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The Conspiracy

"Alright, there is the wall!" Kato said, excitedly at first but then the expression on his face changed to one of horror when he saw the giant hole in the wall. "What happened?" He asked, speechless.

"Joo Dee happened," Aang said, sorrowfully. There was a moment of silence before anyone said anything else.

"Alright, now we just need to find the Earth King and ask him for his support, plain and simple." Sokka spoke up.

"Leaf me alone, I'm bushed!" Iroh finished telling his favorite tea joke. His companions around their campfire had a good laugh at this.

"So, do you think Aang and his friends have made it to Ba Sing Se yet?" Omar asked.

"I'm sure they have made it safely," Master Pakku replied.

"I hope so; it's been about a month since we last saw him," said Piandao.

"Come on, he is the Avatar! I bet the Earth King is already preparing his armies." Ping said, confidently. The comrades around the fire did not realize they were being watched at that very moment.

Chao threw several streams of fire as he sparred with Jin. The latter nullified his attacks and countered with a large fire lash, bringing it down over Chao's head. The Admiral yelled out as he was about to be engulfed in it but was unharmed as the fire landed right in front of him. Jin let out a laugh as Chao looked up to her. "You scream like a little kid!" She taunted.

Embarrassed, Chao stood up and got in Jin's face. "I do not!" He insisted.

"Whatever you say," Jin said, sarcastically. Chao stormed out of the sparring area and Jin followed him. As she walked through the palace, she encountered Mongke.

"Congratulations on your sparring victory, Jin. Chao seems quite upset," He commended. "I'm sure you did well."

"Thanks, Mongke." Jin accepted the complement. The two then parted ways and Jin entered her quarters. She sat down and began to contemplate on several things.

Fifteen years ago...

Jin was struggling to make a flame. She tried and tried but she just could not get it. She yelled in frustration and stomped her foot. "Hey, little sis; what is wrong?" Her brother asked.

"No matter how hard I try I can't make any fire!" Jin whined.

"It's easy; you just have to use your breath," Her brother explained.

"What? How does breathing have anything to do with Firebending, Lee?" Jin inquired.

"Breath becomes energy in your body; then you channel the energy from your breath and it becomes fire," Lee said as he shot a blast of fire in the opposite direction of his sister.

"Wow! That was amazing, Lee!" Jin exclaimed. She took a deep breath and extended her fist but to no avail. "Ugh!" She shouted.

Lee had a chuckle at this. "Don't worry, kiddo! You will get it. I know one day you will be a great Firebender like your big brother," Lee had motivated Jin to become an advanced Firebender and eventually a master. She had mastered Firebending by the age of only seventeen. But then there was that fateful day. Jin was playing in the yard, making motions as if she was Firebending and yelling out as well. Her mother and father came to her, tear in their eyes. Jin ran over to them. "Mom, dad, what is wrong?" asked a nine-year-old Jin.

"Your brother, Lee has died in battle. The Earth Kingdom soldiers killed him," Her mother informed her.

"Those brutish savages; they make me sick!" Jin's father shouted. His wife fell into his arms and began to sob. "Let this be a reminder to you, Jin. The Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribes must be punished for their barbaric actions," Jin's father said. Jin had already started crying herself.

"But Lee was my brother! How could he die?! He was the greatest Firebender ever! Why?!" She screamed. That day was what had inspired her to one day join the Fire Nation Army, and end the other nations for good. She would make them all pay for her brother's loss.

One year ago...

"I promised my Uncle that I would restore the honor of the Fire Nation, and I will," Fire Lord Zuko said as he gave his speech at the Fire Nation Royal Palace.

Restore our honor?! He is just going to make it worse by allying our nation with these other pathetic nations! Jin thought.

"The road ahead of us is challenging; one-hundred years of war has left the world scarred and divided. But, with the Avatar's help, we can get it back on the right path and begin a new era of love and peace," Zuko finished.

"All hail Fire Lord Zuko!" The Great Sage declared as he placed the royal headpiece on Zuko's head. Everyone cheered but not Jin. As soon as Zuko was done, she fled the ceremony, retreating into the palace. Jin slammed her fist on a wall in anger at what had just happened.

"We lost the war!" She screamed, enraged. "And now he wants us to ally with the other nations? Forget it!"

"Ah, so you feel the same way," A voice spoke. Jin saw an old man approach her. "My name is Bujing. I could not help but overhear you and I just wanted to let you know I completely agree."

"Yeah, well there is not much we can do about it now!" Jin responded.

"That is where you are wrong," Bujing said. This caught Jin's attention. "I plan on starting a rebellion that will one day control this nation and the others as well. I think you are perfectly qualified to join, so what do you say?" Bujing asked as he outstretched his hand. Jin accepted and shook his hand. "Excellent," Bujing said.

Several months ago...

The Agni Kais had been brutal. Many of the Rebels had been defeated. There were only two remaining, a black-haired man with short black hair and a woman with long black hair. They were both knelt down on one knee. They both arose and turned to face each other. The man known as Banhen lashed out with a large fire stream. The woman known as Jin dodged it and countered with several fire blasts. With a few quick movements, Banhen extinguished them. Jin launched a fire lash over Banhen's head, hoping he would be covered in fire. Banhen reacted quickly, however and unleashed a blazing fire ring, not only nullifying Jin's attack but knocking her down with it. Banhen prepared to claim victory but as he walked over to his fallen opponent, Jin caught him by surprise. She quickly created a fire dagger and stabbed Banhen's eye. Banhen screamed in pain while clutching where he had just been stabbed. He fell to the ground and was silent after his screaming.

The Rebels approached Jin and bowed before her. "By winning the series of Agni Kais, we now declare you-" Colonel Shinu started. Jin was blasted from behind before he could finish.

Everyone stared in amazement as Banhen stood with a menacing smile that terrified some of the Rebels. "You thought that just because I now have one eye that I would just give up?" He rhetorically questioned.

Everyone bowed before him. "By winning the series of Agni Kais, we now declare you leader of The Rebels," Shinu said.

"Shall we treat your eye, sir?" Mung asked.

"Just get me an eye patch," Banhen replied. Banhen had humiliated Jin. She, a master Firebender who had trained since she was seven years old, had just been defeated like she was nothing. It was an outrage and there was nothing Jin could do about it. What was she supposed to do, overthrow Banhen? Jin felt so helpless; she clenched her fist and mumbled to herself: "Someday soon, he will get what is coming to him."

A servant then entered the room. "Commander Jin, your presence has been requested in the War Room," She spoke. Jin nodded and set off to the War Room. Once she entered, she saw all of the other high-ranking officers of the Sons of Ozai present.

"Welcome, Jin," Phoenix King Banhen greeted her.

"What is going on?" She asked.

"It looks like we will have to start plotting out a strategy; our spies have reported that The Avatar and his friends are forming a resistance," Banhen answered.

Team Avatar was approaching the Royal Palace; finally their journey to Ba Sing Se had come to an end. The young heroes entered the palace and proceeded to the throne room. Once inside, they saw Earth King Kuei sitting on his throne. "Hello, your majesty," Aang greeted him.

"Hello, Aang," Kuei replied, monotonously.

"I'm really sorry about what happened before, it was all my fault," Aang apologized.

"I should be sorry too; if I had warned you, your city would not be the way it is now." Zuko said.

"Oh, Aang, Zuko, you should not be so hard on yourselves," The Earth King replied, again sounding monotonous.

"Why are you talking like that?" Katara questioned.

"What do you mean, Katara?" Kuei asked.

"You sound really weird," said Toph.

"You children look tired, maybe you should go home and rest, I think your house has been repaired," The Earth King suggested.

"No, we came here to ask for your help," Suki said.

"I'm afraid you are not getting any help today, my friends," The Earth King said.

"What do you mean?" Ai inquired, suspicious of something wrong. The next thing Team Avatar knew, there were rock gloves shooting from all directions and they were pinned to the walls.

"What is going on?!" Mai shouted.

"This seems quite nostalgic, doesn't it, my friends?" Long Feng said as he stepped out of the shadows.

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