By Bersarker Part of the Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes continuity.

Tiktaalik is the race of fish that are ancestors of humans.


In Era of Kaiju, the Tiktaalik are lived in the every swamps in the Southwestern Forest of the super-continent, Pangaea. During the mass extinction, they're one of survivors along with the Lion turtles, Badgermoles and Dragons. One day these fishes had start to evolved into the humanoid fishes. Many years later, some of these humanoid fishes will evolved into the humans in era of Raava that nearly come. Some of them are still lived in Subterranea.


The Tiktaalik are the fishes that evolved to have legs and can crawl out of the water to live on land but they're still need to get back into the water because their skin can't be dry. 


Tiktaalik are fishes that can crawl out of the water and live on land for a moment. They need to get back into the water before their skin will be dry and get died. Something that make them are ancestors of humans because they're the vertebrate animals that have skeletons that are most resembles to the humans.


  • They're the closest ancestors of humans.
  • They evolved into humanoid fishes sometimes before era of Raava.

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