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Three Masked Men (AoS)
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July 10, 2012

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The Earthbender

"No. Way. You guys are joking," Rony said.

"We're not joking," said Akira. "We really just saw you earthbend!"

"B-but that's impossible! My dad is a firebender and my mom is a no-...she...she had to be an earthbender! She lied to my dad! She wasn't a non-bender! She was an earthbender! I...I have to go tell Lee! I'll catch up with you guys later!" Rony yelled. He got up off the ground and quickly turned around down Omashu Street and through an alley.

He swung the door open and yelled, "Lee! Lee! You're not gonna believe this!"

Lee rushed into the room in a panic. "Wh-what happened?! What's wrong?"

"You're not gonna believe this! Mom was an earthbender! She lied to Dad!" Rony screamed.

"Wait, what? How do you know?"

"Because!" Rony exclaimed. "I'm an earthbender!"

"What?!?" Lee said in disbelief. "No way! Show me! How'd you find out?"


"Rony?" Lee asked.

"Yup?" he answered.

"How'd you find out?"

"Well, I was..."

"Wait a second...where are the groceries?" Lee asked Rony.

"They..I dropped them when I-"

"You were at Central City Station, weren't you?" Lee said with a frown.

"I'm sorry! If I didn't go, I wouldn't even have found out one of my best friends has been kidnapped!"

"Your...your friend?"



"I'm sorry, Lee. I didn't mean to disrespect you. But I made a commitment to my friends, and when we just lost one, I can turn on them. We have to go through this together, or else we might not even be friends anymore!"

"I told you to stay away from there! Now, how'd you discover your earthbending?"

"...I saw Flameo Fighting down there. He asked where you were, and I-"

"You were talking to Ryuu?!?!"

"He showed up and asked where you were! If I didn't tell him, he would've killed me!" Rony yelled.

"Wait, did you tell him?"

"He had me on the ground because I wouldn't tell him. He was about to finish me off...and then out of nowhere, I just closed my eyes, moved my arm, and I earthbended!

"Oh...well...listen. I'm sorry I didn't understand why you needed to stay with your friends, but this is why I told you to stay away from there. Bad people. Like Ryuu," Lee said.

"I know...I'm sorry," Rony said.

"It's okay," Lee said as he pulled his brother into a hug. That's when they heard a knock at the door. Lee ran over and opened it. In the doorway stood three masked men.

"Wh-who are you?" Lee asked. The man standing in front shoved him to side. The three men entered the house and began walking towards Rony.

"What did you do to my brother? Who are you? What do you want...? Get away from me!!" Rony yelled. He ran in the opposite direction, towards his bedroom. He rushed in and locked the door. He could hear the masked men banging on the door. Rony hid under his bed. He was sweating.

His eyes widened when he heard the door being broken open. He saw the feet of the men as they looked through the room. They tore through the bedroom violently. When they exited, Rony let out a deep breath. Then, he felt a hand grab his ankle and drag him out from under the bed.


He screamed as two of the men crammed him into a sack, held by the other man. He tied the sack and dragged it along the floor. They were running now. They left the house and loaded the body in the truck outside.

Lee got up with a grunt. He spotted the three masked men loading the squirming back into the back of a truck, then all of them get into the truck.

"Rony?!?" Lee yelled in fear. "Rony!!" Lee put two and two together and realized Rony was inside that truck. "No!"

Lee sprung up and sprinted outside. The truck's engine started. Before it took off, Lee grabbed the hatch on the back of the truck. He used his one free hand to burn the lock, opening the back of the truck. The bag holding Rony rolled out onto the stone road. However, another person tied up in there, did not roll out before the back door of the truck closed. Lee ran over to the sack and untied it. Rony crawled out in fear. "Lee!" he yelled. He held onto his brother tight.

"It's alright, you're safe, Rony." But he knew it would not be. Lee saw the truck turn around and it was headed for them.

"Get up! We have to move! Now!"

The two of them ran down the street, the truck not far behind them. After minutes of running, Rony screamed, then tumbled onto the ground. "Rony!" Lee said as he saw the electrical ropes wrapped around his brother's arms and ankles. He attempted to untie him, however, the ropes zapped him. He fell onto the sidewalk. His body went limp. He couldn't move.

He saw the three men grab his brother and load him into the truck. And drove away.


But he could not move.

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