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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Years After the Hundred Year War in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Years After the Hundred Year War
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June 21, 2012- ongoing




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Year One


The Years Before the Equalist Revolution

One-Shot: Horoscopes


In this fanon, I have pieced together my own tales of what happened in the lives of Team Avatar from the moment Avatar: The Last Airbender ended, up to the point where The Legend of Korra began (while also including edited information from The Promise Trilogy and The Search). Now, some years for Team Avatar are more interesting than others, but all in all, they had pretty spectacular lives just great enough to form a story.

This fanon is organized into years, rather than chapters, and each year contains mini-stories (much like The Tales of Ba Sing Se) where some tales are more related to the canon plot of the Avatar Series, and then some other topics are just random bits of awesome entertainment or updates to get you through the gaps in each year.

The Fanon Editors:

Characters Page:

Click Here! To go to the Characters Page. See the evolution of each Fanon Character, but be warned...this page is at a high risk of exposing Spoilers!

My To-Do List:

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The Years After the Hundred Year War
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The Years After the Hundred Year War.

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Fanon Trivia

This Fan Fiction contains "Fanon Trivia" at the bottom of each chapter. While I HIGHLY suggest you all read it, I suppose it is optional, but know that I wrote it much like the Avatar Extras and they may not always make sense, due to the fact that they were meant to be read while seeing that particular bit of the Fanon. If you do read them, you may just learn a little something extra for an upcoming year.

Years for Part One:

v - e - dThe Years After the Hundred Year War
Intro - Year One - Year Two - Year Three - Year Four - Year Five - Year Six - Year Seven - Year Eight - Year Nine - Year Ten - Year Eleven - Year Twelve - Year Thirteen - Year Fourteen - Year Fifteen - Year Sixteen - Year Seventeen - Year Eighteen - Year Nineteen - Year Twenty - Year Twenty-One - Year Twenty-Two - Year Twenty-Three - Year Twenty-Four - Year Twenty-Five - Year Twenty-Six - Year Twenty-Seven - Year Twenty-Eight - Year Twenty-Nine - Year Thirty - Year Thirty-One - Year Thirty-Two - Year Thirty-Three - Year Thirty-Four - Year Thirty-Five - Year Thirty-Six - Year Thirty-Seven - Year Thirty-Eight - Year Thirty-Nine - Year Forty - Year Forty-One - Year Forty-Two - Year Forty-Three - Year Forty-Four - Year Forty-Five - Year Forty-Six - Year Forty-Seven - Year Forty-Eight - Year Forty-Nine - Year Fifty - Year Fifty-One - Year Fifty-Two - Year Fifty-Three (Part One)

Years for Part Two:

v - e - dThe Years Before the Equalist Revolution
Year Fifty-Three (Part Two) - Year Fifty-Four- Year Fifty-Five- Year Fifty-Six - Year Fifty-Seven - Year Fifty-Eight - Year Fifty-Nine - Year Sixty - Year Fifty-Sixty-One - Year Sixty-Two - Year Sixty-Three - Year Sixty-Four - Year Sixty-Five - Year Sixty-Six - Year Sixty-Seven - Year Sixty-Eight - Year Sixty-Nine - Year Seventy

The Way I Illustrate the Fanon:

To Make ALL of the Fanon's Illustrations, I use a healthy mixture or Microsoft Word 2010, the Paint Program, and most importantly BannedStory4.

Fanon Review Scores

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