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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Years Before the Equalist Revolution (TYATHYW) in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Years Before the Equalist Revolution (TYATHYW)
The Years Before the Equalist Revolution (TYATHYW)

Year Fifty-Three (Part One)


Year Fifty-Four


The Years After the Hundred Year War

Avatar Aang has passed away from the Mortal World, but the adventures of Team Avatar don't stop there. In this thrilling part two saga of The Years After the Hundred Year War, we will discover the escalating adventures of Aang's Spirit World adaptations, the dramatic separation of Tenzin and Lin Beifong, the rise in the Equalist Movement, and also the steady decline of Republic City as the entire world begins falling out of balance without the leadership of an active Avatar.

A WHOLE NEW CHAPTER (Year Fifty-Three)

Aang's eyes shot open with a light gasp before he found himself starring at a rather odd sky in a very strange land. He lifted his head off the ground and looked across his surroundings realizing that he was here all alone surrounded by outlandish plants and bizarre noises...

"I'm in the Spirit World?" the old Avatar quickly realized. Curiously, Aang rose to his feet and started walking around the forest when a loud growl struck him off guard and he shot over towards the sound only to see an animal roaring happily across a small creek...after rubbing his eyes to make sure this wasn't a dream, the Avatar realized what was calling to him, it was none other than his late Sky Bison, Appa.

"Appa!?" Aang gasped happily, a tear stuck in the corner of his eye, "Appa!" he rushed over and gave his lost Bison a hug before patting him on the head, tearing happily, "I thought that I'd never see you again---?"

Suddenly, a chirping noise erupted and Momo flew over and wrapped around the Avatar's head and Aang burst out with joy, grabbing the lemur up to see him for the first time in nearly fifteen years... "MOMO!?"

Laughing heartily, Aang hugged his two old friends and while shagging Appa's fur, he noticed something rather odd? "My---my hand?" he gasped, looking it over back and forth... "My face---" he gulped, rubbing his skin in abrupt terror. Aang shot back towards the creek and he looked down only to see a young, handsome, forty year old man starring back at him...mocking his every move as the Airbender tried to comprehend what was happening...

"I---I'm young again?" Aang looked to Momo and Appa wondering, "H-How am I young again?"

"Aang..." a misty voice echoed.

The startled Avatar jumped and looked behind him only to see Roku walking towards him with a smile.

"Roku?" he gasped.

"Hello Aang," he greeted, "I am here to teach you your final lesson..."

"I'm so confused?" he sighed, "What is going on?"

"There comes a time in every Avatar's life, when he or she must pass on from the material plane and allow a new host to carry on in the world..."

"I'm---I'm dead..." Aang assumed, knowing the truth because of the last time he was in the Spirit World, yet still unable to believe such a thing. He changed the subject, asking, "B-but why am I young again Roku?"

"We take the form of whatever age we remembered the most about; a time when we had achieved pure happiness and tranquility---or rather it is a time in each of our lives where we were faced with a daring experience; one that, in our time, we never a saw accomplished or resolved completely before our death. I experienced such in my later years, back when I lived happily on my island with my wife, and when I realized I would not be around to stop Sozin from pursuing his wicked goals. Aang, you chose to remember yourself at a younger time as Kyoshi, Yangchen, and Kuruk decided as well---whether it be for happiness or an unconcluded goal, is entirely up to you."

Aang looked at his hands again in wonder and Roku gave him a comforting pat on the shoulder before Aang jumped back in shock, "I felt that---" he gasped, "I felt your hand!?"

"In the Spirit World all Avatars live together communicating just as normal humans would back on the mortal plane. While in the Spiritual Realm, an Avatar can go anywhere they choose, do anything they desire. For instance, you could travel to any place and any time in history to either study the past or to relive your fondest memories. Likewise, you can also watch over the present time and keep an eye on the new Avatar, and as the newest spirit here, it is your duty to guide them on their journey."

"The new Avatar!?" he snapped, "Can---Can we see them?"

"All in due time," Roku laughed calmly, "There is one more thing you should know about first."

"Alright?" he shrugged impatiently, before blurting out another question, "H-how are you so calm about all of this!?"

Roku chuckled and sighed, motioning for Aang to walk with him as he continued... "I have had over one-hundred and seventy-eight years to get used to the idea...don't worry things get better."

"I don't know Roku," Aang sighed solemnly, "I feel so alone..."

"Which brings me back to my second subject---the two dimensions of eternity..."

Aang gave Roku a look and replied, "The what?"

"Only a pure spirited Avatar can travel here after they pass on... there is one rift that can be accessed that takes the soul into a terrible, dark land known as "Lian Yu", a limbo of sorts," Roku informed, "This place is even too gruesome for the most devious spirits---but should a being commit a crime on the mortal plane and be killed in the act, their spirit shall forever be trapped down there in purgatory with every evil or wicked soul known in history that lacked even the slightest ounce of humanity and good will."

"I'll remember to put that on my list of places never to go," he replied sarcastically, "Anyone we know in this Lian Yu limbo place?"

"Well, Koh is down there?" Roku pondered, "As well as a few scattered souls---we try not to think about it..."

"Noted," Aang nodded, "And the other plane, where does it go?"

"The other dimensional rift will send you into "Zhěngjiù", it means "Salvation". This realm is a haven where the souls of all mortal humans go when they pass on. As the Avatar in death, you may pass through any of these three spiritual gates and even onto the mortal earth when time allows it."

"Like you did with me back at the Fire Temple, or like Kyoshi at my trial, and Kuruk when fighting Koh?" Aang remembered.

"Precisely," he nodded, "It is the only time we are allowed to bend the elements again through the body of the young Avatar---our power is amplified by the thousandths when such an event occurs."

"Now---th---this haven," Aang started back towards the subject, "I---I don't really understand? What makes it so different than where we are now?"

"Aang, the Spirit World is the home of every spirit of the earth, it is the bridge between the mortal world and the land of death---as the Avatar, we belong in this realm. Come, I will show you the second realm, so you will understand..." he smiled, holding out a hand.

Aang took it and the two Avatars beamed away into a white land buried in bright, fluffy clouds...Aang gasped and shielded his eyes from the new level of brightness, but then got distracted when he heard laughter in the distance and looked into the grand new view only to see Avatar Kuruk and a young woman talking and telling stories nearby.

"That's Kuruk?" Aang declared, pointing, "A---and that's Ummi?" Aang looked around and saw Avatar Kyoshi speaking with a young Kyoshi Warrior and continued peering around until he saw Roku standing with his wife... "Roku!?" Aang exclaimed, "That's Ta Min, and Ummi, and uh---"

"Kyoshi's daughter," Roku grinned... "Aang, here in the upper realm we may speak to our loved one passed, who are now gone physically from the world."

"I have heard much of you Avatar Aang," Ta Min smiled sweetly, "It is an honor to meet you."

"I don't understand?" Aang gasped, "This---it doesn't seem real?"

"Don't worry Aang," Roku assured, "You will get used to it. Whenever you came to speak with us in the Spirit World, you would notice how the past Avatars would vanish after giving you your information?"

"Yes," he nodded uncertainly.

"Most Avatars spend a lot of time here when they aren't travelling through times or aiding the new Avatar in the Spirit World."

"Aang," a familiar voice called calmly.

He turned around, shocked to see a face long forgotten, the happy smile of Monk Gyatso.

"G-Gyatso..." Aang blurted breathlessly. He inched closer and timidly touched his old mentor's shoulder, feeling an actual presence there---an actual touch from another person just like he'd experienced with Roku---it was as though one hundred years of time never passed and Aang was able to interact with Monk Gyatso! Ecstatic, Aang wrapped his old teacher in a hug and looked all around him suddenly as Roku, Kyoshi, and the others disappeared, and now the only faces Aang could see were those of people from his past. There were Airbenders all around him, smiling down as he waved towards them. A sharp slap on the back made him jump, but laugh to see that snarky smirk of Jet as he gave Aang a nod and continued walking. Bumi's snorting chuckle made Aang gasp and he looked over to see King Bumi, General Iroh, Mai, Ursa, Ohev, Hakoda, Katara's mother, Gyatso---every familiar face from his life on earth...

The Avatar looked all around him until spinning into Roku and with tears in his eyes, Aang smiled, "I can see why this place is called salvation."

"You may go now to see the Avatar you will be responsible for guiding. Do not fear, everyone will be here when you return, and through you they may learn of their own loved ones back on the mortal plane. It is the pleasure we Avatars can bring to our friends knowing they can bring us company in return."

Aang rubbed his eyes dry and smiled, bowing respectfully as he said, "I understand Roku---and thank you..."

"It was my honor to be your mentor Aang, now I pass the task down to you, good luck old friend."

A blinding blast of light struck Aang off guard, but he soon realized he was in another place, a warm home lined in furs and Water Tribe apparel. The Avatar looked around noticing he was seemingly transparent in this realm, no one could see him and he could not touch anything no matter how many times he tried. It was almost as though this were the Spirit World and the place Aang had just visited was actually the earth.

"Senna," a man whispered excitedly, "Look! Korra's snoring, it's adorable! Look!"

"Tonraq," the woman replied irritably, "If you wake that child up, so help me, I will mount you on this wall!"

The couple walked quietly out of this odd room, a nursery it looked like, and Aang stepped over to a small cradle in the corner, taking a look over the edge as he saw a precious baby girl sleeping in the moonlight. Aang smiled down at her and realized this "Korra" was the child of Senna and Tonraq, and she was going to grow up to be the Avatar one day. The feeling of pride was almost as though Aang were looking down at his own child, his daughter, or a little sister maybe? Either way, the bond was instantly formed and Aang swore to be the best spiritual guardian this Avatar would ever see. She was surely something special that was for sure, and in this great confusing time for Aang, it meant a lot for him to actually be sure of something...

"Remarkable, isn't it?" a gentle voice laughed, "Life...and a new beginning..."

Aang jumped in shock but regained his nerves only to see that it was Yue who was speaking to him. He sighed and gave her a smile, "I'm in this whole new world now, I don't understand it, but I know I can adapt to it eventually---suddenly I have lost all of these responsibilities, but now I see this baby girl and I realize I still have one thing left here that I need to take care of---and it's her."

"I know how you are feeling," Yue grinned, "I felt the very same connection with Sokka's daughter---it is why I healed her and her son."

"I remember," Aang chuckled, easing, " you hang out around the world often?"

"As the moon I go in a continuous circle, watching over the planet one piece at a time... It is never ending, but it is my honor to perform...I couldn't pass up the opportunity to welcome you here my old friend."

"Hold on Yue, you never leave the earth?" Aang wondered.

"I have noticed that I am always bound to the moon---but, every cycle, during the New Moon, I disappear and visit my friends and family before returning and resuming my phases... It is almost as though I get the weekend off, you could say?"

Aang looked back towards the crib and watched baby Korra toss as a beam of morning sun hit her face and Yue waved a farewell to the Avatar, giving him a sincere look before she followed the moon and disappeared to make room for the sun.

"I have so much to do before you're old enough to need my guidance little Avatar..." Aang smiled, planning out his next move, "First, I'll spend time with my loved ones. There are a few things that I have been dying to talk to them about, no pun intended." He laughed meekly, "There---honestly, there are apologies I need to make..." Korra turned and grumbled, and old Aang continued with a hearty smile, "Then I'll see the hundred years I missed while I was in that Iceberg. I'll study every move I made as the Avatar and keep a mental note on the things I should eventually teach you, then when you are old enough to connect with me spiritually, I will be there."

Aang thought about his family for only a moment as he watched baby Korra. He realized they didn't know about this new life and adventures he had been granted---they were probably still sad that he was gone from their lives. But---the fact was, Aang wasn't gone, he was everywhere, and he could go to any place and any time he wished. In a quick instant, the past Avatar found himself staring over a different sleeping figure now, and she was lying alone in bed, eyes puffy as she clutched a pillow on the other half of the mattress. The old woman looked up to see the empty space beside her and with a tear in her eye, she rose and got ready to start her day.

"Good morning Katara..." Aang sighed hopelessly as he watched his widowed wife miss him with every little piece of her heart that had been shattered by his death.

"Good morning Aang," she replied in a sorry sigh.

Aang was in shock! Katara just heard him? H-how is that even possible? He tested his luck and grabbed her shoulder, but his hand merely passed through Katara and he looked to it dismayed. It was then, Aang watched Katara making the bed and she rubbed his old pillow to get the wrinkles out of it, before brushing her fingers across a picture frame by the bedside. It was of an old man...he remembered taking the photo just a few months ago.

"Time to start the day," she smiled to it, kissing the photo solemnly before setting it back on the table. With tears in her eyes, Katara's voice cracked and she sobbed, "What are you going to do?"

Aang watched her helplessly and replied, "So much don't even know."

"I---I don't know what I'm going to do yet..." she cried out a somber chuckle and explained, "The people are holding a world-wide funeral in your honor---they're meeting at Memorial Island to gather respects this afternoon---I---I honestly don't know if I can handle it right now---But the kids need me...I made a promise...have to be strong---I promised you!" Katara wiped her tears away quickly and set the frame back on the desk, "I promised not to be nostalgic..." she looked to the ceiling with a longing gaze and almost smiled, before closing her eyes tight with the last of her tears, whispering, "Easier said than done..."

Katara walked out of the quiet room to wake her children that were still at the temple comforting one another. Aang walked over to the calendar and noticed the date---though he could hardly believe it. It had only been one day since he passed away---one day. This was the first morning Katara had to wake up without him---and the first day in over forty-seven years that she went through the motions without his voice there to answer her.

"Have a good day Forever Girl," Aang replied, just as he would every morning, and whether Katara could hear him or not, at least he knew that she'd still be expecting it.

With a sigh, Aang faded back into the Spirit World and prepared to start this whole new chapter in his life---or rather in his death. Guru Pathik and Hu sure knew what they were talking about those many years ago---the people you love are still connected to you, and in time everyone will be reunited again. This whole new life opens up, Aang realized. He previously thought that everything was at an end---but, no...this was only the beginning... the possibilities now seemed endless.

Fanon Trivia

  • This new series was based upon a tiny comment in the Fanon Trivia located in TYATHYW: Year Twenty-Five. In this chapter, Aang has been gone "physically" for less than 24 hours.
  • The Three Dimmensions of Eternity include:
The "Spirit World" can be compared to places such as Paradise.  Here spirits are in a good (but not necessarily "all good") land where Avatars and nature spirits are allowed to pass and reside. The Avatar's pets/ Spiritual Animal Guides, are also allowed to live in the Spirit World. This could include: Appa, Momo, Fang, and even Naga.
"Zhěngjiù" is the place normal souls go after death. It can be compared to places such as Heaven, and is known to house countless spirits that appear to the Avatars when need be. The term comes from the Mandarin translation of "salvation".
"Lian Yu" is a purgatory where only the most hateful and wicked of souls are sent. The term "Liànyù" is Mandarin for "purgatory" and can be related to places such as Limbo and even Heck itself. The translation comes from the Mandarin translation of "purgatory".
  • Aang has just realized there was this whole other life after death and so many things he could do now that it was accessible to him. He could do practically anything---except communicate with his family face to face.
  • The morning "motions" that Katara and Aang spoke every single morning were last heard in the TYATHYW: Year Fifty-One.
  • TYATHYW and TYBTER are separate voting articles on "Fanonbending", even though they originate from the same series.

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