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Oma and Shu Writing in a Paper
The Young Tales
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Omashu Tales





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Oma and Shu

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The Historical Escape

6 years later|Oma's diary

I don't know why. It is... Really awful. We didn't meet each other for 6 years. My life is nothing without Shu. The guards are watching me everywhere. Even tight places like toilet. I need Shu...

"Oma?" Oma's mother said.

"Yes, mother?" Oma replied.

"Could you please pick up this garbage?" She asked.

"Er... Sure! Why not.." Oma replied.

"The guards are busy making a defensive wall to protect our village. Now you have to be careful, Oma." Oma's mother said.

"This is my chance to meet Shu!" Oma hurried off. She picked up the garbage. The garbage is really heavy to carry. But Oma didn't feel the heavy. She only thinks about Shu. She hopes that she will meet Shu.

Shu's diary

Without Oma my life it seems.. is empty. I spent all my time keeping her to be safe. She was my only girl, I protect her but still I miss. The moments when we get along. I hope Oma is here.

"Shu!" Shu's father said.

"What is it now? Are you trying to put me in a komodo-chicken cage?" Shu asked.

"No. Pick up a flower in the mountain between that stupid village... I'll wait. It's for your mother, Shu." He said.

"Ow.. okay!" Shu excitedly said.

"This is how I can meet Oma! If I am lucky enough." Shu said in his heart.

Shu hurried off and climbed the mountain. As usual, he has to climb the tough part.

"Oh, hi! I will get a flower for my mum." Shu said.

"Oh... Hi.. Do you know Shu?" Oma asked.

"Shu? That's my name... But there's a lot of Shus here.." Shu said. They looked at each other's face

Oma and Shu Garbage and Flower

Oma and Shu with their things up in the mountain.

"Well, okay.. I just need to throw this garbage to that place and the person from my village will pick it up and throw it somewhere." Oma said.

"What's your name?" Shu asked.

"Oma..." Oma replied..

"I love a person named Oma.. But she's gone now." Shu said sadly. He almost cried. But he only remembered the necklace. He didn't realize that Oma is in front of him.

"Is she from your village?" Oma asked.

"No. She's in the other village." Shu replied.

"I love a person named Shu too. He's gone too." Oma said.

"Nice to meet you, Oma..." Shu said.

"Yeah... Shu and I met together when we were 2 years old..." Oma said sadly. She cried. She put the garbage and looked at Shu picking up a beautiful flower. Oma thought Shu was picking the flower for her. But she didn't care and continue the topic.

"Same!" Shu excitedly said but didn't realize that Oma is the girl that he was looking for.

"I should get going by now. We will contact each other. Summer time. At the sixth month and the 21st date." Oma said. Same like Shu, she didn't realize that Shu is the boy that she was looking for.

"Sure, Oma..." Shu said.

And they left without realizing each other... They returned home. Oma ran thinking about Shu. As well as Shu. Thinking about Oma and the necklace.

They arrived at their houses. They met the person that ordered them.

"Oma? What takes you so long? Did you meet the boy again?" Oma's mother asked.

"No..." Oma said weakly and sadly.

"Have you put the garbage?" Oma's mother asked again.

"Yes mother. Everything you said are done." Oma impatiently said.

"Alright. Good girl..." Oma's mother said.

"Yeah..." Oma quietly said remembering Shu.

Meanwhile at Shu's house...

"Shu!" Shu's father said.

"What is it?" Shu asked.

"Have you picked the flower?" Shu's father asked.

"Yeah..." Shu replied.

"Where is it? Where did you take it?" Shu's father asked.

"My hands. Up in the mountain." Shu replied.

"Did you meet the girl that you see when you were two years old?" Shu's father asked.

"No..." Shu replied weakly.

"Good boy..." Shu's father said.

"Yeah..." Shu said quietly.

"Honey, this is the flower I took for you." Shu's father said.

"How sweet!" Shu's mother said.

Shu's eyes are widen because of what his father said. Shu took it hardly while his father didn't care and tell that he took it.

"Darling, I put the garbage up in the mountain. Alone..." Oma's mother said.

"What!? Are you hurt? I am so proud of you!" Oma's father said.

Oma's eyes are widen too like Shu. Oma carries the heavy garbage to the mountain alone. But her mother lies.

They hurried off to their rooms. They picked up their diaries. Oma cried and she felt that no one cares about her. Shu didn't cry but he feel sad. He only remembered Oma and the necklace he stole.|Oma's and Shu's diary

I can't believe it. One of my parents (I won't say the name because I hate him or her) said that he or she did the thing I do. I did the job because I never thought he or she will do something like this... I won't forgive them. Ever!!

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