By MibuWolf Part of the Whispers of Tempests continuity.
Tiáotíng Zhě
Tiáotíng Zhě
General information


Notable members

Sohyon, Eizo, Kanae


The Elder Monks and Elder Sisters


To prevent a war between feuding Earth Empires


Tiáotíng Zhě was initially a title coined for Sohyon, the airbender tasked with mediating the conflict between Empress Ichihara of the Mountain Empire and Emperor Mashita of the Stone Empire. It soon became a term to refer to all three individuals involved in the resolution of said conflict. Though not explicitly stated or named, the nobility involved as well as the commoners have taken to calling Sohyon, Eizo, and Kanae by this name.


  • Sohyon - an Air Nomad in his early twenties known in the Northern Air Temple for his extraordinary flute skills and relaxed--yet somehow serious and concentrated--demeanor.
  • Eizo - Sohyon's childhood friend; a much brasher foil to Sohyon's thoughtful nature, though still extremely go-with-the-flow.
  • Kanae - a remarkably angst-driven and mildly sassy Air Nomad of a similar age to Sohyon and Eizo from the Western Air Temple who makes quite possibly the best fruit pies in all the air temples.


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