Their Finest Hour
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The Fall of Freedom



Written by

Pabu Lannister

Release date

January 1, 2014

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The Test

"There has to be a way out of here," said Jinsei.

Their eyes went skyward as they watched a group of sky bison fly high into the sky.

"We need to get to the stables, our bison's are the only way out of here!" shouted Jiyu. "Hurry!" he exclaimed.

The five remaining nomads ran towards the stables, fire crashing and falling from the sky, destroying everything in sight. The shrill echo of bison's rung through the air as they drew close to the stables.

"They're killing the bison's!" yelled Jinsei.

"What kind of monsters would do such a thing? Attack us when we've done nothing!" said Ototo.

They ran inside the stable, only one young bison was left, about to be struck down by a soldier bearing the Fire Nation emblem.

"Why is the Fire Nation attacking us? What did we do to deserve this?" thought Jiyu.

Without hesitation, Jiyu inhaled, spun around and with a quick flick of his wrist, the firebender was blown up through the roof and out of the stable.

"Everybody on the bison!" Jiyu yelled.

As the young bison lifted up off the ground, she struggled and fell back to the ground.

"We're too heavy, she can't hold us up!" said Jinsei, panicking.

"Hey, stop!"

The nomads looked over in terror as three firebenders stood in the doorway of the stable. Flames flew towards them but the group managed to evade the flames, dodging the incoming attacks.

"I don't know how long we can hold out!" yelled Ototo as fire and air whirled about, destroying the stable as the barrages continued.

"Guys, I think we should do that move we always wanted to do," says Jiyu.

"You mean the combined one where we push air up so it lifts girl's skirts up?" asked Ototo confusingly.

"Yeah, that one," said Jiyu jokingly.

"You boys are all the same!" yells Jinsei.

The male nomads gathered their strength and in syncretism, they unleashed an enormous wall of air that blew the attacking soldiers out of the doorway.

"I can't believe it worked!" says Ototo.

"That's how it's done!" shouted one of the nomads.

"We still can't escape because there is too much weight for the bison to carry," said Jinsei.

Jiyu grabs Jinsei and kisses her tenderly, his heart racing and the energy coursing through his body.

"I love you Jinsei!" says Jiyu.

"No, don't you do it Jiyu!" screams Jinsei. "Please don't!" she continues.

"Take care of her you guys!" says Jiyu sternly. "I'll hold them off as long as I can and when you get the chance, you take it," says Jiyu.

Jiyu is focused on telling the others what to do and does not notice a soldier readying himself to unleash a blast but Ototo leaps from the bison and blows him away.

"You mean we'll hold them off; brother" says Ototo firmly. "Let's see how good these firebender guys are," says Ototo.

"Always the comedian, aren't you Otsi? says Jiyu jokingly.

"What can I say? It's a gift," replies Ototo.

In a flurry of blasts, Jiyu and Ototo blast the attackers away, dodging and fighting their way forward, holding their ground against superior numbers. The young bison takes off; firebenders try to hit it but are unable to get them as Jiyu and Ototo blow them away and manage to hold them off until the bison is out of range.

"I love you!" shouts Jinsei as tears stream down her face.

"I know," says Jiyu to himself as he continues to battle for his life. Flames whistle past both Jiyu and Ototo as they battle the soldiers off, blasting them away in different directions.

"Come on, I thought you'd be better than this!" shouts Ototo.

The fighting continues until the soldiers stop attacking.

"Cease fire!" shouts the commander.

Jiyu inhales deeply as he tries to catch his breath, the sweat dripping from his brow, his body aching from the strenuous battle.

"Surrender now and we'll make it quick and painless," says the commander.

"Where's the fun in that? We'll take the other option," says Ototo rudely.

"And that's why I put up with you," says Jiyu.

"So be it, airbending scum," says the commander.

The Fire Nation soldiers encircle the two Air Nomads. The soldiers are poised and ready to unleash a volley of fire bolts. Energy courses through Jiyu and Ototo's bodies; the fear of death long departed from their hearts as they accept their fate.

Jiyu takes his stance, inhales deeply and exhales. He can feel his energy flowing all through him; he drifts back to his trial and the barrel; the feeling of being alive and the power given to him by the spirits.

"You are an Airbending Master! You can do anything!" shouts Jiyu.

He lets flight three quick gusts of concentrated air and in a flash it is all over as Jiyu and Ototo fall.

Jiyu's life flashes before his eyes. The Southern and Eastern Air Temple, Master Leio, Ototo and his love, Jinsei.

"I will see you in the afterlife Jinsei," utters Jiyu.

"So who's going to get the last laugh?" says the commander darkly as he looks into Jiyu's dying eyes.

In his dying moments, Jiyu sees a vision.

Jiyu sees ice all around him, a prison made of ice. He's trapped inside but he is not alone. He turns around. A pair of glowing blue eyes stare back at him. He tries to fight it until he sees the glowing blue arrow adorning its head.

"Who are you?" asked Jiyu.

Not a word was uttered, just silence.

The silence echoed and rang through the frozen cage. Jiyu did not need to ask for he already knew.

Jiyu drifts out of the vision.

"So, who's going to get the last laugh huh?" says the commander again, as he kneels in closer to Jiyu.

Jiyu looks him squarely in the eyes, unhesitant and defiant and says, "The Avatar."

The commander stands up and walks away, shouting "airbending scum!" as he and his men leave.

Jiyu's final thoughts drift back to Jinsei. He sees her pearlescent gray and green eyes that shine like pendants; and her chocolate brown hair that flows gracefully like streams of water and her unblemished, immaculate skin that defy the laws of beauty and perfection.

With her image fixed in his mind, and a smile upon his face, Jiyu takes his final breath and utters, "Jinsei".

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