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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Bored Mai
Those Bored Eyes
Mai's Story
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Nathan Miranda


Nathan Miranda



Mai's Story

Those Bored Eyes is the story of Avatar: The Last Airbender being told as Mai sees it. Although many people may see her as "that bored girl" I think that her story is worth listening to. I hope to write an interesting story about going from being a villain to being a hero queen.

Feel free to give me your comments and ideas. If you see anything that needs edited or cleaning up in the story, click the edit button. I really appreciate reader feedback. Thanks!

About Mai

Even though most of you know who Mai is, let me give a little background info. Mai is a teenage girl from the Fire Nation. She is not a bender, but rather uses knives as her fighting style. She often sits alone and considers her life as "boring." Very little seems to entertain her. In my story, Mai has recently moved from the Fire Nation to and Earth Kingdom city, Omashu. Here she finds herself just as bored as before. There are several additional characters who play major roles in the series: 1. Azula. She is the Princess of the Fire Nation, and was a childhood friend of Mai's. Azula tends to be rather mean and malicious.

2. Ty Lee. She was another childhood friend, who is, unlike Mai, very energetic and happy.

3. Zuko. He is the crown prince of the Fire Nation who was recently banished for lack of respect. Mai had a crush on him as a child, and still likes him.

I hope you enjoy the story!


There will be about 14 chapters, but so far seven have been written, and chapter eight has been started.

Chapter Chapter Title Summary
Chapter One Return to Omashu Mai is a very depressed and bored girl who lives in Omashu. One day, her childhood friends, Azula and Ty Lee, come to her home town, and ask her to join them on a mission to capture three criminals.
Chapter Two Past and Present Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee are searching the area around Omashu for the Avatar. While waiting for something to happen, Mai remembers he past.
Chapter Three The Chase: Part One Hot on the trail of the Avatar, Mai's group stops at a town to get some good transportation. There they meet Meng En, a rather strange mechanic. Later, Ty Lee breaks some awful news to Mai.
Chapter Four The Chase: Part Two Heartbroken after hearing Ty Lee's story, Mai relates how the end of the chase happened. She and Ty Lee nearly defeat the Avatar's friends, but are stopped by their flying-bison. Later, Meng En returns and tells Azula what he really thinks of her.
Chapter Five Quiet This is a small one-shot extra about Mai's past. Mai is too quiet and shy to talk to anyone, until she meet Zoji.
Chapter Six Blush This is a small one-shot extra about Mai's past. Mai accidentally walks onto the wrong balcony, and finds Zuko there.
Chapter Seven Tragedy This is a small one-shot extra about when Mai moves away from the Fire Nation, and about the Agni Kai between Zuko and Ozai.
Chapter Eight The Avatar's Fan Girls


Chapter 9: The Drill

Chapter 10: The Earth King

Chapter 11: Crossroads of Destiny

Chaper 12: The Awakening

Chapter 13: The Beach

Chapter 14: The Day of Black Sun

Chapter 15: Broken Hearts

Chapter 16: The Boiling Rock

Chapter 17: Prison

Chapter 18: Journey's End


So far Those Bored Eyes has received few reviews, but they have all been positive. Please comment if you like the fanon!

This fanon received a 6/10 rating in The Ba Sing Se Times, Issue 26: 25 June.

This fanon received a 8.3/10 rating in Millenia2's Review.


I am no longer using this section for updates. The official updates page is here: Those Bored Eyes Updates

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