The Wrath of Boba Fett, Part 1
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March 17, 2014

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Boba Fett nailed Katara with a gas bomb. Katara called out to Aang, then began to hack and cough.

Aang was screaming. Boba realized he was heading toward Katara's room.

It was time to finish the job.

Fett charged at Katara and pulled out a knife. Katara used a Force push and sent the bounty hunter flying across the hallway of the palace. Boba used his rangefinder to locate Aang and Katara. Fett pulled out a detonator, pressed a button, and threw it at Aang.

"What the-" Aang began.

Suddenly, the detonator exploded, and Aang was sent flying across the hallway.

"AANG!!!" Katara yelled.

Boba activated his jetpack, and soared into the air. Landing in front of Katara, Fett pulled out his blaster rifle and fired three shots. Katara used the Force and called her lightsaber to her. She activated it and deflected the shots. Her green blade hummed in the air. Boba whipped out a gauntlet on his left arm and fired a dart at Katara. Katara deflected it and the dart bounced to the ground. Katara charged at Fett. The Mandalorian punched Katara in the face. Katara's lightsaber fell out of her hand and deactivated. Blood poured from Katara's mouth. Katara spat at the bounty hunter. Fett grabbed her neck with his left hand, pinned her to the wall, and, with his right hand, punched her in the face again. Katara suddenly ducked, grabbed her saber, and stood up to face Boba Fett. Boba turned around, and saw that Aang was right behind him, with his own purple lightsaber. Fett fired two rounds at Aang, but the Avatar deflected them. he fired two more rounds at Katara, who leaped into the air and landed beside Aang. Both of them forced the bounty hunter to step back into Katara's room. Aang swung at Boba, but the bounty hunter dodged, smacked the weapon out of Aang's hand, and punched him in the face, knocking him out. Katara, using her hand, smacked Fett's head, and his helmet fell off. The Mandalorian rolled over, whipped out a flame thrower gauntlet on his right arm, and fired.

Direct hit.

Katara screamed as the fire singed her hands. Then, Boba grabbed a knife, and threw it at Katara. The knife stabbed Katara right in the chest. Katara crumpled to the floor.


Fett whipped around to see Aang staring at him, tears falling down his face.

"KATARA!!" the Avatar yelled.

Boba placed his helmet back on, cracked his neck to the right, then to the left, and walked toward Aang.

The battle had just begun.

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