Fire Nation Army
The outbreak Part 1
Wybuch, część 1
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Xiaons: First War





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Omashu Rocks

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November 11, 2011

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The outbreak Part 2

Prologue first part of Xiaons: First War


Kazelians move from north to Stettin. Xiao Generals move to defend the city. Reinforcements arrive.

The outbreak Part 1

April 29, 2009
Scene 1: Xiao base, Jake room. Stettin, Poland.
Someone is calling. Jake receives
Jake Hello? ... WHAT! That will probably easily! Lightbenders can not exclude the Kazelian droid because they have a fuse!
Scene 2: North Stettin.
Jake, Ulrich drives a motor on the front. Behind them, Adam, Daria, Jeremy and Alexandra.
Jake Ulrich, I assume they will destroy more droids!
Ulrich Well, Jake! About how many?
Jake About one hundred złoty!
Ulrich OK!
Jake Adam! Call for Aang!
Adam Good!
Adam cell phone rings.
Aang, you go on the Stołczyńska street! This will be dope!
Jake notes droids.
Jake The fun begins
Alexandra Daria, Ulrich! Is it droids?
Daria Yes!
Ulrich Look at Oder!
On the Oder are the Kazelian ships.
Adam Did not do anything like Kazelians from...
Alexandra Not at all do not!
Ulrich What will happen now?
Jeremy The battle!
Jake Alas! I have a plan! Aang, Jeremy and Alexandra, you take the river! Jeremy, Ulrich, Adam, and I will take the land!
Look after it for Jeremy
You, go already! (Alexandra then) I'll tell Aang that you are on the Oder!
Alexandra froze water into a small piece of spine. She stood on it and went ahead, ruling over the countries where it moves. Jeremy did not go over the river. He ran to the river bank, digging up huge chunks of land, very hard. Hit the ships every time.
Jake looked Adam through binoculars at the front of the ship. He saw Fearden. Aang jumped out of the ground.
Jake Aang! Go to Alexandra! Now! They are on the Oder. Remove the ships!
Aang ran to the river. Jake, Ulrich, Adam, and Daria ran to the droid and began to destroy them. The droids did not respond.
Ulrich We can not help ourselves!
Jake I urge the board!
Daria That's good!
Adam It is a pity that there aren't two Aangs!
Jake I'll be better than Aang.
Ulrich Praise the day before sunset, as usual!
Jake ran from the droids.
Jake Hi, David! Can you come with meals Xiaons on Stołczyńska Street? They are numerically superior. Even ... I do not want to count!
Jake came back to fight. Airbending all the droids in order. He beat all of them. He turned on the light sword, and its blade was a silver color. He cut off droid's head. Adam, Daria and Ulrich did the same.
Scene 3: Border Police and Stettin.
After five minutes, he came Jagiello (David) and his men, whose numbers were nearly eighty. They entered in the field of battle from the Szczecin. His men followed him. David immediately struck fire in the droids. However, he almost roasted General Robbia.
Adam Take care all!
David Sorry!
After a while, came with his men Hearty and Hairpin.
Jake Hairpin go to the left, Hearty, right, David with me in the center of the battle! Adam, Ulrich and Daria, you do what you want, as long as you fought!
David, Hairpin and Hearty joined with their lightsabers.
Scene 4: Border Police and Stettin.
The battle continues.
Soldier 1 There are too many!
Soldier 2 What did you say?
Soldier 3 Aa
He was hit in the neck.
Jake David, you've lost one!
David Damn!
Scene 5: Oder River, Stettin.
On the river, however, Aang, Jeremy and Alexandra desperately tried to stop the enemy ships. But there were still more coming. Aang noticed how some of the Channel Ina Nurt were attacking the lake Dabie.
Aang Jeremy! Go to the Dabie Lake!
Jeremy What?
Aang Ina Nurt! Dabie Lake!
Jeremy went to the lake Dabie.
Scene 6: Border Police and Stettin.
Jake Call all Xiaons! Five hundred to Przęsocin! Ulrich and Daria go to Bukowo. Adam take on the back of the Kazelians Mścięcino!
Ulrich and Daria wanted to get on their motorbikes, but I saw several destroyed droids when burned motorbikes.
Ulrich Where is Chris?
Daria Not on the battlefield. He had a holiday and he was only going to Szczecin. We will go on foot.
Scene 7: Golęcino-Gocław, Stettin.
Golęcino. Droids are breaking.
Scene 8: Drzetowo-Grabowo, Downtown Stettin.
Downtown. The driving force behind enters is Chris. He enabled his lightsaber, standing next to Daria.
Chris I wonder if someone with my eyes can lead a motorbike?
Daria You can with your eyes closed!

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