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Year of the Dragon is the first chapter of Zuko's Search. It is written by Ismailofthesand. It begins with Zuko in a conference when two Sun Warriors come with a message for him.

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It is the year of the dragon and that means Ran and Shaw are about to lay one egg. The Sun Warriors have chosen Zuko to be the guardian of this dragon until it reaches adulthood and is able to protect its self.


"Um... sir?" said the young guard of the palace. "There is someone here to see you he says it is urgent."

"What is it?" asked Zuko as he slouched on his thrown. He was tired of the multitude of people constantly coming in demanding for things. As he said that a man dressed in yellow walked in to the room. The Sun Warrior was a little heavy set and carried a walking stick. By his side was a young arrogant warrior carrying a box.

"Fire Lord Zuko, we are representatives of the masters Ram and Shaw. We bring you a task," said the older warrior. His companion then hands the box to one of the guards.

"What is this?" asked Zuko while he sat up on his chair.

"As you know this is the year of the Dragon. So that means that an egg will be layed. When this happens it is our custom to send the egg to one of the firebenders chosen by the masters."

"Wait are you telling me that in that box is a dragons egg?" asked Zuko, "Why me? How come it couldn't be Aang or even Uncle Iroh?"

"The task is given to you because Aang is not truly a firebender and your Uncle Iroh is elderly. He is not able to raise this dragon to adulthood and then release it. The masters chose you and you alone can raise their child."

Zuko looked at the box and then looked up. Only to see the backs of the two Sun Warriors as they walked toward the door. "Bring me that egg," he said. The guard carefully set the box at he foot of the thrown. "Leave me," he said quietly, "Leave me, and make sure no one enters." The guard nods and leaves the room.

Zuko opens the box to see an egg the size of a the head of a sky bison. He brought this all the way from the ruins to here. It was black as charcoal and it was hot as fire. How am I suppose to take care of this when I have to run a county, stop a rebellion, work on my relationship with Mai, and on top of that I still have no leads on my mother.

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