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These Three Spirits
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"These Three Spirits" is the eleventh chapter of the fanon story Kyoshi Revolts. The chapter is the second to be written by the author of Avatar: Better World, SuperFlash101, and one of the very few to not follow the usual plot of rebelling against the Fire Nation.


Exhausted and exasperated from the previous hunts, battles, and struggles, Mina, Chen, and Kaila frustratingly weigh out the next attack in a quiet little town. They are, however, surprised at a mystery they stumble in, as the three ancient and creepy spirits of turmoil, Jochi, Temuge, and Borte, begin to terrorize the village - and attempt to murder them.


In a quiet and peaceful village, Kaila is sharpening her blade, bags under her eyes. Chen and Mina are near by her, as well exhausted looking. Chen points out that the constant hunts are getting ridiculous, and how they're supposed to "bring down an entire empire with assassins down their throats 24/7." Kaila finishes sharpening her blade, stating that they need to start handling them better, finishing them off more. Mina looks at her arrows awkwardly, stating that she doesn't know if she could ever kill anybody. Chen and Kaila say in unison that they she will, then look at each other blushing and turn back. Mina sighs and stands up, telling her she'll go for a walk, and walks off.

Kaila stares awkwardly at her blade for a few moments, then walks off herself. Chen waves goodbye, and hops over the fence to go and practice Firebending. With Mina, during her walk, she looks around at the peacefulness; the drops of water, the keen bartering, and chirping of animals. She then sighs, muttering how sad it is that she is bored by such a nice village.

Night falls, and the village falls dead silent. Inside an old barn, a man, sleepily, caries a medium stack of hay and plops it down into a small pile surrounded by several other large ones. He hears a moaning creak, and jumps, looking around and seeing nothing. He then turns to walk back into his house, but hears another creak, turning around and seeing nothing again. And when he turns back, he jumps and gasps at three small children wearing white clothing standing in front of him. He slowly says hello, asking what they're doing there. They are silent, when the middle boy turns his head and smiles, revealing dark black teeth. From outside the barn, a loud and painful scream is heard.


Mina spots the crowd of people.

The next day, Mina, Chen, and Kaila see a huge crowd of people, nearly the entire town, gathered around the barn, loudly talking all at once to each other. The three push their way through to see what everyone is marveling at, and stop, faces white, at the site on the barn door: red characters, drawn in blood, reading "玩的时间到了" or "Time to play." Next to it is the man's dead and bleeding body, a smile on his chest, strung up on a stick next to it. Chen stutters, finally mulling out the words "What did this?" He turns to the villager next to him, asking again, though not as a whisper. The villager remarks that nobody knows, but some people saw kids walking around this place the night before. He then chuckles and says how ridiculous kids killing him would be, and then Chen looks angry and grabs the girls and shoves through.

Kaila asks him what's wrong, and Chen stays silent and mutters, "Haizi..." Back at their remote location at the end of town, Mina asks him what is the matter, Chen stuttering as he explains about "Haizi," the spirits of turmoil that appear as cute and innocent spirits. Kaila says that she's heard of them, then says that they're a legend and not real. Chen then sharply disagrees, telling them his father once saw them when he was younger, and was almost killed by them. "They're the real deal," he remarks and tells them that they have to believe him or more people will be killed. Kaila and Mina look at each other, then Mina states that they believe him. Chen shakes his head seriously, and begins to tell them further about the Haizi. He explains that they act like little kids, but with a very different sense of humor; they enjoy to act like their murders are games and treat everything like a joke.

Mina asks Chen how they are expected to stop or even find them, then Chen says he hasn't the clue. Kaila then says that she does, and explains that if they like to play, then "let's play along." Chen and Mina look confused, then Kaila tells them to come with her. Near midnight that night, they have placed a hippo cow they found from the hills, Chen knotting up the rope that ties the animal to a tree. He then remarks to Kaila that the plan might actually work, stating "They love to torture, so if they see me helplessly trying to take care of a cow, they'll jump at the opportunity." Mina remarks that it is still weird, then Chen says plans work best when they are.

Now at midnight, Kaila and Mina hide in the near bushes, while Chen stands lugging a pale of meat to feed the cow. They wait for an hour, then another, then finally begin to grow impatient. Chen remarks that he guesses they didn't find this good enough of an opportunity. Mina states that maybe they don't strike every night, and Kaila shrugs. As Chen begins to untie the rope, he hears a breathy moan, and turns around to see one of the Haizi, dressed in white and smiling black teeth. Chen gasps and turns around to react, but the spirit grabs him with elongated arms, laughing as Chen grappled at the ground with his nails. Mina and Kaila gasp and try to grab their weapons, but the other two spirits, one boy, one girl, have already grabbed them and ignited them into flames.

As the spirit continues to grab Chen towards him, Chen still scrambling frantically at the ground, he taunts him with an echoed voice, "What's a matter, your majesty? Getting scared by our little game?" Chen briefly still claws at the dirt, then let's go and shoots a fire blast at the spirit, who's face and upper torso disassemble like vapor briefly, allowing his arms to dissolve and Chen to be free. The spirit rebounds as Chen darts up to meet with Chen and Mina, the spirit gritting his black teeth, telling his fellow spirits, Borto and Temuge, to "help their brother out." They both smile and laugh, Team Rebel cowering slightly as they walked towards them.

Suddenly, Kaila pulls from the ground a long, sharp, wooden spear-like-object and tells her fellow rebels to duck as she swung it in a circular motion, causing the Haizi to disassemble into vapor for a few moments as they darted out. The spirits reassemble and then evaporate into white smoke, flooding out into the air and reappearing in front of them feet ahead. Team Rebel stops and turns, though the Haizi evaporate again and reappear in front of them. They dart forward again, faster this time, the Haizi still chasing them in smoke, taunting them in their echo voice. One comment is "Stop running, humans! Come on, Chenny; don't you wanna see your daddy again?" Chen snaps at this, skidding to turn around and jumping in the air to ignite a barrel in flames, Kaila swinging at it with the wooden stick and causing it to propel forward, causing the spirits to evaporate and the barrel to crash into an abandoned farm and light it on fire.


Kaila tries to talk to Chen.

Team Rebel dart into a barn, slamming the door shut, all panting violently. Kaila spots cut on Chen's shoulder, which is bleeding, and he grabs it and tells her it's nothing. The spirits reassemble as vapor, littered with flames, charging into the barn, igniting it on fire. Team Rebel scramble as the spirits reemerge, looking annoyed. The fire makes things collapse around them, and they run as the spirits chase after them. They slice at them with their sharp nails, as the barn begins to collapse. The middle spirit, named Jochi, continues to mock Chen, telling him he'll die like his father did, distracting him and punching him in his gut which causes him to fall off the ledge of the barn.

Falling, Chen catches himself and blasts fire at the spirit, then sending himself back up and punching him. He begins to mock Jochi, making him become more and more solid, finally doing a swing kick and destroying him. Jochi's siblings are as well evaporated. Team Rebel gathers up together, and Mina and Kaila carry a bleeding and beaten up Chen by their shoulders out. That night, the village cheers for them, as the Haizi has been killing more people unbeknown to them and are now vanquished. The medic gives Chen a free treatment, and the Team money and food for their travels. Kaila opens up Chen's healing hut, trying to speak, but is to scared and leaves. Chen is awake, however, and closes his eyes, blushing.

Behind the Scenes

  • "Haizi" is the Chinese word for "Child."
  • All three of the spirits are named after the siblings of Genghis Khan.
  • This the second time Yin Lee, Chen's father, is ever mentioned.
  • The chapter had inspirations from several horror flicks.
  • The finishing move Chen uses on Jochi was inspired by Wolverine's move on Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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