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Things That Ended is the twelfth chapter of the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


When the group passes nearby Kaila's village, she wants to visit it. When they arrive, they find it has been burned to the ground because of Kaila rebelling. Kaila becomes very emotional and tells Mina and Chen of her past. After her story Mina can convince her of 'letting it go' and the team departs.


Our famous trio is searching for a place to stay in the night, when it suddenly starts to rain. They run to the nearby village and find shelter in the local pub. The pub keeper is very friendly and offers them something hot to drink. The team gladly accepts and after they paid and the keeper is gone, they begin to discuss their further plans. Chen remarks that Kaila is kinda quiet, but Kaila only responds with a growl. Mina asks what's wrong, and Kaila takes a deep breath and tells Chen and Mina that her old village is nearby. She says that she wants to visit it and begins to tell she knows it's dangerous and they should keep a low profile, but Mina says it's okay.

When it stops raining, the team sets off to Sango Village, Kaila's town and named after the local hero and the Avatar who founded it. Sango is very optimistic, but when they see the village, she remarks something is wrong. Mina asks why she thinks that, and Kaila says Sango Village was one of the economic center of the Fire Nation, and now there's no life in it. When they enter the Village, it becomes clear why there is no noise or anything. The village has been burned to the ground. Chen picks up a document and gulps. Kaila asks what's wrong, and Chen reads the document aloud.

By decree of Supreme Fire Lord Azula:

This village has been destroyed because the revolt of a villager. The punishment includes the death of every man, woman and child, and the occupation of every property owned by the respective citizen. Any family of one of these villagers will be tracked down and executed. Anyone who disagrees with this decision will suffer the same punishment as the offenders.

The punishment was carried out by Colonel Xan, third division, Fire Nation military.


"I don't feel sorry about my parents..."

Kaila is heartbroken by this and blames herself for the destruction. Mina says it isn't her fault, to which Chen implies it kinda is. Mina becomes angry at Chen and the two have a short argument. Kaila shouts they need to stop fighting, and the two apologize to her. Kaila explains she isn't feeling bad about her parents, but about her teacher. Mina and Chen are amazed and Kaila begins to tell them about her past.

She tells them that her parents weren't friendly to her. Her father abused her and her mother was lazy and a drunk. She had to do all the shores, from cooking to doing the laundry. When she was 6, she wasn't send to a normal school, as her parents didn't want to pay, but to the martial arts school, which was a lot cheaper. Kaila loved the martial arts school and she felt deep respect for her master, Lingu, who noticed her in the start as the only girl, but at the end as a fierce warrior. Kaila had much friends on the school and spent her time mostly there. She graduated when she was 14, as one of the youngest students ever, and decided to leave her village. She grabbed what she had and started roaming the Fire Nation.


Kaila holding the flower.

Her travels went well, and she started as a bounty hunter and took care of little things to get money. But everything went wrong when she arrived at a village where slaves were still used. She saw a slave being struck by a whip, handled by a big man. She recognized herself and her father in the picture and attacked the man with her hidden blade, almost slicing his arm of and his belly open. She was caught by the angry villagers and the man, who was actually an ex-general, ordered her to be taken to the Fire Nation Detention Facility, where she met Mina and eventually ended up back here.

Mina and Chen feel sorry for Kaila, but Mina recovers first and grabs Kaila's hand, pulling here to the graves of the dead villagers. She comforts Kaila and plucks a flower. She shows it to Kaila and says there is life in every death. Kaila nods and after a while says they have to find shelter for the upcoming night. Mina smiles and the two go back to Chen. That evening, Kaila is sitting alone at the grave of Lingu, holding the flower Mina picked in her hand. She sighs deeply, stands up and looks to the sky, smiling.

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