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There's No Place Like Home
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The Final Avatar


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8 January, 2011

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The One Known as Fiery Guy

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A Great Uncle in Trouble


Zaru receives a letter from his great uncle Erus. After finding out his home is under attack, he returns there to save the Fire Nation and Erus.


The three of them were running. Running from certain doom.

They were being chased by two extremely powerful benders.

"Do you think we lost them?" Heesu asked.

"Unlikely," Stroe said. "He can find anybody." Zaru stopped walking.

"Do you hear that?" he asked.

"Hear what?" Heesu said.


"What?" Heesu asked.

Zaru ignored Heesu, and put his ear to the ground. There was someone or something coming towards them. It was like galloping.

As a figure approached, he realized it was galloping. As the figure got closer, he realized it was a man mounted on an ostrich horse. When the ostrich horse reached them, the man got off, and approached Zaru.

"Avatar! Avatar!" he said, "Avatar! I have a message for you Avatar!"

"Well... what is it?" Zaru said.

The messenger handed him a scroll. It read:

Dear Zaru,

The Fire Nation is being attacked by the Earth Kingdom. They sent the 
entire army here. You NEED to stop them. If they conquer the Fire Nation, 
all is lost. I am hiding in the "room". 
Come back immediately. We need your help!

Your Great Uncle,

"I'm going to the Fire Nation." Zaru said.

"Can we come to? Please please please! Pretty please!"

"No," Zaru said, "Stay here, hold Omashu." At that, Zaru walked away. He walked all the way to the beach his boat was docked at, and sailed off. He sailed for hours. The next morning, he docked at the Fire Nation.

"Hello?" he yelled. No response. Then he looked at what should have been a city. It was completely destroyed. The Earth Kingdom had obliterated the entire city. Zaru was panicking now. How could he stop a force that could do this? Zaru walked through the city. The farther he went, the more destruction he saw. There was building the had hundreds of earth spikes in it. Another looked like it had been burned down. Then, a figure walked toward him. In his fury, he shot flames at the person.

"AAHH! Stop! Pants on fire! Pants on fire! The ocean jumped at the man, and extinguished the flame. "That hurt," he said.

"Who are you?" Zaru asked.

"I am Patola. I'm from the Foggy Swamp Tribe. After the Earth Kingdom went nuts, I decided to hide here!"

Zaru decided the Earth Kingdom wasn't the only thing that went nuts, but he greeted the man anyways.

"Hello Patola. I am Avatar Zaru."

"The AVATAR? I met the Avatar! I met the Avatar!"

"Yeaaah. Let's not overdo it."


"You just overdid it." The two walked out of the destroyed city. Patola was telling his story.

"And then, BOOM! Lots of explosions! The city destroyed! I hid in the ocean!"

"Okayaaay." Zaru was getting more uncomfortable by the second. Then something hit him. "Wait! Did you say something about the Order of the White Lotus?

"Yeah! I'm a member!" Zaru was creeped out by this guy, but now he respected him too.

Then, Zaru decided to tell Patola something. "My great uncle Erus is in trouble."

"Erus? Me and him go way back. We used to ride the Earth Kingdom mail system!"

Zaru knew where Erus would be hiding. When Zaru was young, him and Erus had built an underground room. He remembered playing in that room from sunrise to sunset one day. His mom couldn't find him anywhere! Zaru knew Erus would be there. Him and Patola walked to the other side of the island. They were above the room, and there were earth soldiers. Lots of them.

"You! You're under arrest for... YOU'RE THE AVATAR! Kill him! And kill the freak with him too!"

"I'm not a freak!" Patola said. Then he ducked as a ball of earth flew at him.

"Missed! La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la! Losers! AH!" They sent a spike at him.

"Move aside fools! Leave this to the master!" A man said. He stepped forward. "I am..."

"Head General Voe of the Earth Kingdom Army. Second in command to Boli. We know," Zaru said.

"Raagh! You're going to die today!"

"You've said that about ten times. I haven't died yet."

Two knives of crystal flew at Zaru. Zaru was fighting flying knives, while Patola was shooting at the Earthbenders.

"Die you jerks!" he yelled as he threw ocean water at them. "When did you people bathe last? Yuck!"

Patola formed water around himself, and generated ice armor. He then made his armor spiky. "AWESOME!" he yelled. He then shot the spikes at the soldiers, killing half of them. Then, he realized the buildings behind the soldiers were made of wood. He was a capable Plantbender, and Woodbending is the same as Plantbending, so he used Woodbening to lift the wood, and make a big club. He whacked all of the soldiers into the ocean. He then willed the ocean to swallow them all.

"Yeah! Who's awesome? I AM!"

Meanwhile, Zaru shot a gust of air at Voe, and knocked him off of his feet. The knives fell to the ground. Zaru made of disk of fire to finish off Voe. The one who had killed his father, but Patola yelled "NO!" and put the fire out with water.

"We should take him in!" Zaru reluctantly agreed after multiple sprays of water in the face. He then opened the secret room, but what he saw didn't make him happy. It was completely destroyed. Everything was smashed apart, and Erus was nowhere to be found.

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