The Yamiichiba Hunters
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The Sky Bison Polo Championships

The Yamiichiba Hunters was originally a minisode, before they combined into, earning its title as the fifth chapter of Aang: Story of an Airbender. Although it was released after Ch.4, it serves as midqueal to the same chapter, ending right before Kuzon met Aang in Hotman.

The Yamiichiba Hunters

~~Pokena Village~~

Kuzon wandered aimlessly around his tiny little village. He loved to get out of the house and see if he could find anyone that will be courageous enough to climb up the side of Mt. Kikena and find a dragon. He had asked many people already, trying to win their assistance with the new slang. The firebender walked up to a mean looking man with a symbol of a dragon clutching its egg, which had a word around it. It said Yamiichiba.

"Hello, my good hotman." Kuzon said, smiling. "I was wondering if you can help me climb the dangerous path up Mt. Kikena. That will be so flamin'."

"Now why would a young'un like you scale the walls of that dangerous mountain." The man said with a sneer.

"Some say that a dragon lives up there. And I want to ride it!" Kuzon said.

"A dragon?" The man put his hand to his chin, muttering dragon a few times. Finally, he stopped. "All right, kid. You got yourself a deal."

"All right, I understand." Kuzon said and started to walk away. Suddenly, his ears perked up. "Seriously, you're going with me!"

"Of course." The man said. "My name is Saisho."

"Flame-e-o, my good hotman!" Kuzon said, flames erupting from his palms.

Saisho turned, gesturing his hand to follow. Kuzon eagerly followed. Saisho walked into a deep, dark alley. The young firebender looked around, wondering why they were there. As fast as the wind, four people jumped from the walls and landed around Kuzon. They shot ropes from their sleeves.

Kuzon screamed as he Firebended around him. The group jumped backwards. One person shot a bomb in front of the firebender. The bomb exploded at his feet sending a greenish gas up to Kuzon. He sniffed it once and passed out on the cold, hard floor. His eyes watered as he saw his kidnappers walking up to him.

"Good job, Saisho." One man said. "You've obviously found the brat that talks about dragons. Let's see if they're true."

"Thank you, Dao Zhe." Saisho said, as Kuzon was forced to close his eyes.

~~Rocky Terrain: Front of Mt. Kikena~~

Kuzon slowly opened his eyes. He gasped as he saw nothing. It was now dark. He looked around to see a fire blazing in the middle of a small camp. Four men and one woman were sleeping around it. Many puma goats were sleeping near them. Kuzon tried to stand but fell face-first into the cold, hard floor. He turned his head as far as he could. Far enough to see that ropes were constraining him. His arms were tied in the back and his legs were tied together.

Saisho grunted in his sleep. Kuzon sighed as he started to cry. "This isn't flamin'." Kuzon laid his head on the softest pile of dirt he could find and drifted into a deep slumber. Boom!

"Get up!" A man yelled.

Kuzon rolled to his side as a fiercer looking man with the same symbol stared at him.

"Enough Kikka!" A woman said.

"Shut up Nuzi!" Kikka yelled, and started to kick Kuzon on the side. "Get up, you useless brat! The Yamiichiba Hunters need to find those high-pricing dragon eggs!"

"You guys are the Yamiichiba Hunters?" Kuzon asked. "The ones who steal rare and priceless stuff and sell them at the black market?"

"No, we're Santa Claus' elves!" Kikka shouted. "Of course we're the Yamiichiba Hunters, you brainless idiot!" The hunter turned to Saisho. "I thought you said that this kid knew stuff!"

"He was blabbing on about dragons." Saisho said. "He said it was flamin'."

Kuzon's eyes lit up. What happened the last time he said the new slang? He thought and smiled. "Excuse me, hotman." Kuzon said smugly. "But I have one more word to say to you guys before we go look for dragons."

"And what is that?" Kikka asked.

Kuzon turned his hands, making his palms face the rope that bound him. "Flame-e-o!" Kuzon shouted. Fire erupted from his palms burning the ropes. The firebender dodged an attack from Nuzi. He rolled to the side and began rolling down the cliff.

"He's getting away!" Saisho's voice rang.

Kuzon rolled on top of rock landing on his feet. He turned around to see the Yamiichiba Hunters chasing him. The firebender put his hands behind him. "Flame-e-o!" Kuzon shouted. "Flame-e-o!" Kuzon repeated.

The firebender shot forward, dodging ropes and spears. He slid up another rock and shouted flame-e-o one more time, releasing bursts of flames from his knuckles. Kuzon yelped as he landed in several bushes.

"There he is!" Dao Zhe's voice shouted.

"Uh-oh!" Kuzon shouted.

Kuzon ran across the desert plain, dodging geysers. The puma goats jumped over Kuzon and landed in front of him.

"Now we got you!" Kikka shouted. "Prepare to-Boom!"

Kuzon watched as Kikka and his animal erupted under the geyser shooting them up into the sky. "That is so flamin'." Kuzon said. He yelped as he dodged a spear from Saisho. He shot a burst of flame at the others shooting them back. Boom! The hunters yelped as they exploded under another geyser.

The young firebender stumbled across a grassland and behind a rock. Roar! Kuzon looked up to see a giant sky bison floating across the sky. The Yamiichiba Hunters looked up to see the bison, evil smiles crossing their faces.

"He might need help!" Kuzon said, and followed his kidnappers. He watched as the hunters shot spears and ropes at the bison, trapping one of its legs.

"Flame-e-o!" Kuzon said, shooting a blast a fire at the rope. It snapped, releasing the bison. The puma goats screeched to a halt but flew off the side of the cliff and into the murky water below.

The bison landed and the rider flew off. He was wearing the standard Air Nomad clothes but had blue tattoos all over his body. Kuzon ran up to the visitors. "Did you see that, it was so flamin'."

"Who are you?" The nomad asked.

"I'm Kuzon."

"I'm Aang."


-Pokena is derived from the Japanese word for puny, chippokena. Mt. Kikena is derived from Kikena'na, the Japanese word for dangerous. Saisho is derived from Saisho'no, the Japanese word for first. Kikka is the Japanese word for kicker.

-Did anyone notice the Sokka, Azula, Iroh, and Ozai references? (Originally, I was going to hold a contest but I don't know if you need approval from the admins.)

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