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Author's Note

Ok, this chapter's really short - only about 1 3/4 pages - but I hope you like it! Please review!

Also, a bunch of thanks to DotW for helping me with the Iroh scene.

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Zuko and Mai go to Iroh for advice about what to do with Azula. Aang enters the Spirit World and unknowingly brings someone with him.


Fire Nation Asylum, Two Days Earlier


"That was really weird." Mai said as we walked away from Azula's room.

"But did you see what I was talking about with my mom?" She let out a sigh.

"Zuko, Azula's absolutely insane. How could you possibly know that she was telling the truth? That it wasn't just a hallucination?" Mai drew a hand down her face, distorting her features for a second.

"But the doctors think she may not have lost all her memories. She remembered me, she remembered Mom... What if my father told her where my mother is, and that's how the memory's coming through?"

"Even if that was possible, how do you know it's not just an act? That she's not trying to get into the palace so she can murder us all in our sleep?" She snapped. "Try to think about what could happen if the doctors are wrong, if you're wrong! We could lose everything!" Mai stormed off, her shoes clicking on the asylum floor as I watched her go.

Present Day


I walked into the relatively dark room. A deep rumbling came from the bed on the far side of the room. I carefully tiptoed over to the lump and shook its shoulder.

"Uncle?" The figure started and sat up quickly. He looked at me carefully and noting my concern, his face softened.

"Hello, Firelord Zuko." He got out of bed unsteadily and bowed.

"Uncle, you don't need to call me that," I hugged him, feeling his bones shift under his skin. "How are you feeling?"

"I've been better, nephew, but it's just old age. One day it will happen to you too," he said, sitting softly back down on the bed and using his finger to light a candle sitting on the table next to his bed. The flame cast irregular, dancing shadows around the room. Uncle looked up at me again. "But I sense all is not well. Am I correct?"

"I need your advice. You know how I had Azula committed to that asylum up north?" I sat down beside him.

"How could I forget?"

"Well..." I told him the whole story. He stared at me thoughtfully for a while after I finished.

"You realize I can't make this decision for you."

"Yes, but what should I do to convince Mai that this is the right thing to do?"

"The right thing for who?" he asked with a wry smile. Uncle always had a knack for catching me off guard. He continued:

"I think that if you appealed to Mai's sense of reason, you could get her to understand why is it that you think this is the right thing to do. Now, it sounds as if she's still hurt and angry at Azula for what she did and who she was. The pain and the memories are still fresh in her mind and they seem to be clouding her judgment, not allowing her to see clearly who Azula is now. But the question remains - are you sure this is what you want to do?"

I breathed deeply.

"If it means finding Mom, then yes."

The Western Air Temple


"So basically what you do is you move your hands like this and concentrate. You should get a little sphere of air in your hand like... this." I held out my hand and a ball of air rotated in the palm of my hand. Viola studied it carefully and copied my motions. Her eyes narrowed as she focused, and a tiny vortex formed, but dissipated quickly. She cringed.

"Ugh! This is impossible!" She groaned, flopping to the ground.

"You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. After all, you just found out this morning." Katara said as she dismounted from her viewing point on Appa's head.

"But I was able to create something that was big enough to slow me down when I fell. Now I can barely make a little ball of air." The disappointment on Viola's face was obvious even as she tried to cover it up.

"And I think I may have the answer to that," Toph said. "I've been thinking about this while you guys have been arguing, and I think Viola's going by instinct." We all opened our mouths to protest, but then she spoke again. "Think about it before you shoot me down. Whenever we-" Toph motioned to everyone except Viola. "-get angry, we bend by accident. I do it all the time if I'm not careful. Maybe she's just an extreme. I'll bet my feet you've been bending for a while; you haven't noticed it until now." She picked her nose and flicked something onto the ceiling about 50 feet up. Viola stared up in disgust while Katara and I looked at Toph with our mouths open.

"How did you get that to go that high?" She asked in astonishment.

"Years of practice," Toph had a hint of pride in her voice. Viola shuddered and looked at us.

"So do you think she's right?"

"It does fit seem to fit the circumstances," Katara agreed. 'What do you think, Aang?" Everyone, even Toph, swiveled their heads in my direction.

"Wait, why are you all looking at me?"

"Well, you are the bridge between the Spirit World and this world. Maybe you're the bridge between her world and this world, and can give some answer as to what the hell's going on." Katara said brusquely.

"But I have no idea what's going on either!"

"Yes, we get it; no one has answers on this world." Viola said with an eye roll. Something obvious dawned on me. I jumped up.

"That's it! You're a genius!" I ran over to Viola and shook her. She pushed me off with a bewildered look.

"What's with you?"

"That's what I need to do! I need to go into the Spirit World! I just can't believe I didn't see it before!" I yelled.


"Aang, what are you talking about? What's the Spirit World?" Viola asked in obvious confusion.

"It's where all the spirits live... Duh," Toph said, her voice dripping in sarcasm. Viola shot her a glare, then gave up when she remembered Toph was blind.

"Aang, do you absolutely have to go to the Spirit World right now? We're late as it is getting to Zuko, and we still need to get to the Earth King too," I said, frowning.

"I honestly want to know why I'm here. If these spirits can help us figure that out, then I want Aang to go for it," Viola said quietly.

"Guys, we've been stuck here for three days. Viola, you haven't known for about a week. We could be at the capital in a day. Could you wait that long?"

"I guess." She and Aang had sullen looks on their faces. I sighed and walked towards Appa.

"Stop sulking and let's leave so you can get to the Spirit-" I called over my shoulder until a two thuds and a sharp, heavy crack cut me off. I turned around and saw Aang lying on the floor, with a rapidly dissolving Viola standing on her broken leg behind him, giving me a baffled look before seeming to rise up, leaving her body behind.

Spirit World


"Get back here, you bastard!" I screamed in fury as I ran-

The doppelganger of me just turned its head and laughed before turning into a bird that flew up, mocking us as it circled-

Kekka bent over beside me, panting. "Wangji can't stay like that forever." She stood up and closed her eyes, then opened them sharply. "They're here," She breathed.

"Should we go get them..."

"...before something else finds them? Of course." As one, we turned and walked away from the bird that kept circling.


  • Nothing significant happened in this chapter that had to do with TKoNLG. But Todd will be back in the next chapter.

Production Notes and Other Notes

  • This chapter has gone through multiple title changes.
  • This chapter is the shortest chapter besides the prologue, which doesn't really count.
  • This is the first chapter where Iroh is mentioned/makes an appearance.
  • This is the first chapter with headings that say which character's POV it's in.

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