face I knew time for admiration was over.


The fight lasted all day. I felt sick to my stomach. If I attacked one, fifteen would strike me back. I couldn't even tell what the others we're doing. But suddenly Drato and his men fell back. And I didn't even get to punch Drato for being a jerk. I was steamed. When all the confusion cleared, I noticed one thing wrong:

"Korata's gone!"

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