Aang in the Avatar State
The Wrath of Xian, Part 2
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Making the Final Preparations

Zuko was sitting on his throne in the war room. At the long table was Team Avatar along with all of the remaining high-ranking officers who had not joined the Rebels. "General Chi Fu, give us your report." Zuko ordered.

The man known as Chi Fu stood up and prepared to do what the Fire Lord had requested. "The Rebels have secured Ember Island as well as the fishing village as Jang Hui and the town of Sheng Li; not to mention several other small towns and villages along the way. If they are to continue on their current path, they will reach the capital within three days," Chi Fu announced.

"What do you suggest?" Zuko asked.

"I suggest we let them come to the capital and set a trap for them on the beaches. That way, we will be able to capture and incarcerate them with ease." Chi Fu responded.

"That seems a bit risky." Another general spoke out.

"I agree." Zuko added.

"Trust me, Fire Lord Zuko. I do not think you will regret my strategy should you allow me to go through with it." Chi Fu replied.

Zuko pondered over this for a moment. "Aang, what do you think about this?" Zuko questioned his friend.

"I agree that it seems risky but I also think it will be very effective. If we stop the Rebels somewhere outside the capital then one of them could escape." Aang answered.

"Yes but what harm could one Rebel do to anyone?" A War Minister asked.

"It only takes one spark to start a fire." Aang stated.

Everyone looked towards Zuko for his decision. The Fire Lord continued to ponder the situation and after some hesitation Zuko nodded. "Alright, we will go through with Chi Fu's plan," Zuko said. "After all he has never let me down before. Now let's discuss Jun." He continued.

"We do not know where Jun is hiding," War Minister Qin said. Zuko was surprised the old War Minister had not defected; he always seemed so loyal to his father. "However, we do know that he is somewhere in the capital but not inside the city itself." Qin finished.

"Have our best men searching for him." An Admiral ordered without even asking Zuko if he could give the order first.

Zuko was about to tell the Admiral that he was out of place but he was interrupted by Sokka "You can send in your whole military and you won't find him." He told the Admiral.

"Oh really?" The Admiral asked, insulted. "Are you trying to say our military is too weak to take on one man?" His voice was rising.

"No he just meant-" Katara started.

"Well, I would like to see you and your friends do any better! Oh wait I forgot you can't!" The Admiral shouted.

"That is enough, Chao!" Zuko raised his voice.

"How could you support them?!" Chao asked in disbelief. "These children who insult your nation!"

"No one is insulting our nation!" Mai intervened. "Now be quiet!"

"Why you-"Chao started.

The flames surrounding Zuko rose up. "I said that is enough, Admiral Chao!" He yelled.

Chao stood, embarrassed. "Of course, Fire Lord Zuko please forgive me." He said quickly.

"We will discuss this matter later. Now its time for rest. Everyone needs their rest." Zuko decided. Iroh smiled at his nephew's statement.

Aang slept in his new room since his old one was too badly damaged. No one heard the footsteps outside in the hallway.

Toph had woken up and decided she could not go back to sleep. She sat bored in her room not knowing what to do. She sensed someone was outside. Toph ran outside and saw a dark silhouette entering Aang's room. Toph bolted down the hallway and made it to Aang's room in time to see the silhouette's face; he was man with a bald head and a black mustache. The man saw her but before he could do anything, Toph Earthbent him into the wall. Everyone else heard the noise and rushed to Aang's room. Aang was now awake himself. "That's two I owe you, Toph." The Avatar stated.

"What would you do without me?" She responded.

Aang and Zuko recognized the man's face the instant they saw him. "You are-" Aang started.

"Avatar Xian." The man finished, introducing himself.

"So the legend is true!" Katara said.

"Oh yes, Katara it is very true indeed." Xian replied.

"How do you know my name?" Katara asked the spirit.

"I know all of you. I watched you as you entered and left the Fire Temple." Xian replied.

Aang stepped forward. "Xian, I do not wish to fight you but if you threaten my friends or any of the citizens of this city then I will send you back to the Spirit World for good!" He declared.

Xian chuckled. "And then what? I can always come back. Unlike most spirits I can bring my entire physical body here whenever I please." He explained.

"How is that even possible?" Suki asked.

"Yeah, I may not be an expert on spirits but I know something about that does not seem right." Ai added.

"Enough! Anyone who stands in my way of having revenge will be killed by me in seconds so stand aside!" Xian ordered.

"No." Aang simply retorted.

Xian grinned. He shot a fire blast at Aang who Airbent himself up towards the ceiling to avoid it. Katara and Ai both created water whips and lashed out at Xian who defended himself with an earth wall. Sokka ran towards the evil Avatar with his sword pointing directly at him. Xian lowered the earth wall and shot a gust of air at the Water Tribe warrior sending him backwards. Suki had unsheathed her katana and had leapt into the air. She brought her katana towards Xian's neck, slicing the side of it leaving a huge, gaping wound there. Suki landed and everyone saw that Xian was still standing. He took the blood off of his large neck wound and licked it while chuckling. "Nice try, girl. But you cannot kill me." He said, tauntingly.

"How did that not kill you?" Mai asked, bewildered at what she was seeing and hearing.

"Because I am a spirit and spirits are immortal," Xian replied. "Unless of course another Avatar killed me." He said with an incredibly evil look in his eye and smile on his face. Aang's face lit up with horror at the thought of having to kill someone. While everyone was distracted, Xian moved in and held Aang down. "Now you shall witness the full wrath of Xian!" He said, menacingly. Xian's hands glowed dark purple and black as well as the rest of his body. Aang felt a pain greater than any other.

"What are you doing to him?!" Katara yelled out.

"Darkbending! I am draining his life energy until he is nothing more than a lifeless body!" Aang let out a horrifying scream of pain. His eyes and tattoos glowed and he tried to resist Xian's power but he was failing. Xian was about to accomplish his goal when all of the sudden he stopped. His arm started to move around uncontrollably and then he had lost control of his whole body. Katara stood crying, she Bloodbent Xian out of the Palace and into the court yard where the Turtle-Duck pond was.

"How did you do that?" Sokka asked. "There is no full moon tonight."

"Some Waterbenders are so powerful they can Bloodbend whenever they want. However, you have to know how to Bloodbend and Katara is currently the only one on the face of the Earth that knows how." Ai answered.

Toph created an earth slide and everyone went down it while Katara checked on Aang. "Aang!" She screamed. "Aang!!" She repeated herself. Katara was now sobbing. Aang weakly sat up and looked at Katara. She then began crying tears of relief.

"Katara, I feel so weak." Aang muttered.

"Hold on, it will be okay." Katara replied. She held Aang in her arms and slid down the earth slide. When Katara got to the bottom she put Aang down and continued to subdue Xian with her Bloodbending.

Xian maniacally laughed at this. "You cannot subdue me!" He declared. "My Waterbending is more powerful than yours ever will be!" He shouted. Xian broke free of Katara's control and created a fire ring that he spread out towards all of Team Avatar. Toph created several large earth walls that protected her and her friends. Iroh shot a bolt of lightning at Xian who redirected it back at him. Iroh dodged the lightning bolt just before it could hit him.

Xian ceased fighting. "Enough! There is no need for any more of this. I have all of the power I need for now," Xian said clutching his fist. "Until we meet again, Team Avatar!" he said.

"Oh, no you don't!" Aang said, weakly. With what little power he had left, he entered the Avatar State and unleashed all four elements at Xian. The ancient Avatar let out a pained scream and vanished. Aang fell to the ground, unconscious.

"Did Aang just kill him?" Toph asked.

"I don't know." Katara replied.

"Guys, we should really get Aang to a hospital!" Suki suggested.

"Yeah, he does not look so good." Ai added.

"I will take him," Mai offered. "I know where all of the hospitals are." Mai picked Aang up and carried him away out of sight.

"We should all get back to sleep." Zuko said.

"No problem. Good night, everyone." Sokka said, yawning.

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