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Breaking Barriers

The Diving Warrior

A lone boat floated in the ocean. On the boat was a chair and table with a mask, and an opened letter that read, Kaine, be sure to meet us on Ember Island. There might be some trouble brewing in that area, Sky; a sword leaned against the railing. Kaine walked out onto the deck of the ship, wearing only his shorts and an air mask, and holding a bag. Kaine looked off in all directions looking for signs of other ships in the area. There were none in sight and Kaine had a two-hour air supply in the mask. Kaine dived into the water and swam down to the bottom, he swam along the ocean floor and gathered shells, clams and other seafloor items. He stayed under until he found enough items to fill the bag. When he reached the surface he climbed back in the boat and began to sort his treasure. Once he finished he fell flat on the sofa he had in the boat's cabin and drifted into sleep.

A loud blaring horn roused Kaine from his nap. He jumped off the couch and ran out onto the deck. A large Fire Navy ship was about to crush him and his little boat.

"Oh crap!" Kaine yelled as he grabbed his mask and sword and dived off his boat. He turned around once he felt he was safe. He watched as the large ship crushed his small boat. Anger welled up inside Kaine as he donned his mask and slid the sword over his shoulder and started swimming after the boat. "Someone's going to pay for this."

Angry Masked One

Sokka ran to the deck once he saw the strange person climb onto the ship. The man wore a strange mask and held a jian sword in his hand as he yelled at the two soldiers surrounding him. One of the soldiers had clearly had it with this person's yelling and attempted to strike him with the blunt end of his spear. The stranger ducked under the swing and hit the soldier in the stomach with the flat of his sword before slamming the hilt into the back of his head. The soldier dropped to the ground like a stone as the other raised his spear, but the masked person was faster and raised the tip of his blade to the soldier's throat.

"Hey!" Sokka yelled as he drew his own blade, "Who are you and what are you doing?" The masked man turned his head to Sokka without moving his sword.

"The name's Kaine," He began, "I'm here because you idiots just crushed my boat." Kaine slowly lowered his blade and stepped toward Sokka, completely ignoring the soldier. "What the hell is a person from the Water Tribe doing on a Fire Nation ship?"

"I'm here on official business." Sokka said, crossing his blade with Kaine's "Now I'm going to have to ask you to put your sword down."

"Hmm, you know it's funny." Kaine said waving his hand around, "I don't believe you." Kaine knocked Sokka's sword aside and stabbed forward as Sokka stepped to the side. Sokka then swung his sword at Kaine's neck, aiming to hit him with the flat. Kaine ducked under the blade and swept Sokka's legs out from under him. As Kaine was about to drive his sword into Sokka's chest, Sokka lifted his foot and caught Kaine in the chest. Sokka then bent his knee and pushed as hard as he could, sending Kaine flying onto his back. Kaine jumped to his feet as Sokka rolled into his legs, causing him to fall again. As Kaine rolled to his back Sokka placed his sword at Kaine's throat.

"You lose." Sokka said.

"You'd think so wouldn't you?" Kaine responded as Sokka felt a prick in his torso. He looked down and saw Kaine's blade poking his stomach.

"That's enough!" Zuko yelled at the two. Sokka backed away from Kaine and let him stand. Kaine turned his masked face to Zuko and almost immediately fell to one knee.

"Fire Lord Zuko, I humbly request your forgiveness at my unsatisfactory appearance." Kaine said bowing his head.

"Who are you and why did you come on my ship and attack my soldiers and friend?" Zuko said with a firm authoritative voice.

"My name is Kaine, my lord, and I climbed on your ship because you destroyed my boat." Kaine began, "To be honest, your men attacked first and I thought your friend might've been trying to hijack the ship."

"WHAT!?!" Sokka yelled indignantly.

"I apologize for any trouble I have caused." Kaine continued.

"What's with the mask?" Zuko asked recognizing it as the one he himself wore during the war. Kaine explained how he was the leader of a special unit called the Masked Ones. Once he told Zuko about his unit Zuko asked if he could help with the Black Lotus Assassins. As he and Zuko talked the others started gathering on the deck as well. "So you'll help?"

"My unit is yours to command my lord." Kaine said bowing, "But I'm gonna need a new boat."

"Take one of the scout ships." Zuko offered.

"Thank you my lord, I'll be sure to let my unit know of our new mission." Kaine said before disappearing below deck.

"Was he wearing your old Blue Spirit mask?" Aang said as the scout ship sailed away.

"Yep." Zuko replied simply.

"Good memory with that one eh?" Aang said remembering how Zuko wore that mask when he freed Aang from Zhao.

The Apprentice

Lian casually approached her ship. It was small with only enough room for five people, but with its size came speed and maneuverability. As her "crew" arrived she noticed one was missing. Then she remembered that she had killed him when the Avatar and his friends infiltrated the base. As it was, the crew consisted of a waterbender named Hou, an earthbender named Mira, and a normal assassin who relied on actual weapons named Mavado. When they boarded the ship, Des walked up to her with a young man at his side.

"What do you want Des?" Lian asked crossing her arms, "And who is this?"

"This is Gao, Lian. He's your new apprentice." Des answered with a wide grin.

"New apprentice? I never had an old one." Lian said leaning forward to inspect the kid. He was young, only about 15 years old. "Well go make yourself useful and prep the boat for launch." Gao glanced uneasily at the water as the tides crashed against the shore. "The tides don't look like they want us to go." he said.

"You've never sailed with a waterbender before have you kid?" Lian asked rolling her eyes at her new apprentice as Des left. "Just get on the boat and get it ready." Gao obediently followed orders but something about him seemed off. For one thing, he definitely wasn't a waterbender, which raised the question of why he was given to Lian as an apprentice. Another thing was that he didn't seem interested in the crew. Usually kids at that age are introducing themselves to almost everyone they meet, but he just completely ignored them. Lian made sure to keep an eye on him. When they set off, Lian and the other waterbender on the crew reversed the tides so they could use them to launch. Once they were off everyone left to their post except Gao who stood in front of Lian.

"So what can you do kid?' Lian asked moving around him.

"I'm really good at two things." Gao answered "Firebending and killing, but I guess those two go hand in hand."

"Really?" Lian said nodding her head. "Okay, show me the biggest fire ball you can make."

Gao moved to the side of the ship and shot one fireball about the size of the ship they were on. Lian nodded thinking it was a decent size, but the fireball didn't fly away. Gao was holding it by the ship as he began to laugh almost insanely. Lian's eyes widened as the ball began to become larger. The more Gao laughed the larger the ball grew. Eventually it was easily twice its original size. Then Gao let it go and it shot off faster than anything Lian had ever seen before. Gao was still chuckling when he turned to her.

"How was that?" He asked smugly. Lian shook her head and regained her composure.

"That was fine Gao." she said with her voice a little shaky. I'm definitely going to have to keep two eyes on him, she thought as Gao left for his post.

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