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staff, if possible

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Earthbending, staff


Mian Zura, Ami, Fire Nation, Air Nomads, Sky, more...


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Earth Princess

  • Earth Princess

Earth Kingdom

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The Southern Prince

Tia is a protagonist and friend of Mian, in the fanon The Phoenix Chronicles.


Tia, is the princess of the Earth Kingdom. She is thus royalty and can be considered a little spoiled. Due to her royalty, she does not have many other children to play or hang out with. Ironically, she has several friends who are Mian, Zura, and Ami. She met all of them at a summit, when she was young. She was surprised to hear that Mian was the new Avatar, originally she was afraid that he had to do some special mumbo jumbo spirit training or something. But she was glad to hear that, he would come practice Earthbending with her as much as possible. Their Earthbending lessons with Master Lui are often interrupted because of the hostile situation in the Southern Water Tribe with the Phoenix islands, requiring him to be there. During their current adventures in the Phoenix Islands, she considers herself as his earthbending teacher, temporarily, so that he might still continue his much required training.

War Front

Tia soon joins Zura and their new friends to protect the Fire Nation and eventually retreats to Omashu. Once there, she begins to date her new friend Hai. She joins him in battle against the invading Islanders.


Tia, like Mian, has a fun-to-be-with personality. She is quick to make a joke, and typically uses sarcasm. She is earthbender-in-training, and thus thinks like one, stubborn. Though she is sometimes rude, she is still very polite, since she is the princess of the Earth Kingdom.


As the earth princess, she is an avid earthbender, though still a novice, she is better than Mian. She is also capable of using a staff as a weapon but does not always carry one.

Ancestors from the original series

Haru grandfather
???? grandmother

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