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Unlike in the dimension of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ozai is popular.

He is a sinister and cruel man who aspires to conquer the entire world.

Zuko is surrounded by women and girls and he finds them crazy. Zuko only ever feels happy when he's with Ozai.

The military officers and palace servants all agree that Zuko "is definitely his father's son."

The dark side of the Force is strong with the Fire Nation Royal Family.

Zuko's father has it. Zuko has it. Zuko's sister has it.

Zuko has a pearl dagger.

Azula has an Earth Kingdom doll.

When Azula goes to sleep, she asks Ozai to kiss the doll goodnight.

Ozai is the Fire Lord, but the one thing he fears is his queen. There are some things even the Fire Lord is afraid of.

Ozai refuses to kiss the doll.

Azula threatens to tell Ursa.

Ozai kisses the doll goodnight. After he's gone, Azula turns to the curtain.

"Did you get it, Zuko?"

Azula said, dropping the doll to the ground.

Zuko grinned and held up the painting he had been drawing in the curtains.

"I got it," he told his sister.

He turned the painting around and showed Azula the perfect picture of Ozai kissing the doll.

He had only given the picture to a few people and displayed in the Royal Gallery.

Everyone loved the picture of the powerful Fire Lord kissing the was one of the top ten Fire Nation Royal paintings of the week. And of course, Ozai had found out and it only took him a few minutes to figure out what had happened...

Ozai and Ursa were talking. Zuko called his father.

"Hey, Dad. You wanna see how Azula feeds turtle ducks?"

Ozai said, "Okay."

Zuko threw a load of bread at a baby turtle duck.

Ozai said, "That's my boy."

The mother turtle duck attacked Zuko.

Ursa stopped the mother turtle duck and placed it back in the pond.

Zuko said, "Stupid turtle duck! Why'd she do that?"

Ursa said, "Zuko, that's what mums are like."

She put her arms around Zuko.

"If you mess with their babies.."

She made a biting sound effect.

"They bite you back."

Zuko laughed. Ursa hugged Zuko.

Ozai walked away. Zuko held his mother's arms with love.

Later that day, Ozai sat on the Fire Lord's throne. His wife and their kids sat before the flames.

Ozai said, "Zuko, you and I can spend time together. In fact, we can spend a whole year together in one day."

Ursa asked, "What do you mean?"

Ozai said, "In the Si Wong Desert there is a hidden library, underground in fact. According to legend, it was built by the great knowledge spirit, Wan Shi Tong, with the help of his foxy assistants."

Zuko asked, "And the legend is true?"

Ozai said, "Indeed, it is. Wan Shi Tong and his knowledge seekers collected books from all over the world, and put them on display for mankind to read. And they built a chamber in their underground library, a room of spirit and time for benders and warriors to train."

Azula said, "A room of spirit and time?"

Ozai explained "This chamber squeezes the time span of one year inside the room into a single day in the real world. It can only accommodate two people at the same time. Zuko and I can us it for training. We can increase our strength and fighting ability from this experience."

Zuko smiled happily.

He asked, "Please, Mum. Can I go with Dad?"

Ursa smiled at him lovingly.

She said, "Sure, sweetie. Go ahead."

Ozai said, "It's a really good way for a father and son to get to know each other."


Iroh and Lu Ten went into the Library first, then Ozai and Zuko.

Iroh makes tea everyday. He tells Lu Ten all the tips and jokes about tea and its making. Iroh passes down to Lu Ten the ways of tea and what Ozai considers failure. Iroh is a royal obsessed maker and lover of tea.

Ozai enjoys spending time with Zuko. The duo train separately. Ozai completely refuses to train Zuko, citing he had better things to do honing the firebending skill of a weakling. Zuko trains as hard and hard as he can.

If Zuko can land a fire blast on Ozai, Ozai will take Zuko to the park for an hour. Lu Ten is a teenager. Zuko is a kid. Lu Ten idolizes Iroh. Zuko idolizes Ozai.

Ozai is determined to be a stronger firebender than Iroh so that he can rise to Azulon's favour and become the prince who inherits the Fire Lord's crown. Ozai trains night and day with life and limb. Anytime he is not training, he spends time with Zuko.

Ozai wants to be the Fire Lord who will annihilate the last of the Water civilization and burn down the Earth Kingdom. Iroh is simply focused on the tastiness of tea. He works night and day with life and limb to make good and healthy tea. Lu Ten helps him as best as he can.

Ozai insults Iroh and the two brothers break into a fight. Their sons watch them. Lu Ten does not dislike Ozai and Zuko really loves Iroh as an uncle.

Ozai yearns to wear his father's crown and sit on the Fire Lord's throne. Iroh treats his time in training as an extended vacation for him and Lu Ten to get to know each other.

Whenever Ozai is not training, he hugs Zuko. The two of them play catch or play-wrestle against each other. Ozai always takes an opportunity of spending time with Zuko to cause him pain, as much as they loved each other.

Zuko cries from the pain of his father's strength. Ozai cares not at all that his son is weeping in pain. Zuko cries and weeps in physical agony, His father does not even apologize or offer him something to dry his tears.

Ozai was coaching Zuko in the generation of lightning.

The lightning backfired on Zuko and he fell backwards.

"No, no, no, son. Once you separate the energy, the firebender doesn't command it. He is simply its humble guide.

Zuko tried again. He fell backwards.

Zuko was sleeping. He woke up because of the noise he heard in the training arena. He ran out to find out the cause of the noise.

His father was training relentlessly, frighteningly, and noisily. Zuko watched in awe.

Ozai stopped once he noticed Zuko's presence.

"Sorry I scared you. You're doing well, champ."

Ozai and Zuko were training. Ozai knocked Zuko backwards and charged toward him, a serious look on his face.

Zuko said, "I give up."

Ozai's serious face broke into a loving smile.

He held out his hand to his son.

"Okay. Let's take a break."

Zuko jumped to his feet and began to spar with Ozai.

Ozai dodged Zuko's attacks.

Zuko said, "Dad, I don't want you to go easy on me just because I'm your son."

Zuko ceased his spar. His father faced him with a serious expression.

Zuko said, "Now, I know you love me so much and you don't want to hurt me. But if you don't give it your all, I won't become a powerful firebending prodigy. If I die, then we'll know I was never going to be as strong as Azula."

Ozai bent a powerful fire blast and directed at his son. Zuko bent a powerful fireball that deflected the energy and threw it asunder. Ozai's deflected attack hit the ground and exploded. Zuko fell to his knees, panting. Ozai approached him, calm but smiling with paternal pride.

He said, "Zuko, I'm very proud of you."

Ozai gives Zuko a noogie randomly and Zuko is brought to tears of painful agony. Still, Ozai's reaction to Zuko's physical pain is the same as it is when their spending time together inflicts similar agony upon Zuko. Ozai released Zuko.

Ozai told him, "Now, seriously, let's take a break. And what say I give you a haircut?"

Zuko said, "No thanks, Dad. I like my hair the way it is."

Ozai and Zuko were training.

Ozai said, "Perhaps, you should rest, son. The men of the Fire Nation train for hours. You should take a break. You're just a child."

Zuko said, "Azula's a firebending prodigy. And I'm not."

Ozai smiled wickedly.

"So, what are you going to do about it?"

Zuko's skill and power surprised Ozai.

Ozai said, "Come here, son!"

Zuko did so.

"I want you to punch me as hard as you can."

"Why would I do that, Dad?"

Ozai's cruel expression returned.

"If you can land one fire blast on me, I'll take you to the park for an hour."

Zuko's face was visibly joyous.

"You mean it! Awesome!"

He sparred with Ozai. Eventually, Zuko landed a fire blast on Ozai's face. Ozai's fist retaliated, smashing Zuko's face. Zuko fell back, with a heavy nosebleed and crying relentlessly.

He moaned in pain as he said, "You never said you'd punch back, Dad."

"But, I didn't say I wouldn't now, did I, Zuko?"

Ozai smiled cruelly at his son's suffering.

"You're weak. Dry your tears."

He turned his back on Zuko and walked away.

Ozai and Zuko were training.

Halfway through the spar, Zuko jumped on Ozai's shoulders.

Zuko shouted "Peekaboo!"

Ozai held Zuko on his shoulders for a few minutes as they watched the arena that was smoldering in ruins from their firebending spar.

Zuko was sitting down on the floor eating a large pretzel. As soon as Fire Lord Ozai passed by, Zuko propelled himself in mid-air to avoid his father from seeing him.

Suddenly, Ozai grabs Zuko by the leg and pulls him toward him. Zuko tries to break loose of his father's grip, but Ozai grabbed Zuko by the hair.

"Alright, you little brat! I'm going to enjoy this!" Ozai laughed as he held Zuko by the neck and took the boy to the bathroom.

Ozai and Zuko had a bath together.

Ozai plays sea monster with Zuko. Even in mere games, Ozai is evil and malevolent. He puts all of his strength into his act and does not care that he is hurting Zuko. Ozai pours bathing oils and soaps over Zuko's head, soaking him and smiling wickedly. Zuko is crying in pain, but he knows it is his father's nature.

Ozai dries Zuko's hair with a towel. When he dries Zuko, Ozai's eyes are full of love. He told Zuko not to dry his hair himself. Ozai does it for Zuko.

If Zuko shows weakness, Ozai's punishment is instead of serving meals for Zuko, he feeds Zuko with milk in a bottle. Zuko is angry. Ozai delights in the disgrace he is putting Zuko through.

Ozai looked at Zuko. There was nothing in Ozai's eyes but love.

Ozai tucked Zuko in bed.

Ozai kissed Zuko goodnight and walked out the door.

Zuko said, "Goodnight, Fire Lord Ozai. See you in the morning."

Ozai turned back to face Zuko.

"Goodnight, my loyal son."

Ozai walked away.

Zuko muttered "I'll always be there to support you, Dad. Always."

He closed his eyes.

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