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The Yangchen Festival
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12 BG - Air Nation / Yangchen Festival

The Yangchen Festival was just about to start. On the rocky cliff, the grass was greener than ever. The smell of the erotic flowers and plants was one of the most cherished moments on the Yangchen Festival. Many Air Nomads gathered around for the festival, different by the temples they come from, but similar to the culture and practices. One particular family was the sight of many Air Nomads.

"Are you okay Yin?" The male Air Nomad said. The young Air Nomad had no hair, and had the traditional airbending master arrow tattoos. He was taller than most average Air Nomads with a keen smile. "Here, let me carry that."

"Yes, I'm okay Chen. You look really handsome with your airbending tattoos. I like it." Yin replied with a smile. Glowing with her airbending tattoos and half-shaved "And I love your new glider as well. I guess it's one of those perks when you get promoted to a monk! Go on, it is the Yangchen Festival anyways, go be with your peers!"

"Alright honey, just be safe. I'll be right back," Chen said while attending to his fellow peers.

15 minutes later, everyone met up by Avatar Yangchen's statue. A crowd gathered around the monks from all air temples, waiting for a speaker. A few moments later, an airbending master walked up and started to begin his speech.

"Hello, fellow airbenders!," the Airbending Master said. "My name is Monk Gyatso and I reside in the Southern Air Temple. As you know, as part of tradition, we are here to celebrate the accomplishments and the agreement by our last airbending Avatar, Avatar Yangchen. For anyone new coming here, we have picnics or history storytelling with the children. This is one of the most sacred airbending sites we have to offer and we can thank Yangchen. We thank you all for coming on this yearly event, and may you enjoy your time here."

The crowd cheered and clapped on the speech the fellow monk gave and continued with the rituals for the Yangchen Festival. Families gathered around in picnics in the green grass. Yin and Chen had their own private spot under the apple tree for the occasion.

"The baby is due any time now," Yin said while opening the basket with one hand and using her other hand to hold the stomach. "I don't know when or where it will happen, but I'm just glad your the father."

"And why's that?" Chen replied while grabbing an apple from the basket. "I mean, I'm excited for being a father and creating a family with you, but why are you so grateful on having me as the father?"

"I mean, we have created this baby together, and know this, I wouldn't have it with any other guy. We have great potential on raising this child Chen. With you being a monk, me being an instructor and both of us being airbending masters, I feel like that we can treat this baby of ours with the greatest love and protection we can offer," Yin said while grabbing an apple from the basket as well.

Chen nodded his head in agreement and smiled. He understood that he needed to be a good father for the love of his life Yin, and also his baby.

The rest of the Yangchen Festival continued through the rest of the day. Many activities occurred for the young children. Children were especially happy on riding their parents bison and flying on their glider. Some monks from different air temples also taught some airbending lessons to the fellow kids. Of course, it was that time where there would be a history lesson on Yangchen and what the Yangchen Festival really was about. Some kids were listening and fascinated, while others were not interested.

When the sun finally went down, most families decided to camp out for the rest of the night and go back to their air temples in the morning. When the moon was brightest and above their heads, most families had gone to sleep, including Yin and Chen. Yin and Chen slept in a small tent, enough to fit three people at the most, but with the extra space, they were able to make the tent comfortable to their liking.

A few minutes later, Yin shot up from her bed and shrieked in pain. Some families woke up due to the yelling and some even coming to the tent to check what was wrong.

"Yin! What's wrong? What's happening!?" Chen said while in shock as he woke up.

"I think the baby is coming out Chen! Get the fellow Air Nomads. We need as much help we can get!" Yin replied while in pain

Chen rushed out of the tent and gathered the fellow Air Nomads, including monks like Gyatso. They all gathered around Yin waiting for instructions from Gyatso.

"Okay. I need you all to fetch me some blankets and some water. Ladies, help out with delivering the baby. It's happening tonight!" Monk Gyatso said. "Hurry!"

A few moments later, all the males exited the tent except for Chen. It was just Chen and the women inside the tent. For a small tent and five people in the tent at once, there was not much room to deliver a baby, but they made the most of it. One of the female nomads put the towel on Yin and covered her body while the hotel towels provided as help and relaxation methods.

"Okay Yin, I need you to do everything I say alright? Just follow my words," the young female airbender said in panic. "Hold your husbands hand. This will require the maximum amount of power you can hold. Stay with me alright?"

Yin nodded in agreement but was still in excruciating pain.

"Alright Yin," Another airbender said. "You've done these procedures before in the air temples. Now I want you to push as hard as you can. Can you do that?"

Yin also nodded in agreement to that statement. Yin tried to push as hard as she can.

"Push Yin, Push! I can see the baby coming out!"

With all her might, Yin pushed as hard as she can. Clenching to her husbands hand, the baby finally came out. The female airbenders put blankets over the baby and gave the baby to Yin's arms.

"It's a boy!" the deliverer said in a peaceful tone.

The baby had black hair all around his head. The face of the boy was so adorable and cute, Yin ignored the pain and smiled.

"So, what will you both name it?" The caretaker asked.

Chen and Yin looked at each other and nodded. "I think we'll name him Ken," Yin replied.

"That's a beautiful name." The caretaker smiled. "Judging by your airbending tattoos, will you train Ken to become an airbending master like you two?"

Yin replied "Of course. We're just really happy to have him in our lives."

The night continued quietly and peacefully as the new baby being born on the ground of the Yangchen Festival. The moon was shining brighter than ever. This signaled the birth of a great airbender and a bright future for Yin and Chen as a family.

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