Thunderstorm By The Snowbold Part of the Storms of the Future Cycle, and Dreams of Melasa continuity.

The Thorn Cutter is a Lesser Ish Kash with the ability to heal its user through Blood Magic.


Created during the war between the humans and Spirits, the Nifrin armed humans with "Ghost Swords" in order to give them a fighting chance. The Thorn Cutter was uniquely capable of healing and saving its user while still being a weapon, however it was painful to use.

Its user was reluctant to use it and became a master of magic to circumvent using it, and would only draw it in desperation. Like the other Ish Kash, it was still used in many battles as the warrior was thought to be invincible by the Spirits.

After the war, it was used along with the other Ish Kash against the Dosh Rak. After several years, the warrior himself turned into a Dosh Rak and wreaked havoc.

After many millennia, the Thorn Cutter was known to create at least one other Dosh Rak before disappearing. It was eventually found in Avatar Tiros' time by an Earth Kingdom general named Lesun.

Lesun began a rebellion from his fortress in the Southern Earth Kingdom and readied to invade Omashu as his army grew and raided the surrounding lands. The Avatar and his half-witch companion came to intervene but discovered that Lesun wouldn't die. Melasa deduced what his weapon was and the Earth Kingdom forces were pushed back. After a great sandstorm, Tiros led the small army on the offensive and caught Lesun's host off-guard.

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Melasa being healed by the Thorn Cutter.

Melasa faced Lesun alone but he turned into a Dosh Rak. Melasa hurt the beast repeated but was eventually beaten when distracted with her master's safety. Tiros beheaded the Dosh Rak with his servant's sword, the Storm Flower, killing the magical demon. Tiros then had Melasa use the weapon in order to heal her grievous wounds. Melasa kept the weapon since then to ensure no human would abuse it again.


Like any Ish Kash, the Thorn Cutter could be used in conjunction with elements and magic, it was incredibly durable and sharp and stayed in perfect condition over the course of millennia.

The Thorn Cutter's unique power was to heal any wound the wielder received. It did so through a complex Blood Magic spell that required an offering of blood. When the hilt was gripped properly, thorns and appendages would grow from the weapon and wrap around the hand and pierce it. This incredibly painful process would leech blood from the body in order to feed the spell in the sword.

As part of Dosh Rak mutation the appendages and thorns from the Ish Kash would further encroach the body as well as replaced damaged tissue with material similar to the organic hilt of the Ish Kash. This would continue until the user completely became a Dosh Rak.

Deed Names

The Thorn Cutter had several deed names that often referenced its powers to heal in a painful way.

  • Thrush Blade- In conjunction with a spell, it wielder reversed it power and made a vicious infection that plagued Spirits wounded by the weapon.
  • Blood Drinker- Since the thorns of this Ish Kash absorb the blood to feed its spell, most implied that it 'drank' the blood.
  • Untouched- The warrior who fought with Spirits was so reluctant to use it, that he would fight without it, only drawing it if he couldn't win.
  • Foul Healer- A name given by Spirits who cursed the human's apparent invincibility.
  • Pain Bringer- Because of how painful the weapon was, when its warrior was forced to draw it, he swore to be merciless and cruel so that no Spirit would cross him.
  • Dosh Rak- When the sword was discovered to be the cause of creating a Dosh Rak, it inherited the name of the monster it bore.


  • The Thorn Cutter was considered evil after it turned a warrior into a Dosh Rak.
  • The Thorn Cutter was the least used of the Ish Kash, even compared to the stolen Ice Bloom.
  • Lesun had no idea what the weapon was, only that it could heal his wounds, showing a deep ignorance and carelessness for what he found.
  • Melasa fears the weapon.
  • The Thorn Cutter is based on Doujigiri from 11eyes.

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