Time and Time Again
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Junior Ogun


Once in the world of Avatar, several people had the ability to manipulate the element. But a great disease blocked their chi paths, making them unable to bend the elements. The cause of this disease was the result of creating a dimensional portal to manipulate time. Now people can literally control time, at the cost of their most beloved one. (later on in the series)

This is the story of the first timebender.

Ryo, a scientist's son working at the TICP, was accidentally subjected to it and gained timebending powers (unknowingly starting a disease).

At first, Ryo was confused and shocked that he could now create golden portals and bending could come through. He learned that he wasn't the only timebender, or malkers as they were now called, in the Earth Kingdom, but there was a storm of gangs across the world, especially Republic City, who used their powers to storm shops and plunder riches and there was a new gang in the city: the Malkermen, led by the elusive Quarryunter. That's when Ryo sets off in his dad's untested airship to find Malkers and bring Quarryhunter to justice!

New episodes each Sunday.


  • Ryo
  • The Malkermen
  • Quarryhunter


  1. Time and Time again
  2. The Malkerman
  3. Time Freaks

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