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The Wrath of Xian, Part 1
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Team Avatar had been flying for about an hour. They were all headed for the Fire Nation Royal Palace. Now that Banhen and the Rebels had invaded the Fire Nation, they had to be kept out of the capital at all costs. Suddenly, Appa started flying lower and everyone was wondering what was wrong. "What's going on? Why is Appa flying so low?" Katara asked.

"Uh, guys I think we need to land soon." Aang said.

"What? Why?" Zuko asked, clearly not happy about this.

"Appa gets tired carrying so many people." Aang replied.

Zuko sighed, agitated. "Okay." The Fire Lord replied, simply.

"Let's land down there." Aang said, pointing at the Fire Sage's temple.

Appa landed and Team Avatar dismounted. A Fire Sage came to greet them. "Hello, I am Fire Sage Huan," He announced. "What brings the Avatar, the Fire Lord and all of their heroic friends to the Fire Temple?" Huan asked.

"We are letting our bison rest before we can get to the capital." Aang explained.

"Oh, very well. Feel free to explore the temple while you are here." Huan said, humbly.

Team Avatar proceeded into the Fire Temple and explored for about half an hour. Aang then went to where the entrance to the Dragon Bone Catacombs was and decided that he would look down there. Surely Zuko would not mind. He Firebent the floor and the door opened. Aang walked down the dark hallway and approached a statue that resembled Fire Lord Sozin. Not knowing what to do, Aang stood there in silence.

"You have to Firebend for it to open." Zuko said from behind him. Aang was startled by his friend and turned around to see him. Zuko went up to the statue and Firebent the middle. The eyes and mouth of Sozin's statue lit up and moved aside. Aang and Zuko walked in and searched around for a while.

Eventually Aang stumbled onto something in the farthest back corner of the room. Curious as to what it was, Aang saw it was a box and opened it. Inside he found documents of someone. "The wrath of Avatar Xian." Aang read aloud. Aang saw a man who was bald and had a black mustache running down his lip. "Xian, the man known as the Avatar nearly destroyed everything," Aang began to read aloud. Zuko had heard him and walked over to listen. "Keep going." He said.

"This man can bend all four elements, making him unstoppable. As the very first Avatar, he showed that all future Avatars should there be any will likely be a threat to the world as he was. Xian killed millions of people single-handedly and devastated many buildings as well as Ba Sing Se's great walls. Born in the Fire Nation, he is especially gifted in the art of Firebending and Lightningbending," Aang stopped there. "He was from the Fire Nation? I always thought the Avatar cycle started with air." Aang said.

"Apparently just because the order is air, water, earth, fire does not mean air came first." Zuko responded.

Aang continued reading. "Xian was eventually defeated by all four nations coming together and sending their armies to terminate him. Legend has it that Xian's spirit lurks around the Fire Nation waiting to take revenge on the world and destroy all four nations." Aang finished.

"I have never heard of that story." Zuko said with shock.

"Yeah, this is news to me too," Aang stated. The Avatar then remembered the Temple of the Avatars in the Spirit World where the statue of only the first Avatar was missing. That must be why! Aang thought. Roku must not know because he told me no one bothered to build him one because the tradition had not started! "We should go back upstairs. I think Appa is ready to finish the trip." Aang suggested. Zuko nodded and they were off.

When Aang and Zuko went back upstairs they found everyone else and mounted on Appa. "Hey, guys you would not believe this crazy story we just read in the Dragon Bone Catacombs." Aang started.

"Is it harder to believe than Sokka's crazy story about when he caught the supposedly biggest arctic seal in the world?" Toph joked. Everyone laughed except Sokka who glared at Toph.

"Yeah, it's definitely crazier than that," Aang said. "It's about the very first Avatar named Xian who was evil and tried to destroy the world," Aang said. "Legend has it that his spirit haunts the Fire Nation to this very day seeking revenge!" Aang said. He then made funny 'spirit noises'. Sokka then joined with Aang in doing so.

"That is crazy. There is no way that is true." Katara said.

"I don't know. Maybe it is." Suki commented.

"Look, let's just forget about it and focus on getting to the capital." Mai said. After a short flight, Team Avatar landed at the Royal Palace and were shocked to see what had happened to it. There were scorch marks everywhere, the doors had been broken down, and inside everything was wrecked.

Iroh could see Zuko was angry. "Zuko-" he started.

"How could I let all of this happen?!" Zuko blurted out. "I let the Rebels get out of control, I let them invade the Fire Nation, and I let Jun invade my home. Some Fire Lord I am!" He finished.

"Zuko, you don't know if Jun did this." Ai said.

"Who else could it have been?!" Zuko responded.

"Look, Zuko. You are a great Fire Lord." Mai said, sweetly. "You are just having trouble right now and every leader goes through hard times and experiences trouble. Just stay level-headed and don't get too angry about it alright?" Mai smiled at him after finishing.

"You are right," Zuko replied. "I cannot let just a few things set me off like that. I'm sorry, Mai."

"There is nothing to be sorry about," Mai said. "Now let's go meet with the war ministers and discuss what we should do about the invasion."

"You guys should come along too for input." Zuko added. Everyone else nodded and followed Zuko and Mai into the war room.

Night had fallen on the Fire Nation. On top of a mountain, a bald man with a mustache stood watching over the capital. "So, it seems the Avatar and his friends have heard my story." The man said. "Let's see if I am real or not now." He said with an evil smirk.

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