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Chase young by sdaki-d3c1o0c
This One
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Golden Brown

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espada ropera/wrist blades

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This One is Tora's guardian, given the occupation after helping in one assassin mission; Tora also wanted to help him find "The man in black".


After witnessing the death of his parents by the hands of someone he dubs the man in black, he has trained himself to avenge their deaths. He met Tora who promised him that they would find The man in black and kill him for he is a member of The Sediao.


He is very serious and rarely deals with nonsense. He is also quiet and doesn't speak unless asked. At times he appears detached or unsympathetic, often reacting uncaring or angry at signs of cowardice or self-pity, yet he possess a strong sense of heroism, often attempting to help those in need. He is also shown not to have a great sense of humor: though he knows a lot of riddles he rarely jokes and is visibly irritated at times when people (like Sokka) try to joke. He never refers to himself by his first name always calling himself "This One" or "He" as he feels that he shouldn't acknowledge himself until he exacts his revenge.


He has dark-blue eyes and long black hair with two long bangs that fall in front of his face. He usually wears his hair in a ponytail that reaches to about his middle back, He wears a green suit of armor with shoulder guards, pads around his knees and a belt.

Abilities & Equipment

He wields a rapier with great skill, defeating opponents with simple slashes. However, he rarely uses his sword, instead relying on his martial arts skills. If the sword is lost to him or taken away he has hidden wrist blades that he uses with just as much skill as his sword.


He is based on Chase Young of Xiaolin Showdown and Roland Deschain from the Dark Tower series.

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