This is the Beginning of the End
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Stairs here! Just wanted to put a quick note before you begin reading. First and foremost, I want to thank you and my editor/beta-reader, Master Ratava, for taking time to read my chicken-scratch. Second, I hope that I can add a fun adventure that'll amuse you and your friends! Third, I also want to apologize for my QUALITY art. I'm still learning. Well, on with the show, kids. Enjoy!


Jang-Hui, Fire Nation

Friday afternoon

Two-Hundred Years ago...

"Here is a bulletin from United Republic Broadcasting News. The airstrike that killed dozens in downtown Republic City this morning has now doubled in causalities, one of whom was identified as Avatar Korra. First reports say that radiation leakage from the aftermath have already spread throughout the city. All surviving Republic City residents must take cover and wear a special mask to avoid chemical rain and further injury. In a few hours, Fire Lord Iroh will recite a speech, along with the few, living members of Republic City council. The culprit of today's attack was found out to be none other than the empire of Dumanos, a country that has grown these past years and have already occupied the past Earth Kingdom for a year. Today is a sad day, folks. But we here at the URB news-station have hope that..."

Click. The radio station's signal cut off at the last second. "That can't be right..." the teacher muttered as her classroom became abuzz with energy. Whispers and comments of someone being told by their brother that the next target could be the South Pole. A few students even felt like crying. "I don't want to work in a camp...I don't want to leave my family!"

It was intense. In only a few short years, the world had changed, and now that the Avatar was dead, many had already assumed the worst. "Class...CLASS!" The classroom suddenly hushed as the radio sprang back to life, "This just in...Imperialist crack...airplanes seen over fzzz" The radio had shut off, "The battery is dead, children. No need to pan-"

The teacher was caught in her words as the familiar hum of a defense siren hung high in the air. Dumbstruck, she didn't have enough time to quiet the class down as they scrambled to the windows and the door. Her eyes widened and darted across the room to the scene outside.

Throughout the small fishing village, even as the alarm rang, people lived their lives. Wives and mothers prepared dinner for their families. Husbands and fathers had just started their trek back from the docks where they worked. The younger children had already finished school for the day and were either studying or playing with their friends. An old man and his dog sat in contentment as they watched the clouds separate and float across the horizon. For some reason, it felt so unusually hot that day, save for a small breeze from the ocean, of course.

It was just another Friday afternoon in Jang-Hui.

A few looked up into the sky as the humming became louder and louder. Some even a noticed a plane. For just a second, an intense glow of orange and red bled over the small village's blue sky. One could say it looked like some sort of fireworks demonstration.

"Teacher, is this another drill?"

The flash grew into a white-hot blast as wind and debris picked up speed and smashed into homes and buildings. Satomobiles flung into the sky and splashed into the sea, while the people and animals exposed to the cataclysm turned into piles of ash. Windows broke in as shards of glass began to cut and tear into the faces of small children and families. The mothers and wives would find themselves buried deep under their homes. The husbands, fathers, and working mothers vanished within a millisecond. All replaced with dust and charred bone.

The old man and his dog could only watch in horror as their house began to cave in.

Underneath the broken remains of the school room, the radio sputtered back to life. "Jang-Hui... air strike at Jang-Hui."

The united republic now

Republic City

Ogun in action

EK Avatar from the Fanon:Legacy continuation


The FN Avatar from the Fanon:Legacy continuation

Baby Omolara

The new Avatar as an infant.

Two hundred years ago, this world lived in peace. With the Equalists vanquished and Amon unmasked, all of the Nations of the known world lived in harmony. That was until the Imperialists arrived. Avatar Korra, along with her friends, fought hard and long. And while they won many battles, they could not win the war. Once she died, the Imperialists struck and established their growing empire. The United Republic and the nations that surrounded it, died with her. Along with the threat of slavery, martial law, and death, without the Avatar, They had no choice but to bow. Many of the hidden nations and tribes were discovered and were forced under the heavy rule of the Imperialists.

After these nations and tribes were discovered in the name of Dumanos, they were enslaved, killed, or had their identities taken away. Those who did not want to risk death, sided with the Imperials, while the rest went into hiding. The previous Avatars, hard as they fought, also found themselves crushed.

But the current Avatar is safe. A fourteen year old airbender of the Wende tribe. She answers by the name of Omolara. And while her airbending skills are great, she has a lot to learn before she's ready to save anyone else. But I believe that Omolara can save the world.

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