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Thiera Psyche
Biographical information

United Republic


Northern Water Tribe

Birth place

Republic City (Little Water Tribe)


Republic City (Dragon Flats)




141 AG, mid winter


Binah Psyche (as Most Senior Healer, Dragon Flats Clinic), Akkron (as MSH, RCPD)

Physical description






Hair color

Blonde, naturally straight, usually worn long

Skin color


Skin type


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)


Bending style(s)

Waterbending (Northern Style)


Healing, Condensation, Plantbending, Genius IQ, Bloodbending


Binah Psyche (mother), Lilith Psyche (elder sister), Sujin Psyche (father)


Aroma Gingiber, Euryale Rakshashi, RCPD



Chronological and political information



Most Senior Healer


Dragon Flats Clinic (formerly), RCPD


Binah Psyche

First appearance

"An Unlikely Hero"


Thiera and Aroma started from rather similar backgrounds and have been in the business for similar amounts of time. The main difference is that Thiera is a waterbender. Thiera shows the constant competition Aroma feels to stay relevant when many of her coworkers have an innate power to heal--they can learn everything she can and do things that she never could. In spite of this, Aroma is Thiera's best friend, and their relationship forms the focal point of much of the story.


The daughter of a prominent Healer who moved to the city from the Northern Water Tribe, Thiera was known to be a bookish girl who had few friends. Having inherited her mother's brains and talent for waterbending, Thiera decided to follow in her footsteps.

By age 20, she had progressed through both Healing School and an internship at her mother's clinic, and 2 years later, she was able to take her mother's place within the Healing staff when she retired, though the administration position went to the former Assistant Administrator. Because of Healing's origins as an extension of a martial arts style, the title of "Senior" is slightly misleading; it actually refers to how "mature" the individual's skill is, not the amount of time they've been employed. Thus, Thiera was recognized as the greatest Waterbending Master at the clinic after Binah herself.

Her sister is a nonbender who had recently been promoted to an officer rank in the United Forces, following in the footsteps of her father.

Book 0

After the destruction of her mother's clinic, she eventually moved in with Aroma and Euryale and was offered a position within the RCPD police department as a resident Healer. As the RCPD sends most patients to hospitals anyway, it's something of a dead end job for Healers, so the previous occupant was more than happy to relinquish his position to her.

She remained in the position after the Purist raid on police headquarters, continuing to contribute her own research to the department's case. During the battle, desperation caused her to tap into her medical training to become a bloodbender. This was reported by Purist witnesses, and confirmed by her, but because she did not kill anyone and there was no evidence of prior practice of the skill before she used it in self-defense, the Council chose to throw out the case.


Thiera is most known for her intellect and kindness, though those who cross her can be surprised to find that she has a vindictive and stubborn streak. Friends and foes alike will find that Thiera is usually pretty quiet, only offering her input if she thinks others haven't covered it. Though, when she does start talking, it is difficult to get her to stop, due to her fairly long-winded and overly precise explanations. Aroma regards her as sociable, courageous, and strong-willed, and though it would be hasty to say that she lacks these virtues, it is worth noting that this is in comparison to Aroma.


My 1st foray into female characters, Thiera went through several iterations before her basic appearance and personality traits were decided upon. At this point, I gave her a name that was an anagram of one of my favorite characters of all time, Aerith from Final Fantasy VII. Like Aerith, she is a proficient magic-user and healer, where settings will allow. Her surname, Psyche, is Greek for "mind" or "soul," though she has no relation to Eros's bride Psyche.


  • Her favorite color is white, so most of her wardrobe and possessions are white.
Preceded by
Binah Psyche
Most Senior Healer of the Dragon Flats Clinic
163 AG
Succeeded by
Position voided (clinic destroyed)

Preceded by
Most Senior Healer at the RCPD
163 AG
Succeeded by

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