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City Lights



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May 8, 2014

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(Silence is my destruction.)


Her shoes are too small, scuffed and worn with use. They tightly pinch the tips of her toes when she meanders through the streets, blue eyes unfocused and distant as they stare into the air at nothing in particular.

Maybe it was a mistake picking up this job, cleaning. She's rubbing her hands raw scraping cloth against warm soap—she can rub off all the physical skin she wants doing this, but she can't wash off any memories that cling to her flesh like a grimy film of grunge.

But she needs the money, and so, she won't complain.

She dreads going back to the apartment, if only because of the drunken monster that undoubtedly waits for her.

It's true, she tells herself.

She never reports him to the authorities, anyway, because technically, he isn't doing anything wrong and she isn't saying that she didn't want it.

It's a legitimate reason, she tells herself.

Is it?

Or is it illegitimate?

Is anything she does legitimate?

Katara frowns for a moment, then shakes her head, allowing a small beam to form across her lips.

...The Windex has gotten to me.

She dashes through the streets, black hair flying behind her in glossy streamers, the sunlight sinking deeply into her skin and warming her to her very bones, a laugh bubbling from her lips. The odd looks she receives from passing pedestrians quickly melt into soft smiles.

And if this is what it feels like to be loved—

It's worth it.

It was going to be okay.


(Silence is my destruction.)

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